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Snowy Update

*Springfield just called school off for tomorrow, January 29th, again.  I cannot believe it.  We’ve been out running around all afternoon!  I will be teaching my regular yoga class in the morning at BOWS from 9-10:30 a.m. anyways, so if you need to get out (and stretch) I’ll be there!

*Lauren got her wish of being out of school on her birthday, which is today!

*My kids have been in and out a gazillion times since it started snowing last night, and I’m way sick of melted snow and wet clothes after not even 24 hours.

*Milos (father-in-law) is doing amazing!  The guy was sitting up in bed, eating a huge lunch with a tube draining from his head today!  He can bring that right arm up above his head and only has a slight tingling in his fingers.  They also said the catscan showed his brain is already occupying the space where the clot was and that’s way cool.  I can’t believe it.  Thanks to all of those who were thinking of us during this crazy time!  We look for him to come home on Friday or Saturday!

*We now have an extra day to make fudge for Lauren’s class as her birthday snack celebration since there’s no school, again tomorrow.  I still can’t believe it.

*I hope MSU will be open.  I’m scheduled to teach there at noon tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it!

*I painted a small chalk board on my kitchen wall next to the phone today.  It looks great!  I also mounted a small white shelf below it, to hold chalk and whatever.  Looking forward to doodling on that!

*I hate laundry.

*I love cats but I am so tired of cat hair.

*I want my new (used) furniture.  Plan was to get it on Monday, but nope, weather blew that.  I’m ready to get rid of this sectional. 

*I took my kids to Burger King today because that’s what they wanted.  Yuck, but I ate a little something there anyways.

*There was no one at Wal-Mart this afternoon.  Everyone must’ve been playing in the snow.  I hate to say it, but the groceries there are so much more affordable than the grocery store by my house.  And (this is sad) their meat department even looks better.  Supply and demand keeps stuff fresh I suppose.

*My husband plowed our driveway and the sidewalk and a path thru the yard next door, at 10:00 p.m. last night.  Bad thing about our road is this.  The snow plows bank the end of your driveway in while you’re at Wal-Mart.  I had to gun it over the hump, but when I slid in the driveway a HUGE sheet of ice slid off the top of my van and bent the shit out of one of my windshield wipers.  And, it scared Lauren to death, she cried.

*I spent probably $30 extra at the store today, just because Lauren was with me.  Jordan only wanted a pack of gum.  He’s awesome as he NEVER asks for anything.  My child on the other hand…….

*Visiting hours in I.C.U. were at 1:00 p.m. today.  So 11 years ago today, I was at the same hospital giving birth to Lauren, who was born at 1:03 p.m. on a Wednesday.  Except today, we were on the 6th floor instead of the 4th.  Weird.

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Slip Slidin’ Away

ice-lionYesterday, a wintery mix blew in.  I started out the day teaching a yoga class.  I had a short window before my next class which I spent purchasing a parking pass at MSU, which involved explaining to them my unique situation over there, and why I only want to pay $2 for each day that I’m there.  It’s like groundhog day, every……single…….time.  Luckily for me this time, the guy got it and I was on my way!  I parked my car.  I bundled up and headed over to the student union to exhange paper work.  Then, I had to trek back to the stadium to teach my class.  When I arrived, I noticed my little yellow book was not in my backpack.  Where was it?  Oh man.  This book is more important to me than my iPod.  Every time I read or hear something I love, I write it in this book.  It’s full of stuff that would be absolutely meaningless to someone else.  The room I teach in was full of students working out.  I usually have to kick them out as they stay right up until my class starts.  Did one of them see it sitting on the stereo cabinet and take it for spite?  I got lots of dirty looks when I asked people to leave yesterday.  If you teach yoga, you know that the last thing you need is extra stress before your class. 

And this week we’ve had some.


