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Citrus on Steroids

My parents have lots of citrus trees in their yard in Florida.  They grow navel oranges, Calomundins (tiny oranges native to the Philippines) grapefruits and lemons.  They loaded their camper full of fruit for the drive up for Thanksgiving.  I’ve given a lot away, and I still have a LOT left!  My mom and I, made jars of Calomundin jam.  It’s like a marmalade, and it’s awesome.  The lemons they grow, are huge and so are the grapefruits.  They have to prop the tree branches up with milk crates and buckets to keep them from breaking!  Pictured from left to right below we have……a yummy navel orange (normal sized), a Ponderosa Lemon (best zest ever) a Pumello Grapefruit, and a batman cup with coffee!  The lemons are really good, and the grapefruit needs no sugar.  That one, is actually a bit small.  They brought some, close to the size of a soccer ball, which I’ve already given away!  I think we’ll play who wants to win a grapefruit tonight at yoga.  It’s my largest class, so this should be fun!  Pucker up!