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Waiting for Gustav

Four years ago, almost exactly, on August 14, Frank and I got married.  We had a small ceremony of less than 50 people at a pretty atrium at a local hotel.  We also had family in from out of town for our celebration.  My parents and my sister were in from Florida, my brother from Boulder, an aunt and uncle from Duluth, MN, and my dad from KC.  Instead of having a fun day of visiting, hanging out and pre-wedding planning, we were all glued to the weather channel watching this……….

Hurrican Charley August 2004

Hurrican Charley August 2004

My sister lives on an island, Pine Island to be exact, on the Gulf coast, and my parents are a ten minute walk from the Gulf Beaches.  My parents also had not one, but two businesses at the time.  One in Port Charlotte and one in Fort Myers.  As we sat glued to the weather channel, knowing we could do nothing, we prepared for our little wedding.  I had thoughts of canceling, that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  And I’m sure those were natural feelings at the time when one is faced with a situation out of their control.  We all tried to be happy, got on with the wedding and a fun time was had by all.

The day after was different.  The hurricane was coming ashore.  My sister and her husband packed up, got lots of gas and drove home immediately.  She was also 6 months pregnant with their first child.  They returned home, and made it on the island to the deadening sound of generators.  The storm had already happened.  They were without power for almost 3 months.  The island she lives on is full of tall pine trees.  There are not as many now and it still looks strange to see these tall trees on their sides, roots exposed from the soft ground in the woods at the roadside.  They lost all of their beautiful saltwater fish in their gigantic tank.  Their house sustained minor damage, but the yard clean up in general would be a long haul.

My parents decided there wasn’t much they could do now, so they stayed in town for a few more days.  They knew the traffic would be horrendous, hotels would be slim, and if something had the roof blown off, everything would be wet by now anyways.  When they got home, their house was fine.  Their business in Ft. Myers was OK.  The business in Port Charlotte was a total and complete loss, like most of the town there.  The sad thing was, they’d finally purchased their own building in Port Charlotte.  No more renting, and enjoyed it for less than a year!  When it was all said and done, they fixed the building, sold it for a profit, and purchased a bunch of apartment complexes in Ozark, MO.  Things do work out.

My husband walked in the door last night from work.  He said he needed me to go and buy him at least 3 more pairs of black shorts.  They were sending him to Louisiana (or nearby) for Hurricane Gustav relief and there would be no laundry.  Wow.  We stressed for 10 minutes and then got going with the organization.  It’s times like these I’m glad I have such a flex schedule!  We were half way done packing when he got another call.  They’d found someone that didn’t have to travel as far, so he’s on standby for the next two weeks.  I do hope this hurricane is not as bad as Katrina or Charley. 

I am taking kids to the pool today, it’s hot and 90 degrees.  I almost feel guilty enjoying the day at times like this when other people are in sheer hell and worry.  We will be thinking of all of those riding this one out!  Be safe.

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First Week of School

School Bus Top

Our kids don’t have to ride the bus, we live close to every single school that they have to attend.  I consider us lucky!  They don’t have to get up too early and they don’t have to waste too much boring time in transit.  Our son is liking his sophomore year so far.  The school has undergone serious construction and he said he felt almost as lost this year as he was last!  To top it off, they actually distributed the wrong schedules to everyone the week before school started, so the first couple of days were a bit crazy!  It’s all good now and he’s just patiently waiting for Spring track to start!

Our daughter made it thru her first week of WOLF School.  I was a little concerned at first.  A few of the other parents whose children did not get in also made some comments.  One was “I heard it’s going to be really tough, do you think she’ll make it?”  Please, it’s a conservation based school, not boot camp!

She had been at the same elementary since Kindergarten.  It was a small, friendly elementary, up the street from where we live.  She had bonded with many girls there and at this new school, only one other kid was chosen from her previous elementary and it was a boy.  When I picked her up yesterday, the kids were all outside waiting and she was lingering.  Then, she hugged like 2 other girls good bye!  Wow!  How great to make friends like that in the first week. 

I do feel the circumstances they are in has made all the difference in the world.  They spent the day Friday out at the Watershed.  She said it was a bit cold to swim but they got in the water none the less.  They studied leeches, mayflies and water pennies.  She absolutely loved it and can’t wait until next week when they go to Bull Creek.  What a wonderful opportunity and hopefully this is just the first of what our public school system will offer in the future!