Meet Milos.  He’s Frank’s dad, my father-in-law and he lives right next door and has for 50+ years!  He’s 84 and sharp as a tack, hilarious and one of the coolest guys that I know!  He’s an avid outdoorsman and goes to the woods whenever he gets the chance.  He still fishes and hasn’t missed a hunting season in 49 years.  He’s active in AmVets and drives the D.A.V. van whenever he can!  He served in the Navy during WWII and to this day, believes Panama is the most beautiful place on earth.  His family came here from Czech and settled in the Bohemian camps in Nebraska.  They migrated south and he was born in Bolivar, Mo.  His knees have been repaired a few times and they are still so jacked up he can barely get around, but that doesn’t stop him!  His knuckles are huge and his fingers disfigured by severe genetic arthritis.  He can’t even button a shirt or tie a shoe, but that doesn’t stop him from cutting wood or piddling with his junk out back.

His right arm was feeling heavy on Sunday and he’d had a headache.  Frank convinced him to go to the E.R. on Sunday evening after an argument, ’cause he wasn’t going, ’cause he was OK!  Good thing they went.  He went right from the E.R. to the I.C.U. with a busted blood vessel in his brain.  We think he did this back in November.  It was after a day of deer hunting.  He just tripped and fell over nothing in the backyard and cracked his head open.  The bleeding is putting pressure on the nerves that operate the right side.  Explains a lot.  It’s not getting worse, nor better, so the plan is to drain that today.  My mother-in-law, was scheduled for a knee replacement this Friday, and that’s off now.  She’s having a hard time getting around, she’s 77.

I feel when something like this happens, it’s best to keep some sort of routine, especially when kids are around.  And today they are, there’s no school.  I’ve been called uncaring for not sitting at hospitals in the past, and I’m OK with that.  I just don’t feel there’s anything I can do by just sitting.  Right now, there are two people with Frank’s mom, immediate family and that’s how, I feel it should be.  I haven’t been up there yet, but I will go.  Luckily for us, the hospital is close as travel is not recommended with weather like this.  Tomorrow is Lauren’s birthday.  Something serious is usually going on during her birthday.  One year, on her dad’s side, they had a funeral and her birthday on the same day.  The plan is to have one girl spend the night on Friday and have a taco bar lunch and cake with some extra girls on Saturday.  Hope all goes well as planned, for every one.


After my MSU class was over yesterday, everyone just sat there.  Twas one of those classes where no one was quick to move.  Sometimes, I think I teach my best when I’m stressed.  I was thinking about Milos.  I was worried about my book.  I too, came away from the class feeling better about all of it.  I stopped by the post office and mailed my ebay boxes.  Then I decided to stop at the Y, to check for my book.  After all, it had my name and phone number in it.  I had actually picked up a pretty hand knitted hat that morning that I had found on the sidewalk and turned it in.  Surely, someone else would do the same for me.  Nope, no one had turned in a book.  I cruised on downstairs to the yoga room to find my book on the table where I’d left it next to a bunch of yoga props.  I grabbed it and I kissed it!  On the way back to my car, a yogi from the MSU class rode by on his bike.  I waved at him with my book and smiled.

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Yesterday, January 24th was Yoga Day USA.  A nationally celebrated day set aside just for yoga!  A few years ago I put together a little stint at the Y.  I brought snacks, handouts and books.  The Y offered free yoga for a few hours and we had a really good turnout, which was surprising since the weather was unusually warm that year.  Three news stations showed up as well (must’ve been a slow news day) and when the third one arrived, I declined an interview.  Enough was enough, they were stealing  my zen!  My intention yesterday morning was to attend another Yoga Day USA celebration but I was also registered for a 3-hour Hamstring Health Yoga class that afternoon as well, so I skipped the party.  One of our local health clubs also had a special Yoga Flow class yesterday morning too and I’ve heard rumors that it was crowded, rock on!

The hamstring class was really, really good.  It was at Teach to Inspire, the new yoga and education training center.  Three solid hours of anatomy, some light partner work, good use of props and awesome stretching.  I don’t have tight hamstrings, I’ve always been able to just bend forward and touch my toes.  But not everyone can and little things like that keep people away from yoga.  Hello.  Please come to yoga if you cannot touch your toes.  It doesn’t make one bit of difference to us what you can or cannot touch.  But if it’s important to you, maybe we can help you get there in a safe way.  I will say that my legs felt very spacious (in a good way) the rest of the evening and it was great to come back to the little things, cues, ideas and instruction that we sometimes forget about once we establish a teaching rut. 

