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The Yoga Sub, Projects and Family Reunions


This, has been a week.  My good yoga teacher friend, decided to take a little trek to Sante Fe, NM to take some classes with a great teacher.  I took from him once, when he came to St. Louis.  He has vast anatomy knowledge and had a way of teaching it that made everyone want to stay awake!  She’ll be back today.  Good deal.  I taught 4 extra classes this week.  I’m feeling 41, probably because I am.   Since I lost my great yoga job at the City, I haven’t been teaching in the evenings.  So, I subbed 3 nights in a row, on top of my normal gigs.  Last night at the Y were two classes, back to back.  Whoa.  The first one Level One, second Level Two.  I left there feeling like I gave the Level One class more than I did the Level Two.  I was drained.  Not just from the teaching.  My kids are way busy.  We had 3 swim parties and a sleepover, a trip to Silver Dollar City (not me, the kids) the laundry, the grocery store, the usual with extra running.

I didn’t ride my bike to class last night.  I rode it yesterday to MSU to teach at noon. #1- I’ve been saving some gas and it’s good for me.  #2 – I got a parking ticket that will cost me $23, wow.  I’ve never purchased a parking sticker for the summer, but I guess I will now!  To make matters worse, she was placing the ticket on my windshield as I walked up to my car.  That’s a drag. There were only like 12 cars in the whole lot, plus I’m only over there for like 90 minutes, sheesh!

My glass tile arrived yesterday.  In order to get like 3 sheets of glass tile, search ebay or the internet for other sources.  A specialty tile store here in town, let me know I had to order a case of this crap if I wanted some.  Puhlease.  They are a TILE store, they should have this stuff all over the place!  I’m thinking, remnants, returns, you know what I mean?  But no.  So, the glass tile I got from the internet shows up.  It’s gorgeous, shimmery, iridescent and, well, very yellow.  It was called Pale Ale, I’m thinking beer not lemonade.  I have to return it, not enough contrast for what I’m trying to do.  So, I think I’ll try this instead.

black iridescent tile

black iridescent tile

It actually looks like gray/black slate when the light isn’t hitting it.  It’s on ebay, and cheaper than the other tile I just ordered, go figure.  I can’t imagine doing my entire backsplash with glass and being able to actually afford it!  This stuff can run up to $30 a square foot, but you know, I teach yoga.  Not the highest paying career in the world.

Speaking of yoga, I teach in 45 minutes, so I’d better get with it.  After teaching, we are off for the weekend to Bolivar, MO to the huge Campbell Family Reunion – my husband’s side.  I will try to control myself while we are there.  All we do is sit around, talk and eat.  I do bring my yoga mat to this thing, every – single – year.  Enough said.

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

2 thoughts on “The Yoga Sub, Projects and Family Reunions

  1. Love that yummy black glass. So beautiful!

  2. Thanks Lenette! Hope it looks that good when it shows up on my doorstep!

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