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My husband, can do about anything. 

He used to be an electrician, so that has come in WAY handy with the kitchen.  He put in extra outlets, installed under the cabinet halogen lamps and soon, new track lighting on the ceiling.  He can also do plumbing, as he unclogged the bathroom sink Thursday night.  Not to mention the one time, I put wheatberries down the garbage disposal (not recommended) by the way.  That took like 6 hours of snaking and I’m not kidding! 

He’s very mechanical and it does save us a lot of money.  I do pay to get the oil changed in my car (it’s the disposal thing) but he does the brakes and once patched the screw hole in my tire!  He changes the filters and the belts.  He also works on boats and motorcycles and anything else with an engine.  He just put like 4 riding mowers together and built one good one for his dad.  One time, there was a push mower out by the road, left for trash a few houses up.  He took it home, fixed it, then took it back and set it inside their fence with a note that said “fixed” on it!  He does stuff like this a lot!  He’s a nice guy. 

It takes us a long time to get things completed.  One reason, is we do it ourselves.  The other is, while he’s working on our stuff, he’s also working on someone elses!  He also rebuilds and repairs computers.  I wouldn’t have a laptop if it wasn’t for the three broken ones that people gave us for parts.  He put them together into one, just for me!  He can also do the software thing, not just the hardware.  He helped me get started with my web site stuff and my group email.

I think the only time we’ve hired help around here, is when we got our roof, our windows, siding and had the driveway poured.  But, those were all done by close friends.  He knows every body, I’m not kidding!  The only thing I’ve ever seen him give up on, was when I accidentally washed our sons’ iPod Shuffle.  He actually got it to power up, but it would no longer connect to the computer.  Amazing!  Before anything gets thrown away, it gets completely taken apart and examined.  We clash sometimes, as I’m into throwing stuff away, and throwing it away right now!

He’s spontaneous and I’m not.  In the middle of something, he can drop it…….and just “go fishing”.  I have a hard time doing that, I need a plan.  But I guess that’s why I take and teach yoga.  I need it to remind myself that it’s “ok to just drop it and go fishing,” or whatever.

One time, in a group of people, the discussion turned to the secrets of a happy marriage.  Someone replied, “Marry a happy person.”  I totally believe that’s true! 

Frank Fishing August 2008

Frank Fishing August 2008 You Rock Honey!


Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

5 thoughts on “This Guy

  1. Drop by sometime and check out our accumulation, the handyman comes with a price!

  2. WOW!!! Do you rent him out?

  3. Oh Laura, I mean Frank, I forgot to mention that you have a huge sense of humor….sorry 🙂

  4. I can relate – my hubby, Burl, has yet to meet anything he can’t fix, plumb, wire, saw, paint – you name it! We have at least 3 of every tool and his workshop is bigger than our garage. But I sure am spoiled since he takes care of the cars, bikes, motorcycle, mowers, pool, etc.

    I do remember to tell him often how much I appreciate all his efforts – we both feel we complement each other well since I can do all the financial and computer stuff!

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