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Fruit of the Womb


Yoga has been kind of exciting lately with all of that fruit I’ve been giving away!  What a hit!   At the end of most of my classes (the larger ones) I’ve been having a drawing for ginormous grapefruits, lemons and normal sized oranges.  All compliments from my mom and dad, organically grown, in their backyard in Florida.  

I’ve had a few girls in my Y class that are pregnant.  Three exactly.  One left to deliver.  Today, one of the girls (who won fruit last week) brought her new baby to class for the second time today.  He’s four weeks old, adorable and slept in his little car seat.  She’s a beautiful girl and to be back in class so quickly is really cool.  If there’s any regrets I have about yoga, it’s not knowing about it sooner.  My daughter was two when I figured it out! 

Anyhow, when her baby awoke towards the end of class, we took a quick waterfall pose (on our backs, legs up the wall) to quiet down from all the strong standing work we’d just taken in.  She placed him on her belly and he just hung out.  When he started making noises, she bent her knees, pressed her feet into the wall and let him rest on her shin bones.  What a lucky baby, to have such a great experience at only four weeks of age.

After that soft inversion, we headed into relaxation.  She ended up resting on her side and letting him nurse away.  What a beautiful sound, I don’t think it bothered anyone in the room.  It was all women, most who had already been through that experience, myself included.  I only have one biological child and and the pregnancy wasn’t easy.  When the birth came, it was even worse.  I chose to stop there.  I do sometimes, envy those who really take on motherhood in such an easy, natural way.

On the drive home after that class, I got to thinking.  The youngest person in my class was four weeks of age and the oldest was 79.  What a beautiful class.  What beautiful people I get to share my day with.  Thank you.

My daughter at 4 weeks old

My daughter at 4 weeks old

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

2 thoughts on “Fruit of the Womb

  1. Wow, from your title I didn’t know what surprises were in store….great story. I’m guessing that’s not her first baby. She sounds so relaxed.

  2. It was relaxing just reading your post, what a lovely way to spend a few hours! That picture of Lauren shows just what a beautiful baby she was! And, she has grown into such a pretty young lady!! One of my favorite pictures of her is one you framed for us ~ it’s her standing on a trampoline. I think maybe it was taken at her aunt’s house where they had the huge trees in the backyard.

    Make today a great one and be good to yourself! Love ya, Rhonda

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