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Small Setbacks

On Monday my husband decided to go to the doctor and get an x-ray.   He’d been dealing with a twisted ankle for a week now, so I guess he thought it was time to get it checked out!  It was twisted all right.  He’d turned it enough that there was actually a small break.  They’re unsure if this is a new or old injury, but he came home with a brace and crutches for seven days.  He has one foot that turns out extremely.  In fact, his leg turns out from the knee down.  He’s all the time walking through the house kicking stuff, but he can’t help it.   He’s healing up, it’s a good thing.

On Tuesday, the trainers from the MSU athletic depatment called me at 3:15.  Jordan (our son) had twisted his ankle during warm ups at track and needed me to come and get him.  I got there quickly, and his ankle on the outisde area, was huge!  He’d sprained it in January and we didn’t go to the doctor at that time.  I’m thinking we should have and I’m still feeling bad about that now!  We headed to Urgent Care where they got us in pretty fast.  His x-ray showed a serious sprain to the front of the ankle.  He was so happy to not have a broken bone.  They’d just made him track captain.  Track and field will most likely be his ticket to college.  They sent us home with a brace and crutches for seven days.  He’s receiving physical therapy at track practice every day and it’s helping immensely!  It was warm that day, high 70’s.  When we left Urgent Care, it was blowing sideways rain and the temps were in the 40’s.  We were freezing as I was in yoga wear and he had on shorts and a tank top!  I was lucky to be able to get ahold of someone to teach my class as we were in route to the doctor.  Crazy ankles.

My eyes.  Another story.  I returned to the eye doctor on Wednesday because they still felt gritty.  I no longer had a bacterial infection, but am now dealing with an allergic reaction to whatever got in my eyes.  I have prescription eye drops for allergies and I purchased something called Eye Brite today as well.  My eyes feel much better except the right eye is fuzzy.  The letters on this screen are fuzzy, it’s  fuzzy when I read and it doesn’t matter if it’s something far away or close up.  The left eye is fine.  I’m sure once this stuff is full out, I’ll have better vision.  I hope.  If not, I’ll be finding an eye doctor that takes our insurance and getting that checked out!

Luckily, Lauren is fine.  No broken bones, no eye trauma.  Just a serious fall off a bicycle and a tummy ache this morning. 

It’s times like these that I really feel grateful.  I’m glad my eye is fuzzy and that I’m not blind.  I’m glad my husband and son can use crutches and ice and advil and that they still have all of their limbs.  I also feel that sometimes when stuff is out of balance in my life, I teach my best yoga class.  Why is that ?  Guess I’ll never know and just continue to feel thankful for the things that are going in the right direction.

Have a great weekend.

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Here in Missouri

The weather here in 100_34561Missouri is ever changing.  For instance on Saturday, February 28th, we had this!  I took this from our deck out back.  That walnut tree belongs to my in-laws and it’s really big!  I love the red barn.  It belongs to a little old lady two doors North of us.  She’s almost 90 and was born in the house that goes with the barn.  There’s still a water pump in her backyard, the hand pumping kind!  She parks her car (that she no longer drives) in the lower level of that barn.  I love looking at it when it snows, or when the huge red bud trees are in bloom against it!



 Fast forward to yesterday, Sunday, March 8th.  We woke up to this before a little rain storm.100_3460






 Now that’s what I call a cloud with a silver lining!  It was around 8:00 in the morning, facing East, from our front steps.  I have a couple of others with birds flying through the photo, it actually looks pretty cool.  Ok.  I’ll share.  What a beautiful sky!  I’m really glad my husband yelled at me to get the camera. 100_3461 






Today wasn’t a particular beautiful day in the sky, but it was in the 60’s.  I only had to teach one class this morning and then chose to take a huge hike at the Nature Center.  I saw a total of 6 deer, 3 big, wild turkeys and some chipmunks.  I love the nature here in Missouri and I can’t say that the weather is all that bad either!

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Feeling Spacious

I am feeling rather broad.  My whole body feels spacious.  I suppose a lot of people wouldn’t think that to be a good thing.  Who wants to feel huge?  I guess it’s all in how you look at it.  Today, for three hours I enjoyed a Pranayama Workshop at Teach to Inspire.  Amazing.  I love the pranayama practice.  In fact, the pranayama CD I own by Thomas Fortel is one of my favorites.  But face it.  I only have so much time alone to really do that, so class settings like today, are a must!

Abbe is a great teacher.  She did a beautiful job of guiding us through different variations with added visualization.  Who could sit and breathe for three hours you ask?  Me.  And 14 other people. 