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The Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

I purchased this vine last year at Lowe’s, it was half dead when I planted it in the summertime.  By September last year, this is what it looked like!  It literally had a ton of these flowers, so I researched it and it’s called a Passion Flower, native to the Southeastern US.  So, I really figured I’d enjoy it one season and that would be it.  I also learned that it’s flower, leaves and stem are often used as a sedative or sleep aid in homeopathic medicine. 

It’s a very large vine, like a Trumpet Vine or Morning Glory.  I found two aluminum scroll pieces that go on the front of screen doors and screwed them together and nailed them to a big tree so it could climb on something other than my hostas.  It’s since surpassed the handmade aluminum trellis and attached itself to the tree!  It’s also spread to other locations in my garden, I’m going to have to give some of it away!  Looking forward to it blooming sometime very soon, I have a feeling it’s going to be loaded.

What a beautiful fringey flower!  I love buying plants and having no idea what they will be!  I also have trouble with sleeping, falling asleep, staying asleep, that kind of stuff.  Perhaps I’ll go out tonight and munch on a few of these flowers, or make a tea.  How pretty would that flower be in a glass brewing pot?

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Just Blog It

I’m new to this blogging thing.  I am.  I really don’t know much about wordpress, but I’m learning my way around.  I’ve figured out how to check the stats and it’s interesting. 

Statistics for the Utterly Confused by inju.

I’ve had two posts that received a great amount of traffic.  My first post was about the movie Sex & the City.  Hence the “sex” tag brought some readers!  The second one, was one I posted about Caylee Anthony, and I actually borrowed that news story from elsewhere.  Stats were crazy for that one, and believe it or not, they’re still checking that one out!

Changing subjects, twas the second day at WOLF School for my daughter.  They went to (in her words) a swamp and canoed about!  She said the hike there was rough, she was full of scratches on her legs, and they had to put their arms over head for fear of poison ivy!  She was in the canoe with another girl that had never canoed before either.  So, you can see where this is going!  They didn’t tip it over, they had fun!  She said the boys gave their skills a 0 and I told her who cares?  You had fun, did your best and learned something!  Can you imagine spending your entire school day, in a canoe?  She’s lucky and she knows it!  Tomorrow and Thursday, they stay in the classroom.  Friday, they swim and snorkel.  She’s wanting to get a disposable underwater camera, another run to the store for me!

Back in yogaland, class was awesome this evening!  Nice to see the old crowd and new faces as well.  The Y is such a great place for people to get that yoga exposure.  True, some of them never leave the Y.  But, a lot of them will go deeper and get into a studio class, or take a workshop and what not.  I was hurting in my foot tonight.  Been a problem for quite some time as I’m barefoot so much, the arch in my right foot is somewhat fallen.  I decided to wear “real shoes” yesterday doing my work.  Bad idea.  Squeezed the crap out of my foot, which I believe is broader across the toes now, from yoga and from being barefoot so often.  I will ditch those tennis shoes!  Pain up the side of my calf, pain on the top of my foot and the last three toes!  I rested all day (2 loads of laundry and a milk run) and read a great book called “Sold”.  Finished it in a few hours time, good read.  


Butterflies Inside and Out

I have one more FREE Monday before I begin teaching a couple of yoga classes on Mondays starting after Labor Day.  I took advantage of the weather yesterday to really clean around here.  Lots of straightening up (though I still can’t find our dining room table top) cleaned rugs out on the driveway, went to Wal-Mart for groceries, no crowd there, every one has purchased their school supplies!  I also finished a book on the deck, which didn’t take me long.  While I was out there I noticed many different kinds of butterflies.  Monarchs, Swallowtails, you name it, they were out.  They love the herbs on our deck.  We even found a chrysalis awhile back on our deck when I was sweeping.  We are waiting it out, not sure what it’s going to be.
Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

On the other hand, our daughter was full of butterflies last night.  At bed time, she couldn’t sleep, she was hot, we opened her window.  Not good enough, she wanted the a/c.  Please…it was like 60 last night.  Then around 12:30 a.m. the truth came out.  She was afraid of getting hurt at school today.  They had canoe safety yesterday and a nurse came to tell them about all the painful things that could happen when one is out in the woods.  They could step on big thorns, get stung by stuff (we don’t know if she’s allergic, she’s never been stung) they could get splinters, gashes, stitches and broken bones.  Geez.  She said nothing of this after school yesterday, only came home with shining, pure excitement from WOLF School

