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Wildlife In The Hood

buntingThis morning we looked out back to find this tiny, bright, blue bird hunkered in the grass.  To our surprise it was an Indigo Bunting.  He was feasting on some grass seed we’d thrown out.  Instead of taking root, it’s been washed downstream as a bird smorsgasbord due to all the rain.  The first time we saw one of these birds we were down at Swan Creek  where we saw one right in the middle of the white gravel road.  Truly an unusual and colorful bird.  We couldn’t get a photo since the deck railing was partially in the way.  I found this photo on this website and you read can more about this cool little guy here.  I wonder if they have a nest nearby?  I’d love to see this bird again. 





We also have a family of groundhogs that have been living under the in-laws garage for years.  One of them is as big as our dog, and our dog weighs about 12 pounds or more.  Last year there were three babies and I captured this neat photo of one of them (above), below is a borrowed photo.  They are adorable and I love their tiny paws that resemble black, leather, boxing gloves.  This was back before I dropped my really nice digital camera with the telephoto lens!  I had it fixed once, only to drop it again.  Jinxed I am and have not splurged on a new one yet! 

We have a white cat.  He’s an indoor cat, but of course, he’s wildy running out the door every chance he can get!  So far, his outings have cost us around $200 in vet bills in the way of almost needing stitches from a bad cut or bite and a serious eye infection.  When he gets out it’s a game.  He runs from the under the boat, to the car, to the yard next door, to our backyard, under the camper and the deck.   We have gone fishing for him using a piece of chicken on a string, but that’s getting old now.  On this particular afternoon, I just gave up.  A couple of hours later, I looked out back and I saw this.




This groundhog totally did not care that our cat was hanging out with him.  This went on for a good half an hour, otherwise, the photo opportunity wouldn’t have happened.  I was able to creep closer and closer and not scare them away.  What did scare the groundhog away finally, was the outdoor cat that hangs out in the area.  Such entertainment and right in the middle of town.