I had been really sick the week before last.  I had subs for 3 of my classes, but that still left me to choke through 7.  After that, my eyelids flared up with some weird crud.  Burning, itching, swelling and watering.  I know.  Sounds like a yeast infection.  Headed to the eye glass place at Wal-Mart where they got me right in.  The doctor slipped some orange eye drops in my eyes and responded with a big, “Hell yes you have a bacterial infection of the eye membrane”!  Fabulous.  Where did I get this?  Who knows.  Eye make-up, a yoga mat, a shopping cart handle?  We’ll never know, and I’m feeling good about that.  I have drops (burning drops) to put in my eyes 4x day for 7 days.  Oh joy.  Today was the first day I was able to wear mascara, and I did, to the pranayama class!

We started the class today on our backs resting on fan folded blankets.  New way to fold for me and I won’t forget it.  I used two under my back and one for a small pillow.  We worked on keeping our chest expanded as we exhaled.  Something I love.  I think I love it as it’s easy for me to tap into.  Probably from all of those years of swimming, competitively on a team!  I immediately felt better after the first 15 minutes of this practice.  Simply amazing!  We moved onto other forms of breath work, mostly working with 5-elements (leaving out fire) as our afternoon was moving in a very calming direction.   I was not in the mood to take in a “skull shining breath” so I’m glad she left out the fire part!  I really enoyed the water element, the feeling of the back body becoming a bathtub of breath.  I guess being a Scorpio and all I suppose the water element is in me.

I highly suggest a class or a practice of this nature when you are able.  I knew my breath was not where it was supposed to be due to sickness, stress and other factors.  It’s so nice to take the time out of the day to check back in.  I almost didn’t go of course.  I’m like everyone else.  I have so much to do.  My house is dirty, the sink is full of tupperware needing to be washed and there’s always laundry around here!  Tomorrow is also the 16th birthday party for our son.  It was extremely warm out today and yard work was tempting. 

But no. 

I went to a 3-hour pranayama class and for that, I am thankful.

Everything will still be dirty tomorrow, or the next day.  And who really cares?


Yoga Mala Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox Yoga Mala

Sunday, March 22 from 3:00-5:30 p.m.

Tower Club, 901 St. Louis Street, Springfield MO

(Click herehammons-tower-1 to see a pan and scan view of the inside)

Join us as we welcome Spring with live drumming, chanting and 108 Sun Salutations!

You do not have to do all 108 sun salutations.  Come meditate, chant and meet like-minded people all for a good cause!  We realize this is Spring Break for lots of folks, but if you’re staying in town, enjoying the economic crunch locally, please join us on the 22nd floor, 270 feet up!  Enjoy the skyline, welcome Spring, renew your commitment to yoga and to your own wellness.  Event is free, with a suggested donation of $15, but please give what you can, we know times are tough!  All collections will go to the Alzheimers Chapter of Southwest Missouri.

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Own It

Recently a good yogini friend of mine,  sent me a link to an article about the possible ownership of yoga.  India has set up a huge team of people to identify and register all yoga asanas to stop folks from stealing their traditional knowledge.  Whoa.  So far they’ve traced around 130 patents on postures, yoga tools or trademarks linked to the U.S.

Does this mean no more Jivamukti yoga?  No more  Jade Harmony Mats, no more Lululemon, Prana or Shiva Shakti yogawear?

I have apparently been mislead.  Though yoga may’ve been born in India, does that mean that they own it?  I have been under the impression that yoga does not belong to anyone.  I see perhaps they are upset that some people here in the U.S. are making scads of cash from sharing yoga.  Just for the record most of us yoga teachers aren’t doing this for big bucks.  In fact, if this were the only income I had I would not be able to make it.  Period.  And I teach quite a bit!

Apparently this move is meant to possibly put a halt on those that are perhaps franchising or patenting a particular style of yoga as their own.   Though Bikram is the only one with a franchise that I’m aware of, these yoga styles, Pure Yoga, Purna Yoga, Para Yoga seem to just have a copyright on their business name.  But does that mean they have a patent on their style as well? 

How will this effect AshtangaSadhana Yoga Chi, Anusura, Dharma Mittra and Rodney Yee?  What about Lilias and Judith, Ana and Shiva?

What about the Yoga Slackersyoga-signage-1ygoa-signage-21?





 I guess what I’m really wondering is what could happen to yoga, in general here in the U.S.? 

What could this mean for me, as a yoga instructor?

What could this mean for other local teachers here in Missouri and elsewhere?


This And That

*Updated the appearance of this blog, used my own garden photo.  Perhaps I’ll start up a website with header photos that I’ve taken.  Do I need another business?

*Sister update.  The job offer never happened.  Just from that lack of communication, I told her that she most likely does not want to work there anyways.  Easy for me to say as I’m not the one without a job.  Her mortgage modification has not gone through yet, so this is looking bleak.  I hate it.

*Getting ready to break from MSU yoga!  Nice to have a bit more free time.  To do what?  Clean my house.

