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Easy Sunday

We did have some weather yesterday.  Weather in the way of cold, nasty rain.  It later turned to sleet and then to snow!  I don’t mind March snow, it doesn’t last long. 

I went to yoga at 8:30 this morning.  A class just for me.  No thinking, no teaching, no trying to remember anything that I might take to one of my classes.  Nope, none of that.  It was awesome.  The only part that wasn’t awesome about the morning, was the getting in the car part.  My car sits outside.  It was pretty much iced over, but had begun to melt.  Fast forward to this afternoon. 

The day was sunny and bright and the kids wanted to go to our nature center, so we went.








On the left, is my niece Hannah, she was hanging out next door with granny today.  Lauren (my daughter) is in the center and Jordan (son) is on the right.  We saw some deer, chipmunks, some turkey, lots of birds.   Jordan even got a close up photo of a pretty good sized frog!  Lauren skipped her first rock today.  She was ecstatic!  Jordan can skip them for miles, the discus thrower that he is.  Hannah has a hard time skipping, but she didn’t really seem to care much about it.

There’s Lauren on the left and there’s me on the right.  This was taken at my favorite part of the trail, where the creek takes a deep curve or a bend.dsc00575  The water gets deeper, it’s very clear and you can usually see lots of fish!  It was up quite a bit, due to the moisture we’d just had.






We spent a couple of hours out there which isn’t hard to do! 

Spring break is now over.  Back to school for the kids tomorrow and back to adding three more classes to my week!  I’m glad.  I like my yoga schedule and feel that’s it’s more than just a net for catching days!


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Cold and Dreary

100_3510My cats have it totally down for a day like today! 

Jackson is on the left.  He’ll be 3 this year and he’s a pain in the butt.  He runs out the door every chance he can, hence the yellow color.  He’s totally dirty right now from being outdoors all day yesterday!  Jasmine is on the right.  She’s 18.  She has beautiful blue eyes, but she wouldn’t show them to me.   She used to weigh 10 lbs. plus, but now she weighs around two, serious shrinkage in her old age.  I have her shaved once a year which is why she looks kind of funky.  But it has to be done.  She no longer grooms herself and she hates to be brushed.  She’s the only cat that hates the brush and she’s the only one with super long hair.  Go figure. 

In my next life, I hope I come back as an indoor cat as pampered as ours are!

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Spring Equinox Yoga Mala News

tower-471Yoga for a cause.  That’s how I spent my Sunday afternoon along with 60 or so other people!  Together we raised $500 for the Alzheimer’s Chapter of Southwest Missouri.  We had an exceptional view for this Mala as we held our event in the Tower Club, 270 feet high above the city.  We had originally planned on using one of the smaller dining rooms, but nope, we didn’t fit so we moved on into the main dining area.  It was really nice to be in this space, wearing what I like to call my “day pajamas.” 

Eric our drummer, is the manager of the Tower Club so that’s how we ended up with the space.  Beth chanted and for the last two rounds Abbe joined her.  I opted out on chanting this time and led a round of 27 sun salutations instead.  I had a nice girl contact me that was looking to enter her photographs in the fair and wanted to shoot a unique event!  That was super nice!  I shot some pictures but she was able to shoot the entire time.  She left me two discs at the YMCA, a total of around 500 photos. 

As usual, I didn’t know a bunch of people that showed up.  We had around 60.  There were at least 12 or 15 that were away for Spring Break, so I think we faired pretty well.  Next Mala will be in June, for the Summer Solstice.  Come do some sun salutes, or just sit and chant.


We closed the event with 108 OMs.  We’d like to think that we lowered the crime rate in our city that afternoon!

You can view more Mala photos here.

If you were there, thanks for coming, if not, thanks for viewing. 


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Truly Amazing Friends

100_3499Some days, you really do wake up and realize you are surrounded by amazing friends!  That happened to me this weekend.  My friend Michelle, gave me two bottles of Pinot Noir.  Not just any old Pinot Noir, but Pinot Noir she had made herself!  I met Michelle I don’t know, four or five years ago when she came to my yoga class.  In fact, her entire family attended my Family Yoga Class for quite some time and they’re all awesome!