This morning, I made it to Sunday morning yoga class.  I returned to the studio downtown to take from a good friend, who took over for the person that left to start the training school.  She taught a great class as well.  She has one master teacher she loves and travels frequently to study with, so she whipped out some new ideas and also gave me a few great adjustments.  My body feels great!  It’s exactly what I needed as I start teaching 10 classes per week starting tomorrow!

After class, another yogini asked me to go the Moxie and see Slumdog Millionaire.  What a great movie!  What a great theater that was packed by the way.  They’re obviously rockin’ the house with the Oscar oriented films.  I remember those oscarmania days at the video store.  I’m not so much into it anymore.  I spent a LOT of time in that whole film snob realm and it’s nice to be away from it and exist in a world that’s not so, well, full of film.

My husband knows nothing of the pop culture thing.  In fact, that’s one of the qualities that attracted me to him.  For instance.  Last night, he stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live.  I didn’t.  So this morning I asked him who was the host.  He said (not kidding), “Weird Al Malkovich” and he was totally serious.  Nevermind that I own (and we have watched) the movie Being John Malkovich on VHS special edition, complete with nesting head dolls.  The guy is clueless and that’s of course, one of the things I love about him!

Anyways, go see Slumdog Millionaire.  It’s totally worth the trip out in the cold.



I love ebay and we just made quite the haul.  Lauren has a lot of toys.  We were gifted an older Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse when she was 5 or 6.  It had no furniture, so I browsed thrift shops for stuff that would go with it.  Of course, some was purchased brand new, but the majority of it came from the junk stores.  We just unloaded all of it, for $244.98 and to think I was going to send this back with my mom to Florida for my neice!  We did let her have the dollhouse, didn’t want to try and ship that sucker!  Someone paid $51 for this camper, the tent, the bicycles and a couple of boats.  So if you’re out at a garge sale or Goodwill, Fisher Price Loving Family, old or new is not a bad investment!


I used to sell a lot of dishes.  I scoured flea markets and second hand shops for dishes with unique stamps on the back.  I had a guide book I’d take with me.  Though sometimes, you could just pick up a basic piece of china and make good money off it because someone out there had broken a piece or just simply wanted an extra.  The second hand shops have since wised up.  Goodwill in Ft. Myers actually has it’s own auction service now, as I’m sure lots of other Goodwill’s do too.  When I finally sold off what I could sell, I got rid of what I could in the garage sale and took the rest back where I got them.  It was fun while it lasted, to purchase a plate for a quarter and sell it for $10 or more. 

My sister has recently jumped on the e-bay bandwagon as well.  They are having financial difficulties and the thought of losing a beautiful home is not very pretty.  Everything she owns in the way of clothing is J. Jill, Prada, Banana Republic, and brands that I’m sure I don’t know of.  She’s doing really well with it and realizing that you really don’t need 37 pairs of shoes.  I don’t have any high dollar clothing to resell, but I’m also not in a bad financial situation so at times, I’m thankful for my low grade and probably bad taste.  I do trade a lot of my yoga stuff on e-bay as I get sick of wearing the same stuff all the time.  I also find brands like Lululemon, Ebb & Flow or Be Present, none of which are available at stores in our areas.  They still aren’t cheap, but 1/2 or a tad more of what you’d pay in the stores.  Most of it comes to me new with tags! 

The most fun my sister and I had on e-bay was selling off our childhood toys.  We had a massive Dawn Doll collection that brought huge bucks!  We also had these cool little dolls, that smelled good and were packaged in perfume bottles.  I can’t remember what they were called.  One of those alone, brought $80.  We had lots of Barbie stuff and dealing Barbie can be fun if you know what to look for.  I used to buy big lots of clothes at the junk stores or even on e-bay just because I recognized one piece in there that was worth bucks.  One time, I bought a paper bag of Barbie clothes on ebay.  Inside, was the original Pan American circa 1966  flight jacket for Barbie.  I cleaned it and sold it online for $60.

