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Slip Slidin’ Away

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ice-lionYesterday, a wintery mix blew in.  I started out the day teaching a yoga class.  I had a short window before my next class which I spent purchasing a parking pass at MSU, which involved explaining to them my unique situation over there, and why I only want to pay $2 for each day that I’m there.  It’s like groundhog day, every……single…….time.  Luckily for me this time, the guy got it and I was on my way!  I parked my car.  I bundled up and headed over to the student union to exhange paper work.  Then, I had to trek back to the stadium to teach my class.  When I arrived, I noticed my little yellow book was not in my backpack.  Where was it?  Oh man.  This book is more important to me than my iPod.  Every time I read or hear something I love, I write it in this book.  It’s full of stuff that would be absolutely meaningless to someone else.  The room I teach in was full of students working out.  I usually have to kick them out as they stay right up until my class starts.  Did one of them see it sitting on the stereo cabinet and take it for spite?  I got lots of dirty looks when I asked people to leave yesterday.  If you teach yoga, you know that the last thing you need is extra stress before your class. 

And this week we’ve had some.


Meet Milos.  He’s Frank’s dad, my father-in-law and he lives right next door and has for 50+ years!  He’s 84 and sharp as a tack, hilarious and one of the coolest guys that I know!  He’s an avid outdoorsman and goes to the woods whenever he gets the chance.  He still fishes and hasn’t missed a hunting season in 49 years.  He’s active in AmVets and drives the D.A.V. van whenever he can!  He served in the Navy during WWII and to this day, believes Panama is the most beautiful place on earth.  His family came here from Czech and settled in the Bohemian camps in Nebraska.  They migrated south and he was born in Bolivar, Mo.  His knees have been repaired a few times and they are still so jacked up he can barely get around, but that doesn’t stop him!  His knuckles are huge and his fingers disfigured by severe genetic arthritis.  He can’t even button a shirt or tie a shoe, but that doesn’t stop him from cutting wood or piddling with his junk out back.

His right arm was feeling heavy on Sunday and he’d had a headache.  Frank convinced him to go to the E.R. on Sunday evening after an argument, ’cause he wasn’t going, ’cause he was OK!  Good thing they went.  He went right from the E.R. to the I.C.U. with a busted blood vessel in his brain.  We think he did this back in November.  It was after a day of deer hunting.  He just tripped and fell over nothing in the backyard and cracked his head open.  The bleeding is putting pressure on the nerves that operate the right side.  Explains a lot.  It’s not getting worse, nor better, so the plan is to drain that today.  My mother-in-law, was scheduled for a knee replacement this Friday, and that’s off now.  She’s having a hard time getting around, she’s 77.

I feel when something like this happens, it’s best to keep some sort of routine, especially when kids are around.  And today they are, there’s no school.  I’ve been called uncaring for not sitting at hospitals in the past, and I’m OK with that.  I just don’t feel there’s anything I can do by just sitting.  Right now, there are two people with Frank’s mom, immediate family and that’s how, I feel it should be.  I haven’t been up there yet, but I will go.  Luckily for us, the hospital is close as travel is not recommended with weather like this.  Tomorrow is Lauren’s birthday.  Something serious is usually going on during her birthday.  One year, on her dad’s side, they had a funeral and her birthday on the same day.  The plan is to have one girl spend the night on Friday and have a taco bar lunch and cake with some extra girls on Saturday.  Hope all goes well as planned, for every one.


After my MSU class was over yesterday, everyone just sat there.  Twas one of those classes where no one was quick to move.  Sometimes, I think I teach my best when I’m stressed.  I was thinking about Milos.  I was worried about my book.  I too, came away from the class feeling better about all of it.  I stopped by the post office and mailed my ebay boxes.  Then I decided to stop at the Y, to check for my book.  After all, it had my name and phone number in it.  I had actually picked up a pretty hand knitted hat that morning that I had found on the sidewalk and turned it in.  Surely, someone else would do the same for me.  Nope, no one had turned in a book.  I cruised on downstairs to the yoga room to find my book on the table where I’d left it next to a bunch of yoga props.  I grabbed it and I kissed it!  On the way back to my car, a yogi from the MSU class rode by on his bike.  I waved at him with my book and smiled.

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

One thought on “Slip Slidin’ Away

  1. Just saw some kids skiing behind a p.u. truck here in the hood. Looks dangerous…..and fun.

    Glad you found your bible and sorry to hear about your FIL, sending good thoughts. I met a couple earlier this week and had to ask if they were over 65….they were in their 80s! So strong, they give me hope!

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