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Where’s My Birth Certificate?

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William's Birth Certificate by Paula Bird Parent

I’m not sure when it happened for our town, but sometime they changed the rules on the renewal of the driver’s license.  They also changed the venues and I will say, the people that work there are now smiling and actually seem happy to have a job.  When you go to renew now, you must bring your birth certificate.  I have mine, I have one for my daughter and one for my son.  My husband was in need of his for his driver’s license renewal and it was no where to be found.  Being that he’s in law enforcement he sometimes “gets around” things (I know, it’s not fair) so he headed out to try and renew without it.  No go.

My husband was adopted.  His birth certificate (if we find it) says “Dr. W’s boy” and they said that would not be acceptable anyways.  So now a trip to the Health Department is in order, to file and pay for a new birth certificate with all the proper names on it.  I guess back in 1963 if you were good “friends” with a doctor they could get you a kid, for free!  Actually, you could get two as his sister was adopted as well, but they are not from the same family.  Basically, Dr. W called up Frank’s mom and dad and said, “hey, do you want a boy?”  They replied with a huge yes, and the doctor said, “OK, I’ll bring him over tomorrow.”  Wow, just like that.  Instant kid.  No paperwork, no money exchanged.  Just a bundle of joy handed over and a thank you!

We have no information about his biological parents.  He’s tried for cultural heritage and medical history and all he found was this.  His biological mother lived in Billings, MO and for some reason she went to a hospital in Mansfield, MO to give birth.  Teenager perhaps?  Unfortunately, in 1963 births were not posted in the newspaper.  All of the records from the hospital in Mansfield were transferred to St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, MO sometime long ago.  Unfortunately, the records department at St. John’s experienced a massive fire way back when and everything they had was destroyed.

So if anyone out there, knows of anyone that was pregnant in Billings, MO and happened to give birth to a boy in Mansfield in February of 1963, we’d love to talk with you!

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