Today, they wore their bathing suits to school under their clothes.  We applied sun screen and bug spray.  We packed a lunch and the rest of the gear they are to leave at school, which included a rain slicker, a snorkel and mask and a bottle of travel peroxide (which freaked her out).  She seemed excited today, as they are traveling out to really sit in a canoe and learn more about safety.  On Friday, they actually go on the river.  She’s never been canoeing, but she’s spent lots of time at lakes, rivers and in our bass boat.  She’ll be fine.  Not sure I will be though, I am exhausted as I got very little sleep myself last night. 

Tonight, I start teaching in the evening again.  First night class I’ve had since I lost my great yoga gig with the City.  It will be nice to see that same crowd, they’re still there, and it’s a big group at the YMCA.  September is Yoga Month, so our studio will be passing out “free class cards” to those that have never been to a studio class.  Looking forward to sharing those this evening as well.  

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y!

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y! One has turned her love of yoga into sharing and teaches her own classes!

It’s a beautiful day again today.  I plan on relaxing, perhaps starting a new book since I just purchased three new ones.  One of which is A New Earth.  Decided to wait until the hoopla was over with to read it.  I glanced through it, and found it to be quite similar to the book I just finished reading by Easwaran.   The only decision I’m going to make today, is what book I should start reading, the dining room table can wait.

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Where’s Caylee?

I don’t get to watch much TV and I really don’t mind.  My family pretty much runs that and in fact, CSI and Nancy Grace freak my daughter out, so it’s just as well.  I’ve been following the case of Casey and Caylee Anthony and I’m anxious as everyone, to see how this one turns out.  Here’s a post from a “true crime” website that I check now and then.  (Warning:  Site can be addictive and graphic in nature)  I do not recommend looking at it more than once a week!  The guy that runs the site has an extremely sarcastic sense of humor and a knack for the truth.  (see any correction in the comments below) Though there is nothing funny about the loss of a loved one, he uses his sarcasm in his journaling, so with all the eeeeews and OMG’s, expect to laugh.  That is, if you have a sense of humor……..

Caylee Anthony – Missing since early June

Caylee Marie Anthony on The Dreamin' Demon

Orlando, FL and The Dreamin’ Demon Home Office – As we all know too well, Casey Anthony got out of jail yesterday. And after three articles and a total of over forty bajillion comments, (okay, 7500, but who’s counting?) the Legend Of Peeperann’s Pizza Delivery really deserves a post all its own.   Yes, denizens, it was our very own Peeperann who sent Casey Anthony the welcome-home gift of pizza, “With love and decomp from the Dreamin’ Demon.” 

It started on a rainy Thursday morning – yesterday, even – when it became clear that yes, Casey Anthony was going home.  For those who have been living in a broom closet or under a large rock, Casey Anthony is the mother of missing child Caylee Anthony.  When human cadaver dogs alerted on Casey’s car trunk in July, Casey’s mother Cindy Anthony had become cranky with the press and their incessant rude questions. She told the media, the internet, and the world that the smell of human decomposition had been caused by Casey leaving a pizza in her car for twelve to nineteen days.  A Domino’s MeatZZa pizza, to be exact.  Of course, Cindy was wrong.  An Orlando news station experimented with the pizza and was unable to make it emit human cadaverine or putrescine, probably because Domino’s does not make pizza out of humans.  Further, it really didn’t stink that much.  So Cindy was either wrong or lying, and neither has been uncommon during this case. 

Our posters, and there are a lot of you, have felt very frustrated with the progress or lack thereof in Caylee’s disappearance.  Many, like our Peeperann, have spent hours researching the case and looking at it from all angles.  The sad conclusion that is virutally always reached is that Caylee is likely dead and that her mother Casey killed her.  The dysfunction, denial, and outright lies of Caylee’s family (and lately of Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who arranged Casey’s bail) have added to the frustration.  After three email exchanges with Leonard Padilla in which Padilla was quite rude to our Peeper, she was sad yesterday.  Knowing that Casey was getting out of jail on bond and would go home to do her nails and enjoy a beer and just hang out while Caylee remained missing left our Peeperann disgruntled and hmphy.  And she decided to do something about it. 

