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Unfinished Projects



Project #1

Above is the table I’ve been working on.  This table, used to be raw wood and was in a dog pen in the backyard when I first moved here!  Why the dog had a table, is beyond me, but she did jump up on it from time to time to view the deck!  We still have the dog, but no pen, she stays indoors now.  I primed the wood, painted it and had a new sheet of treated plywood cut for the top just a few inches larger than what was already on there.  Bad idea #1.  I bought an adhesive/grout combination, which worked great as an adhesive, but not as a grout.  I mean, it might be great for grouting smooth surfaces.  But I found, when I grouted with it on this uneven surface, too much of the grout wiped away and the entire surface turned white like a sticky caulk!  I also used a sponge, like the product said to.  Bad idea #2.  A sponge will shred when you drag it across glass leaving bits and pieces, so a rag is much better!  So, I will grout it again, with some tough grout that is not already premixed.   I really enjoyed making this, so much that I’ve already purchased some more diamond cut mosaics to cover a round piece of glass that has been lingering around our house for awhile!  I got the glass above at Pottery Barn in Sarasota, FL for 1/2 off and I still have some left!

Project #2 Our Kitchen

kitchen after

kitchen after


kitchen before

kitchen before

This is not my dream house.  I had that once, but that’s another really, really long story!  This house is in a great location, with a great yard and it’s big enough for the 4 of us.  It was also built in 1954 and hasn’t had much updating.  Last February, we completely tore out our kitchen.  I mean totally!  We even knocked out a wall and opened it up into our dining area.  I chose natural Hickory cabinetry and I love the variations in the wood.  One problem.  They were really heavy.  We have some very funny, creative pictures of what we had to do when I got tired of holding up cabinets.  Stuff like a cooler on top of a ladder, braced with a 2×4.  My daughter and I had painted the fronts of the original cabinets to brighten up the room.  I sort of miss our work!  I am really fortunate to have a husband who can do just about anything, and will actually do it!  But, it’s time to finish the kitchen.  I forgot to mention, it takes us forever to get anything completed.  Why?  Because we do it ourselves, around jobs, kids and without borrowing any money!  What we have left to do, are little things.  Install just one more outlet.  Tile the backsplash.  Finish all the trim.  Put knobs on the cabinet doors.  Install overhead track lighting, re-install my pot rack and put the front on the bar.  Those exposed 2×4’s are really looking pretty redneck.  Last, install new floor!  I bought the backsplash tile today.  Cool little ceramic 1×2″ subway tiles in neutral brown/tan hues.  I’m going to pop a few out every now and then, and replace them with two 1″ iridescent glass squares.  If I can get the trim off the window above my sink, I will frame the window with that little glass tile as well.  That will rock out!  I’m going to go and pry that trim off right now!

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Projects

  1. Love the blawg, sister! Keep up the good words, I’ll be stalking you! P.S. As always, I’m jealous of Frank’s handyman abilities. Now, finish your table!

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