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It’s Rough Out There

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kids-yoga-1119Despite the economic slump, yoga classes are growing.  Why is that?  I feel perhaps it’s due to the fact that people are stressed out and if they do have less money to spend, maybe they’re choosing to spend it on self care.  Not a bad idea, economic slump or not.  Spending some cash on yoga or other bodywork will long out last the latest fashion craze or the other material fix of the moment.  And of course, if that’s even too much for your pocketbook right now taking a long walk or a bike ride is rather uplifting.  Especially the last couple of days as the temps soared into the high 60’s!   

Moderate exercise will also keep your spirits and your immune system up which in turn, will keep you from having to spend your hard earned dough at the walk-in clinic.  More companies should offer this opportunity of preventative medicine, to help keep production as well as employees strong.  MSU is one of those places that offers perks for those that participate in health and wellness programs.  Not just yoga, but other classes that involve health and wellness as well.  I feel very fortunate to be part of a place that gives such offerings to its employees.  I shall pray that it doesn’t get cut.  Not at a time when people are really jumping in and seem to need it much more now!

Part of my family lives in Florida, a state that’s been hit extremely hard with foreclosures.  My sister lost her job November before last and has since lost another job here recently.  She has finally received help in the way of a modification with their mortgage.  This was a horrible situation but at least now, they will not lose their home.  She spent hours on the phone and talked to her share of mean people and cried an awful lot.   One guy told her, “That she just needed to come to the conclusion that they could no longer afford the property.”  I really cannot imagine having to talk to people on the verge of losing their home all day long every day!  She was able to connect with this wonderful lady that would sit on hold, for five hours (not kidding) to talk to her mortgage company.  She was the best of help and if any one needs her name, I’ve got it!doug1

It’s also easier to digest all of this when you’re not affected by it so much.  It’s in the news and you talk to someone who knows someone who’s going through something.  We’ve been lucky and I believe we still are.  My husband’s workplace is scaling way back, but of course they want the same if not more output.  His company is going way green, changing light bulbs and focusing on turning off stuff at night to show the utility company they’re serious.  This is the first year ever, that there has not been a holiday party.  I got a call last week from the YMCA.  “We need to cut back even more and the way this will affect you is your one and a half hour yoga class on Tuesday night will now be one hour.”  Bummer.  It’s a big class.  It makes more sense to cut smaller groups, but maybe they have.  I don’t know as of yet what other classes will be affected.

I am thankful that both of our vehicles are paid for.  Our house payment is way low and yoga, might just cover it if something was to happen to Frank’s job!  We don’t really have any debt, no loans or anything like that but we are (were) interested in building on a very large space above our garage.  It would raise our house payment, not a ton, but anything extra right now the way things are going makes it seem stupid to take a chance.  My mutual funds, bad story.  I usually don’t pay that much attention to those pesky statements I get in the mail all the time.  But this last one I got I thought I’d take a look.  Ewwww.  Lost around $900 on that!  Wish I could’ve seen this coming, I could’ve moved that into a CD.  But of course if we could always “see what was coming” where would the thrill of being alive come from?1y1

(Ok so the YMCA room lacks in atmosphere, but it really makes up for it with the great crowd that brings their awesome personalities to the space!)

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Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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