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Sundance Wyoming

On Wednesday, June 17th to be exact, our daughter left with my parents for a cross country journey in a camper.

They left our place here in Missouri, even though they’d had some minor trouble with their big diesel truck.  They did make it to their destination in Sundance, Wyoming to my aunt’s place, so that was a good deal.  Once there though, the truck bit it.  They were stuck.  I made jokes with them about how awful it must be to be stuck there of all places, and to be retired, and not have to worry about getting home any time soon.  They even have both of their cats with them!

They’d planned on staying only a few days.  They’re still there.  And it’s Saturday, June 27th to be exact.  The truck is now fixed to the tune of $2,300 but they can get on the road again.  They’ll have to cut their trip short and skip out on Minnesota as they want to be back in Florida for the 4th of July.  Lauren is having a wonderful time.  I’ve only talked to her on the phone twice since she’s been gone!  She’s sent a couple of e-mails, if you can call them that.  They’re basically one liners.  I’m glad she’s not homesick.  She’s been traveling since she was born, so it’s nothing new to her.  I’d much rather have her be independent than whining to come home!.

devils tower She’s seen Mt. Rushmore , the Devils Tower and the Buffalo Jump, and she’s only 11.  These are places I’ve never seen.  She’s found tons of cool fossils, arrowheads and buffalo bones.  She’s been busy baking bread with my Aunt Kathy and doing who knows what other cool things.  Kathy’s crafy-cool like that, in all ways.  I miss Lauren, but I’m also staying really focused and accomplishing a lot of things that I’ve wanted to get done.  I’ve also had time to dive into a great book my mom left me to read.  It’s called The Ice Maiden.  I can’t put it down.  It’s my kind of stuff.

The day after they left I took Jordan job hunting.   We headed to the pretzel place at the Mall, and they hired him that day!  Unheard of.  Our minds were blown.  We had a huge list of places to go and apply.  He started the next day, and he really likes it.  He’s also been busy with a friend that’s a girl, so I’ve been doing some extra driving to her place, to the movies, etc.  Soon though, he can license and insure his truck, ditch the driver’s permit and get the real license.  Then he can get himself to all of the places he needs to go.

We spent a great day at Stockton Lake on Monday.  It was super hot and we were the only boat on that lake.  We usually are.  I guess every one has to go to Table Rock and be seen or whatever.  We quit going there.  Too much traffic.  It’s just not fun.  We beached the boat on a pea gravel beach and just swam and played all day.  The fish really hit the water on that lake and it always scares the crap out of me.  There I am, floating in a blissful state on my raft and out of nowhere, comes a huge splash.  Frank caught a bass that was almost 8 lbs. so that was really exciting.  I found some really nice fossils on the beach, but no arrowheads.  I also got really sunburned.  I always forget.  Reapply the sunscreen every two hours or put on a shirt!  You could’ve probably fried an egg on my back the next day.  But I still taught yoga the rest of the week, though wearing the sports bra was no fun.

Hope your summer is off to a great start.  I’m ready for it to cool down a little bit!

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A Hammer and Some Nails

I’ve lived here, in the Ozarks my entire life so I could really relate to this book my friend Mary just penned.  I met Mary’s daughter Krista first.  She’s been in my yoga class at MSU for years now.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mary (Krista’s mom) a couple of years ago, when she showed up in my YMCA yoga class.  !cid_2084an$IN948012435229467@kirsten1

Mary and Krista

Mary built a house with Krista in the 80’s down in the sticks in Galena.  When I say, she built a house with Krista, I really mean she built the house with Krista.  That’s it, the two of them.  No guys.  It took them three years.  Mary lived in a trailer on the property while they worked.  She really pegged the characters they ran across during the construction, and if you’ve lived here for very long, you’ll totally get it.



Her story is inspirational, motivational and a true example of dreamers who do.  A real treat if you’re familiar with the Ozarks.  Enjoy! 

P.S. If you’re interested in yet another cool building project, I’ve been following this blog for a long time as well.  Check out the progress on this shipping container home under construction right here in the Ozarks.


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Summer Solstice Yoga Mala News 2009

S- M-A-L-Lest Mala Ever.