With the help and advice of several posters and at least one administrator (ahem, heh), Peeperann did it.  She called a Domino’s Pizza in Orlando and ordered Casey a medium-sized MeatZZa pizza.  On the lid, she ordered that a note be written, saying, “With love and decomp from the Dreamin’ Demon.”  Which was just damned funny, I don’t care who you are.  Because, after all, a pizza is not human decomposition, no matter how much Cindy Anthony wants it to be.   

The message was for Casey.  Not a threat, not a hateful gesture (okay, maybe a little bit hateful).  It was designed to let her and her cadre of professionals, none of whom are scouring the countryside for Caylee, know that we know the truth.  We are not fooled by visions of pepperoni dancing in our gullible little heads.  We do our homework.  We know the difference between cadaverine from a human and a baked sausage left out too long.  We, Casey Anthony, are not as stupid as your parents, as your bail guy, as the people who you think you have fooled.  We know what you did, and we want you to know we know.

Peeperann paid $14.37 for the pizza at around 11:00 a.m.  It arrived right on time – about ten minutes earlier than first expected, even – and the media had a field day.  People the internet over thought that the Anthonys were weird, even heartless, for ordering a pizza, and Peeper just smiled.  We laughed out loud and took credit for the event like we thought of it personally, and Peeperann was kind and gracious and said “I just want the site to get the credit”, like we’d ever let that happen.  By mid-afternoon, we’d made the news and a copycat had sent a Pizza Hut pie as well.  Which was nice, since a single medium pie was unlikely to feed all the bondspeople and security and whatnot.  But then Leonard Padilla told CNN’s Headline News that Casey’s brother Lee had sent the pie in an outright, bald-faced, bullshit lie.  We knew it was a lie, because we had Hector, the Domino’s manager, who had called Peeper’s phone to verify the message and the order.  We also had Peeper’s credit card transaction report for the order.  So Padilla was lying, and that in turn caused people posting on other sites to call us liars.

Now, we will do a lot of stuff.  We are irreverent, often adolescent, and certainly snarky.  But liars, kids, we are NOT.  We got mad.  Peeper got mad.  And we felt the need to set the record straight.  But just about the time we were really heating up and calling the networks in a fit of fury, Padilla tripped like an Olympic gymnast on a bad balance beam.  At five minutes to the close of Nancy Grace, Padilla said, “We just have to look 180 degrees and make sure that the pizza man is actually delivering a pizza that is ordered by the house and not by some kook that wrote, uh, you know, Stacy murder me.”

Granted, Padilla may well have been talking about the Pizza Hut copycat, who wrote “Casey murdered me” on that box.  (We thought ours was funnier.)  But what he did was tell the world that the Anthony family had not ordered pizza, was not ordering pizza, and that the pizza delivery had pissed them off a bit.   With that statement, we felt vindicated, knowing that the truth always comes out in the end – even if it slips out between Padilla’s teeth and a toothpick.

So that’s the true story of Peeperann and the Orlando Pizza.  We’ve heard that a local Orlando network wants to talk to her for a possible interview.  We couldn’t be prouder.  Public shaming – it’s what we do.  And nobody knows that better than our Peeperann and her glorious, excellent Prank of the MeatZZA Pizza.


Ohhh, we better put a disclaimer here: Don’t send the Anthonys a pizza.  Peeper did it once and it was funny – once.  Lots of pizzas are not so much funny as they are harassment.  Ditto sympathy cards, shovels, and all the other stuff that sounds hilarious but is in actuality not really all that legal.  Just be glad Peeper did it.  She speaks for all of us.


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Back On Track

I biked to all of my yoga classes this week, with the exception of this morning.  It really looked like rain yesterday at the noon hour, but I biked it anyways.  Saving my gas money and the evil parking permit that MSU charges for the use of their lot.  I’m there a whopping two hours a week, hate to pay.   It’s nice to ride over there.  I take the side streets.  I really take in the residential landscaping, I can smell who’s doing their laundry, and I am getting used to the fence that houses the big dogs!

Monday, my kids start school.  I love the summertime.  The kids can sleep late.  Things are lazy and more unorganized than the norm.  We stay outside until dark and eat dinner late.  But, I am ready to get back on track.  There’s something about a schedule and for me, it’s for more than just catching days.

