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Shrug Your Shoulders

tti-shoulders-4I had a total blast leading this Shoulder Workshop last Saturday at Teach to Inspire.  There were 6 or so from the training program, then another 6 or so from other places like the studio or the YMCA.  Beth’s new place is warm and inviting and I love being there.  The floor is soft bamboo and the walls are bran muffin with wine colored accent walls at either end.  It’s just the right size and glows with warm energy!  I must make it there this Sunday, to take a class, just for me!

I was worried I wouldn’t have enough stuff to fill three hours.  Think again.  I could’ve went on and on.  I left one whole idea out (it was using therabands for strengthening the shoulders) and I do not regret that one bit.  I did think of several other things we could’ve put to good use afterwards of course.  So we put them to good use today in my noon class.  I had someone show up with a tight neck and shoulders, so the class turned out to be “pretty workshoppy” and it was fun!

The next class I’ll be doing over there is the Psoas Muscle Workshop.  I really like that muscle, it’s cool and has a lot going on.  I did this class once before and was extremely well attended, so I’m excited to put it together once again.  I can’t believe this is work, it’s so much fun!!!

tti-shoulders-3Thanks to everyone that showed up and made this class so much fun.  I really had a blast!


Webkinz Sock Clothes

100_3365We’re a crafty bunch around here.  Someone is always fixing something, or making something out of nothing and our daughter is no exception!  The other night, while pondering over her 15 or so Webkinz, she decided that they needed some clothes.  She bolted to her room and came back with a bunch of colored socks that she could no longer wear.  I know, bad mom for not cleaning out the sock drawer.  Gone are the days when I spent cleaning out closets and making everything look beautiful.  Come on over, I’ll prove it to you.  Anyhow, she started chopping up socks (here at my computer desk, the art table of choice that evening) and really made some cool stuff.  100_3357









Using a scissors only and some magic markers, she hooked her Webkinz up with some rad sweaters and hats!  How cool is that?  Cool I say.  It’s not costing me any blasted trips to the toy aisle, she’s happy and we’re cleaning out the sock drawer.  Until she decided she wanted to use a needle and thread because, “they needed book bags, a quilt, booties and scarves.”  Oh boy. 

I can sew on buttons, I can do simple repair jobs and I used to do a ton of embroirdery and cross stitch.  But this was serious stuff.  A quilt?  Out of socks?  OK. 

She had it all planned out, she’ll cut out the scrap socks and sew them together.  I showed her how to stitch them together, not beautifully, but basically.  She was ecstatic!  She used the ends of socks to wrap around their feet and sewed on a button for adorable booties.  She sewed handles on the book bags.  She decorated the sweaters and book bags with sharpies as her way of snazzing up the older socks.  100_3363 100_33661How innovative she is!

Tonight, I subbed a class to come home and find that she’d been on the Webkinz craft site.  There she found an idea for a Webkinz cupid.  There goes my white card stock for wings, a white pipe cleaner for the halo and another pipe cleaner and paper heart for the arrow.  Adorable.

But…….you should see my desk right now, like I said earlier, it’s the art spot of choice!100_3368