I didn’t bother to count the people, but by eyeballing the situation, we had a tad over 20 show.  One of the things I like to see at this, is a representation of every studio in town, at every Mala.  It’s happened before and it’s so cool, but not this time.  But none the less, there were two people that I’d never seen before show up, so rock on.  You can view our small but strong group here.  My pictures are not that good, but I was the only one with a camera.

It was Father’s Day, it was 91 degrees outside and people had plans.  But being that this was the smallest Mala we’ve ever had didn’t mean it wasn’t good.  Energy-wise, it was actually amazing!  We had an extra chanter, Holly and she was great!  The last round, I even chanted with Beth and Holly and I hope it sounded just as good.  I shoot the video that we upload to youtube, so I didn’t ask anyone to film the three of us, but I hope we were tolerable!

The UU Church is a beautiful location.  We faced the windows and it’s nice to feel the connection to the outdoors.  Needless to say, the a/c was on the blink and the room was a warm 81 degrees.  Even though our group was tiny, we still managed to bring in $161 for the American Cancer Society.  Which, speaking of, they must’ve been busy as well, as they didn’t show up with their table of info.

Thanks to all of you, that did come out.  This was our 9th Yoga Mala.  Our 10th will be held in September, on the Autumnal Equinox.  This will be the Global Mala and our wordly offering will be for Doctor’s Without Borders.  Hope you can make the next one.









And now we know for next year.  If the Solstice falls on Father’s Day, let’s do it the day before!

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Summer Solstice Yoga Mala 2009

Sunday, June 21st – 3:00-5:30 p.m.

UU Church at 2434 E. Battlefield

Springfield, MO  65804



Do all 108 Sun Salutes, or do a few.  Move to the beat of live druming and chanting.  Meet like-minded people, welcome Summer, renew your commitment to yoga, all for a good cause. 

All money collected will go for the American Cancer Society. 

We will move through 4 rounds of 27 sets of salutes.  Between each set, we will take a short break.  Bring a finger food, or drink to share if you wish.  Paper products will be provided.  

Join us once again for this exciting, energetic event!


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On The Road Again

My parents just left, camper in tow. 

It was a short visit as they want to be in Wyoming for Father’s Day to see the Quigley Shootout.   After that, they’re heading to Wall Drug, on to Mt. Rushmore and then for a stay in Duluth, MN.  After their Minnesota visit, they’ll head back to Florida.  It’s going to be very quiet around here as they took our daughter with them!  She’s 11, a perfect age for a trip like this. 

I will fly down to Florida July 21st and stay for a week.  I’ll enjoy the beach, visit my sister on the island, fish and hit the pool.  We’ll fly back together (Lauren and I) July 28th.  This is the first time our family has taken separate vacations, if you don’t include my yoga jaunts.  In the meantime, the guys are also planning a fishing trip to some catfish lake in Oklahoma.  I’ll pass on that and enjoy my time here alone, piddling in the garden, taking care of the animals and immersing myself in yoga.DSC00774


The Gulf of Mexico.  A five minute walk from my parents home in Florida.



 We’re hoping to find our son some sort of employment during this break.  So far, not much luck.  Places don’t hire 16 year olds like they used to.  He’s already purchased a vehicle with his life savings, but cannot drive it until he can pay his own insurance.  Which in turn, will require him getting a job.  The job should’ve came before the car, but we like to do stuff backwards over here.  In his spare time (which is all of his time) he’s tossing the college discus that I just bought him for $75, fishing, and sleeping his life away.  I never got to be very lazy growing up, so I’m really taking advantage of it now!

Happy trails to mom, dad and Lauren!  Have a safe and exciting journey.


The Garden In Pictures

garden cat







Jackson loves to help me in the garden.  Help as in chewing the asparagus and rolling around in the dirt!








Look at those sad sweet onions, this was after I weeded them.  There are three rows, too close together for the hoe, so I had to remove all the grass that had grown there by hand.  It was solid grass, the width of my yoga mat.  It actually looked pretty cool, but it had to go!

glass flower







Whenever I dig in the garden, I run across a lot of glass.  Mostly clear and brown.  I save all the pieces that are cloudy, a pretty color or the pieces that are earthenware.  I’ve uncovered some really unique pieces of old stoneware, mostly green in color.  Some have really funky textures.  Did people used to dump trash and bury it in our yard?  Who knows.


