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I don’t watch Oprah very often, but today I did.

The show today was all about Nadya Suleman and her slew of children.  This bothers me.  I do not understand why anyone would want to have so many children, especially on their own, without a job.  It appears this whole multiple birth stuff is big business.  My daughter’s favorite show is Jon and Kate Plus EightI personally cannot stand that show.  If I wanted to listen to a bunch of kids screaming, playing and whatnot, I would’ve had more kids or chose to have a daycare here in my home.  I chose neither.  Another show my daughter likes to watch on occasion is 18 Kids and CountingI have one biological daughter, who was basically an only child until I married Frank and with that union came a stepbrother five years her senior. 

So what’s the fascination with these shows and these multiple birth situations?

I think medical technology is truly amazing, I really do.  Someone Nadya’s age should’ve been implanted with 2 eggs, not 6.  They flashed the egg implant rule on the screen.  I feel in Nadya’s case, her doctor was way out of line and so was she.  Why?  Because she already has 6 kids!  I read someplace that she receives $600 per month, per child.  Whoa.  Take that times 14 and that’s $8,400 a month.  I realize that might not go far in some areas, but here where I live that’s a pretty decent income.  I know, I know.  She has to buy all those diapers, all that formula and all that botox for her upper lip.  Her father said today on Oprah, she was an only child and perhaps is trying to fill a void.  I guess some people fill the gap with food, some fill it with alcohol, some fill it with heroin and others with kids.  Such a scary thought.   On Oprah, there was a mention that her house payment had not been made since May.  Really?  Where will she go?  Can a mortgage company foreclose a home on such a situation?  Should she be exempt?  All I know is this.  We will be the ones paying for this, all of it.  She  even has a personal web site where you can offer donations.  I’m not even putting the link up here.

The Duggar’s are another story.  Those people used no medical technology, they just keep breeding on their own.  The Duggar mom is still alive (I’d be dead) and just gave birth to their 18th child in December.  I cannot get into the whole religion and birth control thing they have going on.  There’s just not enough room on this blog.  These people do not watch TV, but they have a television show, a DVD and a website.  WTF?

Jon and Kate are a two parent family, that happen to have two sets of multiples.  Yes, they had help.  They do not seem crazy by my standards in any way, shape or form.  And I’m guessing living their life out on a day to day basis on TLC is paying their bills quite nicely.  It makes me wonder.  How many shows like this can we have?  How many people will go to this extreme to get free stuff, TV shows and publicity? 

I think back to when I had my video store.  It was located in the “lower income” side of town.  In our strip center was my video store, a smoke shop, a liquor store and an auto parts store.  All in that order.  People came in carrying their dirty kids clad in diapers only, grabbed their videos, hit next door for that carton of cigarettes, then on to the liquor store for that 6-pack o’beer.  It’s a free country and I am glad.  But there are times I feel that some people should be sterile at birth and have to obtain some sort of permit before they’re allowed to reproduce.

I’m hoping with the blended sibling here in our home, my daughter will not need to fill a “void” by having 27 kids.

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You Go Bro!

evtuxThis year has been a bit taxing for my siblings in the job department.  My sister used to work for David Weekly Homes in their design center.  That company is pretty much non-existent in SW Florida as of now.  She’s not been able to find solid, stable employment in her area until………..probably tomorrow.  This company will be throwing her an offer that I’m sure she won’t be able to refuse.  All I know is this.  If and when she ends up showing furniture in Milan or Paris, she must take me!  It seems this company sells high dollar furnishings and they’ve not yet been hit by the economic crunch.  Amazing.  I wish her all the luck in the world.

My brother (seen in the red Yakima hat on the left) has had a series of cool jobs managing bike stores for stints of two to three years at a time.  After his visit here over Thanksgiving, he returned home to find that he no longer had a job.  He’s not married, he doesn’t own a home and has no children.  It’s a bit easier for him to be unstable than those of us with mortgages and families.  Luckily for him he just landed a new job as a rep for Yakima.  The poor guy just returned from Portland, OR and Sacramento, CA.  They’ve provided him with a company car, a blackberry and a pretty cool itenerary. 

Hopefully, our town will be on his route to somewhere as his territory is pretty darn big!