Vintage Barbie Pan American Airways Stewardess

Another great outfit I found complete was Barbie’s Lamb & Leather outfit, circa 1970.Vintage Barbie Lamb 'n Leather   You have to be careful now as most of these outfits are being reproduced.

It was all white and it came to me totally trashed.  One safe and good way to clean old fabrics of a lighter color is to soak them in Polident.  Be sure to use a glass bowl, cold water, and one or two Polident tablets.  Let them soak overnight.  Rinse in cool water and let them dry flat on a towel.  The results are amazing, crisp, clean color!  I never pressed any of my older Barbies clothes for fear of disentegration, but steam will work well.  I ended up receving $90 for this outift in 2001, complete minus the gloves! 

You can use Polident for all different colors as well.  Just be sure to do a batch of red by itself, blue by itself, do not mix colors!

I haven’t sold any Barbie stuff for a very long time.  I do have a wonderful old Barbie case, complete with a couple of vintage dolls and a bunch of the theater costumes, a wedding dress, an original bathing suit and a bunch of accessories.  I scored most of that on ebay as well, got sidetracked and have never sold it.  OK.  Maybe I got a bit attached to that, but it’s probably time for it to go. 

The holidays, yep that’s when I’ll get it outta here!

The weirdest thing I ever sold was an old pair of tennis shoes.  Someone made a joke to me that I should put them on ebay, in the adult section.  The adult section?  Ebay has an adult section?  Why yes, yes they do.  I got a secondary ebay identity and I started the auction out of curiosity.  I sold them, for $52 and the guy also asked me if I would throw in a pair of socks, that were not washed.  I got creeped out but I did it and mailed them with no return address. 

Someone I know, knows someone that’s living in Japan.  She puts her underwear in vending machines there.  Really, not kidding.  She sells them for around $60 U.S. What in the hell is up with that? 

I know.  You’re probably wondering what kind of people I know……….and I just mentioned Fisher Price and underwear in vending machines in the same post…….

I’m going to go and finish my book now!


Will To Murder

glensheenAwhile back, I posted about a book my mom gave me to read called Will to MurderIt’s a true story that took place at the Glensheen mansion in Duluth, MN. 

 I’m just about to finish it, finally!  If you like murder mysteries (true ones especially) this is a must read.  This has got to be one of the most detailed books I’ve read in quite awhile.  I’m hoping to have it finished this weekend so I can mail it to my grandma (who resides in Duluth, MN) when I take all of my e-bay packages to the post office on Monday! 

There’s no end to what the main character in this book will do to get what she wants!

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mossy-treesMy daughter is so fortunate to attend this alternative school which allows her to do and see so many things!  Awhile back, a guy that has a cool store downtown came to talk to them about fair trade and all that good stuff.  Today, they took a little jaunt downtown to his store, Global Fayre, so they could see the shop, make some purchases and learn more about fair trade.  It’s full of stuff made by artisans from all over the world.  I sent her with $7  and of course, a few kids didn’t bring any money.  She ended up sharing her cash (which is OK with me) but that also meant that she found what she wanted to buy after she gave her loot away.  The lessons of a 10 year old, learned the hard way. 

I’d promised her I’d take her to see the movie Twilight after school today, and the cool worldly store was right by the theater.  What she wanted was only $6.  It was a neat little guy made completely of heavy wire, wrapped with ribbon (Kenyan style) peddling a bike, whose legs actually peddle and wheels actually move when you roll him with the long push handle.  It was cute, it was colorful and she was way happy. 

Twilight was good.  I’m not into vampire films.  But I do remember when Lost Boys came out and I thought it was the coolest thing.   Edward, the main vampire has an Edward Scissorhands way about him.  Kind of creepy, but sexy and mysterious in a no one can get close to me kind of way.  The cinematography was nice and I enjoyed the scenery, as well as the awesome house that the vampires lived in!  Of course it was somewhat predictable but I got attached to Bella and could relate to the way she isolated herself at her new school.  It also had very little gore, and only one violent scene where Lauren did cover her eyes momentarily.  It was PG-13 in case you were wondering.

