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Where Did 14 Days Go?

My sister and her daughter, Ava flew home last night.  It was her longest stay ever, 14 days.  It went by so quickly!  Of course, I still had my normal schedule of yoga.  On top of that there were added appointments.  The doctor, orthodontist, a cross country track meet, homecoming a birthday party and the craft fair!  In between all of that “stuff” we managed to have some fun, and get pedicures.

We hit 3 parks in town!  Fassnight, Phelps Grove and Meador.  Here’s the girls collecting leaves.  Lauren was teaching Ava about trees.  They were really studying some tree sap mighty hard!  Part of what Lauren is doing at school.  They’re into forest ecosystems now!

Jordan looked great in his rented attire.  His date wore a short, light tan dress with pink edging.  I ordered her a pretty light pink wrist bouquet!  He got home a tad after midnight.  We all went right to bed.  He had to run at Springfield Lake at 8:30 a.m. the next morning, Cross Country meet!  I was dead, so was he.  I didn’t have to run a 5K, I’m just old.

He took advantage of Saturday afternoon and slept.  Us chicks headed out to a wild birthday party for a 10 year old.


 My good friend the baker, even made a belated birthday cake for my sister.  Party Pizazz!

We also hit Rutledge Wilson Farm after school one day.  Lauren spent a week out there for Farm Camp and knows the names of all the animals.  She wanted to show them to Ava.  Plus, we planned on picking a pumpkin, but the patch didn’t open for picking until 5:00, but we could walk inside and take photos.

On their last day, Sunday, we checked out our sweet potatoes.  Not big enough yet, letting them go a bit longer.  We also took Ava to Bradford Park.  She’s sporting her duck Webkinz and is in her bird phase.  Not only can she identify several types of birds, she can also identify a wide variety of plants. Simply amazing!  

After the duck pond, we hopped in the car for our road trip.  Back to the airport in Bentonville.  A first for us.  Highly recommended.  Small airport, easy drive and less hassle than KC or STL.  That is, if you can’t fly from Springfield.  I captured this sunset from a convenience store on a hill at Sedalia.  It was nice, driving home by myself.  I enjoy my alone time. 

Now they’re back home in Florida, where she can finish painting her cute little house.  Thanks for a great visit guys and come back soon!!

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What’s Up With That?

*Chik-Filet – we ordered a chicken sandwich (with mayo) on wheat bread, nuggets (with bbq sauce), two lemonades and two waffle fries.  We drove off and had this.  A chicken sandwich on white bread with two pickles and nuggets with no bbq sauce.

*Wendys – we ordered a mandarin chicken salad.  Got home.  They got the salad correct, but they gave us honey mustard and croutons!  If you’ve had a mandarin chicken salad, you know that honey mustard and the croutons just don’t jive.

*I saw my flasher at the craft fair.  He had a girl on his arm.  Scary.  But then again, so was she.

*My sister and her almost 4 year old daughter dropped me off on campus to teach on Monday.  On the way there, Ava (the 4 year old) was amazed with the rock houses.  She said, “Look, that one’s a combination.  It has brick, rocks and wood.”  Who knew?

*I saw a fellow yogi leaving as I was entering Petsmart the other day.  My sister sat in the van with her daughter waiting for me.  She said some people tried to get into the van, it was just like theirs.  It was my friends from yoga.  Long live the blue Ford Windstars.  Guess I need to put some more stickers on mine!

*My sister had this little ad from Target, with this really pretty shawl-like, poncho sweater.  In Florida they told her it was an online item only.  Online, they told her it was a store only item.  So we showed the photo to the chicks here at our Target.  Low and behold, they had them in the back.  They brought them out.  We tried them on.  They were supposed to be a shimmery, cable knit, with a cowl type neck.  Instead, they were like a big rectangular blanket, with a hole cut in it.  Not cable knit, but with a raised stripe.  Ava (4 year old) said we looked ridiculous and laughed.  So did we!  We left the store with flat hair covered in fuzz.

*My husband is a huge flirt, tease and tormenter of children.  Ava (4year old) said, “Mom, Uncle Frank’s taunting me!” 

What’s up with the bad customer service, false advertising and 4 year olds with massive vocabulary?

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Gettin’ Crafty With It

This past weekend was the Craft Fair in Ozark, MO.  We met a lot of really nice people, looked at some really cool stuff and of course, some not so cool stuff.  I purchased the neatest bird feeder, made from a car tire, cut to look like a sunflower. It’s amazing it really is!

This was our first venture and man was it a success!  We’ve already reserved space for next year and plotted our marketing strategies!  We had a small space and we’ll keep it that way, low cost.  On Sunday, the people on one side of us left, so we scooted over.  We were really packed in there tight!  My pictures reflect that empty space and we could no longer utilize our pretty back drop.  But you can get the idea of what we were doing a little bit anyways.

We could’ve really used the space behind us, or set up a bit differently too.  But we had no idea what the “barn” looked like, or how it would feel.  But now we do!  It was a lot of work, especially on Friday.  It was super busy and we had BOTH girls with us most of the day!  Thank god for the park and the river, without that, we would’ve never made it!  The weather was great the entire weekend.  I somehow managed to get a few photos.  I wish I would’ve had the time to take some more.  There were a LOT of dogs there.  Dogs wearing visors, dogs wearing sun glasses, dogs being pushed in “dog strollers”, and dogs wearing outfits!  Instead of people watching, we were enjoying dog watching, too funny!

Now it’s back to yoga and chilling with my sister the rest of the week.