Kids at the Nature Center Nov 2007

Kids at the Nature Center Nov 2007

Our son, will be a sophomore this year!  Hard to believe.  He’s a smart kid who spends all of his free time throwing the discus, either in our yard, or over at the school.  He’s not a social butterfly, he says he doesn’t have time for that.  He’s wanting to be in a Decathlon, and I am sure that he will be if he wants to.  Perhaps, we will see him in some field event at the Olympics someday!

Our daughter will be in the 5th grade this year.  She’s a bit nervous, as she’s starting a brand new school, WOLF School.  It’s an alternative school that’s conservation based.  They will spend 70% of their time in the field, outdoors in all kinds of weather.  I’m talking caving, fishing, canoeing, hiking.  Where was this school when I was a kid?  Their school room will be at Bass Pro (and it’s cool) and they will have the same curriculum as a regular elementary 5th grade. 

Both kids are gone to their other homes this weekend.  I will have time to get organized around here, do some serious cleaning and putting away of the “stuff”.  I’m looking forward to Fall, I always do, it’s my favorite time of year.

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What’s Wrong with Plain Old Speedos?

Nadia then..........



When Nadia was about 14 she scored the first perfect 10 at the Olympics in Women’s Gymnastics. She was only 86 pounds and 4 feet 11 inches. That’s about the size of a really tall 4th grader! No person, especially such a small one, had ever scored a perfect 10!

In 1984 Nadia returned to the Olympics as a coach of the Romanian gymnastics team. In 1989 she defected from Romania in the dead of night, leaving behind her precious medals, her mother, her father, and her little brother, Adrian.

In 1994 Nadia donated $120,000 to the Romanian gymnastics team. In 1996 she married Bart Conners, another Olympic champion. They now live in Norman, Oklahoma and run a gymnastics school. Oklahoma, really?

This is the Olympics that I remember!  The scoring is even very different now.  A “10” used to be excellent.  Now, you have to have like 15.6225 or something.  What’s the highest score, a 20?  I don’t know.  I guess if it is, that makes Bo Derek a perfect “30” now!  I remember when everyone on the same team wore the same outfit.  Last night in the women’s gymnastics, one girl wore white and the other wore dark blue.  They were both USA, who knew?  And what’s with the swimwear?  Some sort of super suits or something?  What’s wrong with plain old Speedos? 

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Where’s My Kitchen?

My husband was on vacation again, all week this last week.  We didn’t get around to the garage sale, they kept talking rain, but we did clean a little out to prepare for when we do have one.  We also put a bunch of stuff on Craig’s List and got rid of it, so that was a good thing!  We spent another day at Swan Creek, he fished two other days and played with his stuff the rest. 

So, where’s my kitchen? 

I swore he was going back to work today.  I got home from yoga after a super long coffee break with the girl who led the class, to find him home.  Doing what?  Finishing off the doorway to the kitchen!  I’ve wanted that arch and it looks like I got it!  I would have no idea how to make this, but he does. 

He also installed the last, lone outlet.  Now, the backsplash can be tiled.  Of course, he really is back to work tomorrow, so that will be another day. 

New Arch

New Arch

In yoga land, life has been good.  I have been the sub queen for the last couple of weeks and if you count what I subbed for in July, it’s like 8 extra classes!  On top of the extra classes and finishing up the Teach To Inspire website, I was putting together a workshop on the psoas muscle that I taught on Sunday. 

So what better way to prepare for teaching that workshop?  Go to yoga on Sunday morning!   I had a great group of people and a big group at that to my surprise.  It was another lovely, sunny, and cooler August day.  I’m sure people could’ve been elsewhere!  So, if you showed up for that, thanks a million.  I had a great time and I hope you did to!

Off to clean the sheet rock dust.  He makes the messes, I clean up and put the tools away!

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Are You Watching the Olympics?

I’ve caught a little Olympics.  Opening ceremonies were really neat, but long and pretty techno.  It’s not like it used to be.  Not like I remembered it!  I don’t really like the commentators this year.  I think that’s part of it!  It also seems to be somewhat chopped up with lots of back and forth.  I guess most people like that jumping to keep them interested.  I don’t need that.  I love to watch the swimming and the gymnastics and I’ve even watched some field events with my son.  A good yoga friend sent me these wonderful photos of gardens in China, in celebration of the Olympics.  I chose a few to share.  Guess which photo is my favorite?  If you guessed the Geishas, you were right!  Enjoy!