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Yoga, Underwear and Chuckles

This morning, I taught at the Y.  The class was almost over.  We came down on the floor, to do hamstring/hip stretching in non-yoga terms and supta hasta padangusthasana to the yogis.  On our backs we were, with one leg extended upward, and the other leg extended outward.  We were out of straps as the class was large.  I let someone use my towel as a strap.

I was holding onto the back of my thigh and thought, what is that?  Just what in the heck is that?  Laughing to myself, I ran to the bathroom (which happens to be in-house in the room we’re in) to find a black pair of panties, stuck inside my yoga pants!  I’d wore the same pants I taught in last night, aired them on the deck and put them on again this morning.  Note:  I don’t do that often, I was in need of yoga laundry!  Now I know I have some cellulite on my thighs. I’m not persay, the wispy, willowy instructor size 2, but you’d think someone would’ve noticed the bulk in my leg!  Too funny.  Of course, when I came back from the bathroom, I was laughing out loud so I shared my story.  Chuckles for all of us.

There were NO guys in that class this morning, and for those that have asked, those are NOT my undies drying on the line!  Borrowed photo, from who knows where.


Finding Focus

I am truly digging this weather!  Twas a tad bit cool on the ears Monday morning on the bike ride to work downtown, but I shall not complain!  Biked to both of my classes on Monday.  Lots of people are still locking up bikes at MSU.  Spaces are getting harder to find and I suppose that’s a good thing!  Frank got me a little, but very bright, flashing red light.  Since I rode to the Y last night to teach, I used it.  I stuck it on my backpack.  Ended up riding part way home with another girl who also had a little flashing red light.  I suppose we felt the power and safety of the duece! 

I decided to devote an entire week of classes to the drishti, which is the gazing or focal point in a yoga posture.  We found the focal points over the hand or fingers, straight ahead, or slightly upward.  I let them really take their time to let their eyes move with their body, instead of leading the pose with their eyes (which happens all too often).  We also turned our focus inward.  So during some of the postures, I had them close their eyes.  This way they could really receive the benefits instead of trying to achieve so much.  In a couple of balanced poses, I asked them to let their eyes and their minds, wander around the room.  It was interesting to see who lost it immediately and who didn’t.  Then we taked about why.  I do teach at the Y and at MSU twice a week, so I’ll have to come up with something new for today!

Mantra for the day – Do what’s important to do today, do not hurry to get things done, eat your lunch sitting down and smile!

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Spulenking the Ozarks

Lauren (our daughter) loved the cave experience.  She even crawled through the mud tunnels, which I was mighty surprised.  They sent home instructions on how to wash cave mud off clothing.  So if you ever find yourself in need, here goes.  Wash the clothes in cold water 3 times.  On the fourth time, add the laundry detergent, hang them out to dry.  They look brand new.  Good deal, those Nike tennis shoes I got at the Salvation Army for a buck look better now, than when I brought them home.  Today they go to Ritter Springs Cave.  Lauren said it was a dry cave, but they may get into some water, with streams, but no mud.  Ok.  Sounds fun.  Friday, they take a trip to Close Park for tree observation.  She’s loving this school.

Jordan (our son) is really getting into Cross Country.  I’m hoping I will attempt to run with him when he runs here at home on his own.  I’m not a runner.  I have knock knees and a strong inward rotation at the hips.  Basically, I have crooked legs and wore funky shoes as a child and there was some talk of a placing a bar between my knees when I slept.  That didn’t happen.  My mom’s whole family has this inward hip spiral, sometimes it truly sucks.  Anyways, running generally hurts my body, so we’ll see if I can overcome that.  He missed the first two meets since he decided to join late, but another week or so and he’ll be a traveling runner.  He was also a little apprehensive as all the meets are on the weekends.  That’s his time with his mother.  We meet her in Buffalo every Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  She lives at Lake of the Ozarks.  But we had a chat.  I reminded him he’s only in high school once and that he’s a damn good runner and his mother owns a car.  Evil stepmom revealed.

Both kids are doing great in school as they take on these extra activities.  We are so proud of them both.