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Where’s My Kitchen?

My husband was on vacation again, all week this last week.  We didn’t get around to the garage sale, they kept talking rain, but we did clean a little out to prepare for when we do have one.  We also put a bunch of stuff on Craig’s List and got rid of it, so that was a good thing!  We spent another day at Swan Creek, he fished two other days and played with his stuff the rest. 

So, where’s my kitchen? 

I swore he was going back to work today.  I got home from yoga after a super long coffee break with the girl who led the class, to find him home.  Doing what?  Finishing off the doorway to the kitchen!  I’ve wanted that arch and it looks like I got it!  I would have no idea how to make this, but he does. 

He also installed the last, lone outlet.  Now, the backsplash can be tiled.  Of course, he really is back to work tomorrow, so that will be another day. 

New Arch

New Arch

In yoga land, life has been good.  I have been the sub queen for the last couple of weeks and if you count what I subbed for in July, it’s like 8 extra classes!  On top of the extra classes and finishing up the Teach To Inspire website, I was putting together a workshop on the psoas muscle that I taught on Sunday. 

So what better way to prepare for teaching that workshop?  Go to yoga on Sunday morning!   I had a great group of people and a big group at that to my surprise.  It was another lovely, sunny, and cooler August day.  I’m sure people could’ve been elsewhere!  So, if you showed up for that, thanks a million.  I had a great time and I hope you did to!

Off to clean the sheet rock dust.  He makes the messes, I clean up and put the tools away!

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Are You Watching the Olympics?

I’ve caught a little Olympics.  Opening ceremonies were really neat, but long and pretty techno.  It’s not like it used to be.  Not like I remembered it!  I don’t really like the commentators this year.  I think that’s part of it!  It also seems to be somewhat chopped up with lots of back and forth.  I guess most people like that jumping to keep them interested.  I don’t need that.  I love to watch the swimming and the gymnastics and I’ve even watched some field events with my son.  A good yoga friend sent me these wonderful photos of gardens in China, in celebration of the Olympics.  I chose a few to share.  Guess which photo is my favorite?  If you guessed the Geishas, you were right!  Enjoy!