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Party Girls

What a party!  We celebrated Lauren turning 11 today complete with a build it yourself taco bar, seven layer dip and a dog cake.  Unfortunately, the entire face and the front (begging) paws, slid off the cake as my friend pulled into the driveway!  But she had her emergency kit of frosting (it took a lot) but we fixed it!  We had a couple kids from WOLF school, a few from her home elementary and one that we met from kid’s yoga.  A good time was had by all.  My house is full of snow/ice/mud and I don’t really care. 

We’re also enjoying a small indoor water feature, cause we have a stupid flat roof above part of our living room.  I want that upstairs built sooner than later, for sure.  Hate to waste money mopping tar on the rooftop, we’ve fixed it ourselves several times!

This is where the margaritas come in with the leftover Mexican food from earlier!

Here’s some shots from today.