*Our son will turn 16 on March 8.  He purchased his first vehicle, a 1987 Dodge Dakota.  It’s a real lemon.  My husband can rebuild and loves any small engine repair.  He’s never overhauled a vehicle before.  But guess what?  He has now!  In our backyard he self taught himself how to change bearings and an oil pump in a vehicle engine.  In the cold weather at that. 

*I wish my kitchen was a small engine.

*When you own a truck, everyone wants your help.  When you can fix stuff, everyone wants your help.

*It’s sunny today and I am really glad.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 70’s.

*I have an infection of some sort on my eyelids.  Make-up, bacteria, viral or an allergy?  I don’t know.  It’s been a week and it’s not all the way gone.  I’m thinking about checking out the new walk-in clinic at Wal-Mart.  They take our insurance.  Now if they just had a post office!

*We sold our ugly loveseat on Craig’s List for $30 in less than 24 hours.

*We also got rid of our ginormous blue, velour sectional. 

*We inherited a sofa (below) that my sister purchased from Burdine’s. It will be slipcovered soon as we cannot have anything that light of a color in our house!  We also inherited a barrel chair from the house I grew up in, a cool white end table from Pottery Barn and a leather ottoman/coffee table.

*On the way to Pier 1 to check out a  $375 chair, I stopped at a flea market and found two chairs for $129.  Totally awesome.  I’m not into antiques, but I think they’re from the 30’s or 40’s and man, are they comfortable!  They do look cool and they’re in great condition.
















*The round glass coffee table is a split tree trunk and my sister made it.  I’m keeping it, but taking it apart and using the trunks for extra seating or something.  We’ve had it a long time and it went great with our sectional.

*Anyone need a huge piece of super heavy, circular glass? 

*Ignore the floor as it will be refinished and of course, doesn’t everyone keep sheet rock in their hallway!  We’ve been consumed by a 1987 Dodge Dakota!

 *I’m painting the frontroom and hallway blue. 

*You can park for 30 minutes at MSU for a quarter!  Perfect for dropping off paper work.  Beats an $18 ticket!

*Things that are marked “Dresden” and “Nippon” are great items to put on e-bay!

*I am so ready for the grass to turn green!

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Turbo Tax Rocks

Taxes.  Yuck.  For 12 years of my life I owned a business that had 6 or more employees which meant I had all that extra paperwork.  When I purchased the business it came with an accountant.  It’s a good thing because I would not have wanted to file all that stuff on a regular basis.  After the business went away we could do our taxes easily.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve acquired a retail sales tax number for the yoga boutique, I have cash flow from teaching yoga, some 1099’s and one or two W-2’s.   I also have expenses that go with this little business in the way of continuing education, clothing and things I’ve purchased to resell.

So last year I ran to H & R Block.  Mistake number one. 

I walked in without an appointment with a huge stack of crap to get our taxes done.  I had cash figures I’d taken for services.  I had two W-2’s.  I had three 1099’s.  My husband had one W-2.  I had my retail stuff as well as the regular personal stuff.  It took her 2 1/2 hours.  I never once asked her how much this was going to cost.   That was mistake number two.  I was used to paying around $200 for all the stuff my old accountant had done for me and believe me, it was a ton more than what I’d just presented to H & R.  I left with our stuff and ran over to my husband to have him sign it.  I returned to retrieve the rest of our info and pay the bill.  This is where mistake number three comes in.  The bill was $397.  Three hundred and ninety-seven dollars!  I whipped out a credit card to pay the damage and left in tears. 

If my husband would’ve been there he would’ve refused to pay.  He would’ve gathered that stuff and left.  Was it my fault for not asking how much this was going to cost?  Was it her fault for not letting me know along the way?  After all, she’d just provided me with a service and I felt obligated to seal the deal.  It turns out H & R Block will charge you for every little tiny form they file.  They charge like $25 for each W-2 or 1099.  The bill was up to over $100 before we ever got started.  Would have been nice for her to let me know that ahead of time.  Perhaps she was unaware?  Riiiight?!

This year I checked out Turbo Tax online.  How hard could it be?  Not hard at all that’s all I’ve got to say!  I started our taxes Friday around noon.  I worked on them for a couple of hours.  Mainly, organizing my own stuff so I could enter figures.  I started back up around 8:30 that same evening and finished at midnight on the dot!  I filed my own Schedule C, I entered all my 1099’s and W-2’s.  I entered ALL of my own business expenses and claimed our kids.  After I did the Federal, I filed the State.  It pulled all the info over, so I had to click like three times and I was done!  After you finish, the software checks for any errors.  I had careless errors for instance; the address on a W-2 was on the wrong line.  It’s neat that it catches this stuff and lets you know about it.  I printed out our return.  It looks exactly like what I received last year, only with greater satisfaction as I did this on my own!  The return was approved by early the next morning.  I had to upgrade to the small business version so it did cost a little more.  The total cost for filing with this online software?  $109.90. 

If you’re in need, try Turbo Tax.  It rocks!