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First Week of School

School Bus Top

Our kids don’t have to ride the bus, we live close to every single school that they have to attend.  I consider us lucky!  They don’t have to get up too early and they don’t have to waste too much boring time in transit.  Our son is liking his sophomore year so far.  The school has undergone serious construction and he said he felt almost as lost this year as he was last!  To top it off, they actually distributed the wrong schedules to everyone the week before school started, so the first couple of days were a bit crazy!  It’s all good now and he’s just patiently waiting for Spring track to start!

Our daughter made it thru her first week of WOLF School.  I was a little concerned at first.  A few of the other parents whose children did not get in also made some comments.  One was “I heard it’s going to be really tough, do you think she’ll make it?”  Please, it’s a conservation based school, not boot camp!

She had been at the same elementary since Kindergarten.  It was a small, friendly elementary, up the street from where we live.  She had bonded with many girls there and at this new school, only one other kid was chosen from her previous elementary and it was a boy.  When I picked her up yesterday, the kids were all outside waiting and she was lingering.  Then, she hugged like 2 other girls good bye!  Wow!  How great to make friends like that in the first week. 

I do feel the circumstances they are in has made all the difference in the world.  They spent the day Friday out at the Watershed.  She said it was a bit cold to swim but they got in the water none the less.  They studied leeches, mayflies and water pennies.  She absolutely loved it and can’t wait until next week when they go to Bull Creek.  What a wonderful opportunity and hopefully this is just the first of what our public school system will offer in the future!

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The Passion Flower

Passion Flower

Passion Flower

I purchased this vine last year at Lowe’s, it was half dead when I planted it in the summertime.  By September last year, this is what it looked like!  It literally had a ton of these flowers, so I researched it and it’s called a Passion Flower, native to the Southeastern US.  So, I really figured I’d enjoy it one season and that would be it.  I also learned that it’s flower, leaves and stem are often used as a sedative or sleep aid in homeopathic medicine. 

It’s a very large vine, like a Trumpet Vine or Morning Glory.  I found two aluminum scroll pieces that go on the front of screen doors and screwed them together and nailed them to a big tree so it could climb on something other than my hostas.  It’s since surpassed the handmade aluminum trellis and attached itself to the tree!  It’s also spread to other locations in my garden, I’m going to have to give some of it away!  Looking forward to it blooming sometime very soon, I have a feeling it’s going to be loaded.

What a beautiful fringey flower!  I love buying plants and having no idea what they will be!  I also have trouble with sleeping, falling asleep, staying asleep, that kind of stuff.  Perhaps I’ll go out tonight and munch on a few of these flowers, or make a tea.  How pretty would that flower be in a glass brewing pot?