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I teach yoga.  I didn’t always teach yoga.  I owned a video store, for 12 years.  It was as much fun as it was stressful and I must say, the money wasn’t too bad.  But that’s over now and I teach yoga whenever and wherever I can.  This morning, I had a class.  It’s a new class, in a new beautiful building.  Only one other person showed up.  My first teacher.  I was relieved since I had a party with a bottle of Merlot and myself last night, while I was trying to start this blog!  I had a bunch of great instructional CD’s on my iPod, so we indulged ourselves and took a class from one of our favorite master teachers.  After the class, we showed the new space around to a few folks who showed up late.  It’s a green building, with a  planted roof.  It’s really cool.  New classes are hard to start up from scratch.  If you have a needy group that wants a class, that’s a different story.  It’s Summertime, things will be hit and miss.  And if you teach yoga, you know exactly what I mean.

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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