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Happy Birthday Jeanine!

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Happy Birthday Jeanine!  She’s my sister, three years younger than me!  We are getting excited around here, as she’s flying in on September 28th with her little daughter Ava and staying for a couple of weeks.  We are taking a bunch of our wares to the craft fair in Ozark, MO the first weekend in October.  We’ll see how that goes with a three year old.  Speaking of her beautiful three year old daughter………..they were shopping the other day in the Disney store when a lady said, “Oh you’re so pretty.  You look just like Dora the Explorer!”  Ava replied, “No I don’t because I don’t have black hair and I don’t speak Spanish!”  Too funny.  She does have big Dora eyes though and check out that yoga pose.  A cross between hero legs and eagle arms!



One time, we were observing the bubbles in our Coke.  She said, “Aunt Kirsten, that’s carbonation.”  She’s just a tiny bit smart!  We can’t wait until you guys get here!  We’re gonna have so much fun!

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Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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