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Sea horse we accidentally caught in our cast net on our way out into the Gulf!  Don’t worry, we let him go, but not until we shot his sweet little photo first!


A few people have e-mailed me, wondering if I’m still alive since I haven’t posted lately.  Yep, I’m alive, just haven’t posted.  So here’s the low down, quick like –

*Jordan (our son) broke the Parkview sophomore discus record of 152 feet with a 157.5.  Look for that youtube video to surface soon!

*My sister, got that job at that place and will start June 29.  In the meantime, she’s interviewing with an interior design company.  Shhh….don’t tell anyone.

*My brother is floating all over the country, sporting the Yakima car at conventions.  He’s been to Louisiana, Texas and to see Mt. Rushmore.

*We had some great company over on Monday night and fixed dinner.  We definitely do not socialize enough with anyone, so it was nice to connect with others.

*We are having a garage sale next week!  Somehow, we didn’t have one last year which means this year will be a ton of work.

*I went to the grocery store today and bought a box-o-salad.  Tonight, I found out I didn’t get home with it.  I called, they don’t have it.  I’d brought my own grocery bags as I often do and they’d starting bagging in the plastic first.  I’m sure the salad went home with someone in a PLASTIC bag that checked out after me.  Bummer.  I was looking forward to my mandarin oranges, leafy greens and asian dressing! 

*The kids sprayed the bug spray inside of the house tonight, in the office and I’m getting a serious headache from the stench.  At least it’s Burt’s Bees and I feel better knowing I’m not inhaling DEET.

*If we have any more tornado sirens, I will be forced to take my daughter to a shrink.  While we watched the weather in bed last night during the storm, our daughter was hunkered in the hallway (duck and cover style) with about 2o Webkinz.  She asked us when we were going to duck and cover.  I told her when we could hear the tornado coming.

*Lauren will be gone a good deal of the summer.  My parents are showing up early in June and taking her to Wyoming for the Quigley Shoot Out, to Mt. Rushmore, to Duluth, MN and then to Florida.  I will fly to Florida and pick her up in July sometime.  I’m looking forward to it, sometimes I really miss my family.

*I’m ready to get up and drink a cup of coffee with my sister and talk about stupid shit.  What sucks is, she’ll have a full-time job when I get there!

*Did I mention we’re having a garage sale next week?  I’ve done a lot to get ready.  My husband will start cleaning out his crap the night before.  Oh joy.

*Yoga rocks.  I’m giving private lessons two days a week with a girl and it’s awesome!  Even the FREE class I started is rocking out.  I love it.  I feel so lucky to have such a great job.

*I’ve been walking at the park three days a week.  I’m too fat.  No, no, no.  I’m just too short.

*I am totally ready for the weekend. 

*I’m going St. Louis soon for a day of yoga with Saul David Raye.  You have no idea what that means to me and how much I need this right now!   I was unable to travel for yoga at all last year, so this last minute trip is a godsend.  Only downfall, we cannot stay for the awesome concert, but hopefully, there will be live music during the yoga practice!

*I got Sylvia’s website up and running and it’s simple, but to the point!  I also need to update this one!  So many websites, so little time!  Just kidding.  I love web design, I really do!

*My back hurts, the bug spray is pleasantly overwhelming and I’m heading to bed, yes, it’s only 10:00 p.m.

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Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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