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Teach to Inspire

It was a relief to see the kids return to school.  I was scheduled to lead a class of three hours yesterday and I needed some time without kids to plan.  The class was at the new Yoga and Education Training Centerlingams in our town.  My good friend and teacher, has a very dedicated group working on their RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification.  I of course, was flattered that she asked me to be a part of the training.  I’m scheduled for one Saturday a month, for three months for three hour workshops.  Cool.

Her theme for this month was Leela, which basically translates to playfulness and fun!  The workshop I headed up yesterday at her place, was fun.  It was on teaching yoga to children, of all ages.  I don’t have any experience with teaching a yoga class to children with physical disabilities, but I have taught a few to kids with mental, or behavior oriented disorders.  What a challenge with a big reward.

When I have to teach a workshop, I like to plan, plan and plan some more.  I like to spend lots of time planning and organizing and preparing.  This week, it just didn’t work out that way.  Though the kids were in school there were other demands.  A yearbook planning meeting at WOLF School, kids coming over to play and a breakfast meeting at the YMCA yesterday morning.  I had in my head what I wanted to do, I just needed it on paper.  I got my handouts on the computer and printed them out.  Some day, I will put all the Sanskrit words in my spell check!  How annoying to have every other word you type show up as a typo. 

I always worry if I will run short, that I won’t have enough information for the duration.  Low and behold that never happens.  I can usually go on for hours, and for that, I am thankful, except I almost forgot to take a break yesterday!  I was able to teach this class without too much stressful planning.  I offered what I knew very well with confidence.  I feel thankful, to be at a place where it feels so natural to share what I know.

I chose not to bring kids to the training class.  #1 they would’ve been a distraction #2 that would’ve been a good idea, as they would have total true experience of a kids yoga class #3 focusing on teaching to kids while being distracted…..not such a good idea.  We played with asana for about an hour, bringing in animal sounds and creative names for poses.  We sang a few Native American Indian songs, we counted to 10 in Sanskrit and named some different body parts in Sanskrit as well.  We looked through the books that I brought in.  I passed around my Lingams (pictured above) as a touch and feel philosophical part of the training.

The new center is beautiful.  I haven’t even been able to squeeze a class in over there for myself yet!   Though yesterday went very well and was well received, I was exhausted.  I slept in this morning, taking care of myself in a restful way.  I know that the exhaustion I was experiencing was in a positive light and that it too soon, will pass.


Littlest Pet Shop Fiasco

Our daughter is about to turn 11, tween central.  She’s still into toys, mainly Littlest Pet Shops and Barbies.  Over the break, she wanted to blow her holiday loot (of course) on something I refused to get her for Christmas.  That would be the Littlest Pet Shop Fitness Center.  

fintess-center2Never mind we already have around 5 buildings for the 250 + pets she already has!  I will say they are cute, they are inexpensive and they do not take up much space.  This Fitness Center was a must have for it came with a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves and a guinea pig.  They suck you in with these special edition pets. 

The cost for this piece of painted plastic?  $47.97, not kidding.  We got it home New Year’s Eve day.  She got it out of the box herself, it took about an hour.  One of the doors, was missing the little pegs in order for it to swing.  Major disappointment.  On top of that, it was much lighter in weight than some of the other smaller buildings she already owned.  It cost $47.97, we’re taking it back. 

Out we went, the same day/evening to return it.  They let us open the new one, to make sure the door would attach and we brought it home.  Again, one hour to get it out of the box.  This time, the spinner that allowed the pets to leap over the hurdles, would skip and not turn.  Also, it featured pegs, instead of magnets so the only pets that could use this fitness center piece of crap, were the two pets that came with it! 

How would our other 250 pets be able to work out?  lps2 


For those of you that are LPS uninformed, all the pets have magnets in their feet.   All of their building also have magnets, so everyone can join the party.  This was a horror to discover no magnets!  Were they now making pets without magnets?  Pets with holes in their bums to fit a peg?  I did what any person would do at this time of grief.  I phoned a friend, my sister.  Wow.  She’d bought the same Fitness Center for her daughter and it has magnets! 

I informed Lauren we would be taking this back on Friday, January 2 as I had the Mala on New Year’s Day.  She was not a happy camper, but she survived.  Friday came.  We drove to the store, got our cash back and this time, she decided to spend $10 on a Littlest Pet Shop (stuffed animal) V.I.P.  which is like a Webkinz. 



You get online with your animal, build a room and enjoy Pet Shopville on the computer.  She chose the turtle, she had $40 left, she was happy and so was I.  Needless to say, when we arrived home she headed to the computer and discovered that SOMEONE had TORN the tag offf with the CODE that you NEED in order to get online!!!!  I on the other hand, by now, was more than ready to ban all LPS toys from our home by placing them in our burn barrel and breathing in the toxic smoke! 

Within an hour, we were having lunch at a Chinese buffet, laughing about it on the way to the return counter once again.  I left the kids in the car (15, 14 and 10) while I stood in line for 20 minutes to get the $10 back on Friday, January 2 while the stores were still packed with holiday spenders.  Since I had all these kids with me, we headed to UU Church to pick up 303 lbs. of food that we collected at the Mala and delivered it to Ozarks Food Harvest. 

Early evening, I took Lauren out again, in search of that thing she needed to spend her bucks on.  We left one store empty handed.  The shelves were bare, people had spent their gift cards and she didn’t buy something just to be buying.  I was proud of her.  We then stopped at Toys R Us (my idea) on the way home.  She browsed for an hour, I was about to drop dead. 

She decided on a Barbie Disco Cruise Ship/Airplane combination.  “Look mom, it’s the last one, marked down from $74.99 to $39.99, that’s good isn’t it?”  It was the size of the LPS Fitness Center, but weighed a ton more.  Thank you Mattel for quality!