In yogaland, things will start to sizzle next week when I start teaching 10 classes per week!  MSU requested another class and it turns out, the people wanting it work close to the studio.  Since there are no classes during the time they’re in need, they’re coming over (all 19 of them) instead of me teaching off site at their workplace.  I’m really digging my schedule now.  I’ll be teaching every day at 9:00 a.m. and every day at noon (except on Fridays) and I’m only teaching one night a week.  That would be on Tuesdays (my three class day) so that’s awesome. 

Yesterday was also a slow day for yoga.  Most everyone was in front of their sets watching the Obama action.  I actually had no one show for class yesterday morning and I was kind of glad.  I wanted to check it out as well.  And I did get home in time to see most all of it.  I will say, that was the most TV I’ve watched in quite a long time.  Of course by last night, everybody was sick of it and made it to class!  We offered our practice to the celebration of change and not necessarily in a political way, it was in whatever way you interpreted it.  For without change, nothing would ever bloom or grow, and no one would ever blossom to become the person that they’re meant to be.

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moms-backyardThis is my mom’s backyard right now in Florida.  They’re all the time sending me pics like this, rubbing it in about how they’re freezing and it’s down to 60 degrees.  Give………a……break!  Of course I love seeing these photos that they send.  I love flowers, gardening and spring time.  Which got me thinking about my new and cool spring time stuff.



 birdfeeder-and-jacksonFirst up, is this huge awesome bird feeder built by my dad (biological dad) who lives in the K.C. area now.  He makes these to sell as a hobby.  They had already reserved a space at the craft fair in Ozark this past October (my stepmom does beautiful floral work and I’m certain she made that green bow out of ribbon) and planned to peddle these bird feeders and her arrangements.  Anyways, they got sick and didn’t get to the show!  We lucked out and were given a bird feeder for the holidays.  It’s made of cedar and they sell for around $70 if you’re interested.  It’s a big bird feeder and I would like to put it out front, so I can see it through our huge picture window.  Jackson (the white cat) is pretty excited about it too!  I can just see him now, chirping at the birds and trying to jump through the window!! 


recycled-birdfeeder1Craft fairs have their share of crap, but when we did the one in Ozark (our first experience ever) I got a chance to leave our space and browse.  I love pottery, and there was lots of it!  I don’t necessarily dig country quilts, I cannot sew, but I have great appreciation for those who can, my sister included.  I ran across this tent with these sunflower things.  What in the heck is that?  It’s a bird feeder, it cost $16, and it’s made out of the side wall of a tire.  I watched the guy and his wife make these.  They took a tire, they had several side walls ready to go.  He would then scallop the edges with some sort of saw.  Some were flowers with pointed edges, some were rounded, some were larger, and some were smaller.  After that, they whipped out the spray paint, mostly using yellow, the underside is painted all green.  Then they spray-stenciled a little ladybug on the edge.  Next up was the soft screen center that they stapled in with a staple gun.  Then they hooked a chain on all three sides and brought it together in the middle with one of those heavy duty, plastic, no-slip ties.  Amazing!  What you see on mine, is the pulp from three apples and two pears after the kids juiced this morning.  Squirrels and birds, love it alike!

 gnomesI love garden ornaments and sculptures.  My favorite set of gnomes, was purchased at a garage sale.  Four gnomes, a mushroom and a snail to be exact, all made out of ceramic for $10.  They’re getting chipped, I didn’t even bother to bring them in this winter like I usually do.  Before Christmas, I was at Hobby Lobby gathering some stuff for the craft fair this year.  Almost everything in the store was 50% off.  Even the holiday stuff, it was wild.  Of course, I always get sucked into the garden decor, it was 1/2 off as well.  I got these two guys (made of resin) and this mushroom with bits of glass pressed into it, as it’s made of heavy ceramic.  Can’t wait to plant some stuff, but I guess I’ll have to be patient.  Just like I have been, while I wait for our big front porch/deck to appear, so I can landscape the front of the house!!

In time.