I made myself wait to open it, almost a week!  Saturday, I taught a three hour workshop on the Psoas Muscle and I was more than ready to relax.  My husband was working out of town and my kids were gone.  It was time to pop the cork.  This was and is (I have one more bottle) some of the best wine I’ve ever had.  Really smooth, hints of grapes and beautiful color.  Though she told me it was cloudy (sulfite free) I didn’t really notice it and I didn’t really care. 

She needs to open her own winery!!  

I arrived home Sunday evening after another three hours of yoga.  This time to my family and chaos.  I’d been at the Spring Equinox Yoga Mala where we did 108 sun salutes for charity.  Shortly after walking in the door, I poured myself another small glass of that great wine.  My friend Sylvia called and wanted to drop by.  She had a surprise for me.  I met Sylvia when our kids started Kindergarten.  Her daughter Emily and my daughter Lauren are very good friends.  Sylvia is an artist and a damn good one!  Her signature is to cover her pieces in this tiny little iridescent glitter.  Her work is whimsical with lots of animals, faeries, glitter, gardens and what nots.  I love her stuff!  She made me something for my kitchen.  A sock monkey character she’s named Dr. Woo Hoo. 

100_3497Dr. Woo Hoo is a pretty cool dude.  He’s an adventurer and this time he ventured into my kitchen cooking up a storm.  This is adorable!  She brought this to me framed with a nail taped to the back so we could hang it immediately.  I had to include a couple photos of the detail work, it’s amazing.  She did this with colored pencils and crayons.  Can’t say if I used colored pencils and crayons that I could make something like this.  The frame is gorgeous, and the orange carrots and the blue colors just bounce off my chocolate kitchen walls.



I poured her a glass of Michelle’s Pinot Noir, then I broke out a  package of sheep’s cheese and some crackers.  We admired her work and enjoyed the wine.  What awesome people I know!  Thank You!


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Twenty Percent Yoga, Eighty Percent Cocoa

Yoga and chocolate.  Two of my favorite things.  And I was fortunate to enjoy both, blissfully today! 

I started my morning at the studio participating in a class taught by a good friend of mine.  She moved us in a wonderful way.  The weather was warmer today and I believe that had all of us in a giddy mood.  Made for lots of laughter in the yoga room today.  Not a bad thing at all, not a bad thing at all.

Shifting to this afternoon.  I helped my good friend show her stuff at the Art & Chocolate Show downtown.  She had stirred up a confection of sweet melodies with a guitar, a jukebox some chocolate vinyl and a microphone.  100_3483







We gave away samples of chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling topped with vanilla cream and a little chocolate round on top.  Good stuff, people loved it.








Our table was close to the front door and we were conveniently located next to the Gallery Bistro and Gilardi’s.  Not a bad slot to be in.  Gilardi’s was serving up some awesome chocolate salami covered in a warm chocolate sauce.  It reminded me of a chocolate cookie dough (a really good chocolate dough) as it was rolled in a log, sliced and served. 









This is a yearly show sponsored by our Art Museum.  You have to create something in chocolate, anything.  There were truffles, cakes, syrups, ice creams, cookies and more!  One place even had (get this) brisket with chocolate sauce!  I was hesitant.  I was on a sugar high.  Meat really wasn’t on my bliss list.  But as I walked by their table this guy asked me if I’d tried it yet.  I said no I hadn’t but my friend had (and she really had) and said it was pretty tasty.  He then told the guys working the table to fix me up some of that chocolate brisket.  Then he asked me to look into his camera as I tried it.  Nothing like capturing a true expression.  Who knows when and where that photo will surface!  It was delicious.  I really didn’t notice the chocolate, but I’m guessing it was probably there!   

To chase all of this cocoa down there was a milk, wine and coffee bar.  They had one band in the main area and an acoustic musician in another.  I came home with a container of a little bit of everything to share with my family.  Chocolate and yoga, what a great day!