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Swan Creek

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Swan Creek

My feet in about 2 feet of water at Swan Creek

I survived another Campbell Family Reunion in Bolivar.  It was fun.  Great company, good food and we all got to enjoy the pool at the hotel in between little storms.  We were all pretty burned out when we got home yesterday.  Especially me.  The laundry.  Just the stuff you have to do when you’ve been gone, if even for a short time!  Today I had planned on finishing you know, my table.  I started making two small landscape gardens by our deck stairs early this morning instead.  You see, I have a habit of buying plants for like $1 that need to be rescued.  It was time to get them in the ground.  The table would be later today.  That’s where my husband comes in and suggests that we all load up and go to Swan Creek. 

Swan Creek

Swan Creek

Just the thought of that, made me crabby.  I’ve been to rivers, I’ve been to creeks.  I didn’t feel like doing weeds, snakes and mud today.   I lost the battle.  Within an hour, I was loading the cooler in the 4-wheel drive with the kids.   FIVE MILES of the trip was down a gravel road that I wouldn’t have wanted to drive my van down.  Then, we arrived.  It was beautiful, honestly. 

Lauren Snorkeling

Lauren Snorkeling

No weeds, no mud, no snakes.  Just clear, pristine water.  You could see the bottom no matter where you were.  Truly amazing.  Instead of mud and grass at the bank, there were smooth rocks.   I snorkeled and felt as though I was in the big fish tank at Bass Pro!  I was the only one that saw a Gar, that was way cool.  The water felt great, and the crowd down there was dismal. 


When we got home at 6 this evening, we had dinner.  Then, I grouted my table.  Hope it looks awesome when I polish the grout off all the glass tomorrow!  And speaking of tomorrow, my good friend is back from Santa Fe.  We will meet at 7 in the morning for yoga!  I’d better get in bed. 

I didn’t use my yoga mat at the reunion.  I usually take it outdoors in the mornings, the weather didn’t permit that.  But, I did find some time to meditate on the bed before everyone else woke up.  Stretching will feel wonderful in the morning!
Sweet Dreams.

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  1. Man, that looks like a great day! Lucky you!

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