Nice looking broccoli and basil.  I harvested the cilantro and arugula before I shot the photo.  They were both up above my waist.  There was so much, I had to give some away.

Copy of 100_3888









Blue lake green beans, yum yum!  The thing about working in the garden, is you snack as you go.  I ate all the strawberries out of the box before I took this.








A reminder that my cup really is half full.  If I still had the business on this coffee cup, I wouldn’t have this garden, or two solid days to play in the dirt!  Check out that sweet potato plant.

garden wave







Weed free for a day!  Sending a garden wave your way.

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Around the House








Beautiful begonia!  This one was new this year, it’s a double begonia and it really looks like velvet to the naked eye.








Light filtering bamboo-look blinds.  Best investment I’ve ever made for our huge, east facing window.  Bed, Bath & Beyond, thank you for making these affordable.

 100_3845Flower pot covered with stuff from my mom’s beach.  I’d had these in the garage and forgotten about them until they reappeared when we had our sale.  I covered one with ocean rocks and coral and the other with shells, above. 








 The lavendar outside our front door is digging this weather.  What a calming scent as you hit the front door.  The mailman digs it.  I feel like I planted it just for him as our dog goes nutso every time he approaches the front steps.








Someone, has been chewing on my clematis.








This rosebush is around 100 years old.  We moved it from underneath a shade tree two years ago to a sunny location.  It’s almost 7 feet tall now, is weighting down the trellis and is covered with 1,000 buds now.  

While I was recently in St. Louis shopping at an Italian market, I spotted this little beverage 6-pack of pear nectar in glass bottles.  The brand was called yoga.  Of course, I picked it up and the packaging pretty much sucked, so one fell out, busted all over the floor and splashed my left foot with sticky pear juice.  I was wearing cloth slides and was as dressed up as I get for dinner when this happened.  Nothing like pear toes and sticky shoes!  I had planned on buying the drink anyways, but they insisted I grab a full pack.  Scared to death it would happen again, I carefully grabbed a complete package.  On our way to the check out, I spotted a bottle of wine with the label, Oops!  I died laughing.  They also had a bottle called Mommy’s Time Out, too funny!  The pear nectar is really good and the bottles that say “yoga” are now holding clippings of this rose bush at the studio. 








One of the most beautiful colored lilies I’ve ever seen.  Somewhat battered by the rain from yesterday, but still amazing.








Gazing into my future.  My old ball, was shattered by a rock from the mower.  It was way cooler than this one.  I know, we need to seriously power wash the house.  Maybe if we wait long enough, an image of Jesus will appear.










This little guy was marked way down, because he’s all pocked up.  I thought he was still cool.  He’s guarded the garden for three years now and he hasn’t changed a bit.  He’s sitting atop a big rock, that measures 24″x18″x4″ it weighs a ton.  I know, we carried it home from a day outing.









Subwoffer Buddha…….have a gorgeous day!

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If You Wear Eye Glasses Read This

Back in February, I bought some old, but very cool chairs at a flea market.  They didn’t smell funky and they weren’t noticeably dirty.  But I took them outdoors and smacked the crap out of them and they released a cloud of dust!  I cleaned them with my vacuum and then with my  upholstery cleaner after that.  I believe I got a bacterial eye infection from all that dust which required a few trips to the eye doctor to make it disappear.  Used chairs turned out to be costly, but still way cheaper than brand new. 

The last appointment, I went ahead and got my eyes checked as it had been more than several years.  I was told I have great vision but do suffer from eye strain.  I do use the computer a lot and I like to read.  I was given a super low prescription for reading glasses.  Low as in +0.75.  This is lower than what they sell at the stores.  The doctor said if I wore those glasses (and lots of folks do) that they could make my eye sight worse as they would be much too strong. 

I was prepared to spend at least $50 on glasses, but low and behold a good friend just introduced me to this website,  Zinni Optical online.  You can put in all the numbers from your prescription and choose your frames, and they’ve got some cool ones.  The best part is they start at $8 and go up to $20.  You can even get bifocals!  I got these fun reading glasses and heck, if I like them, I’ll get a few more because I know I’ll eventually misplace them or scratch them up.

glassesSave yourself some $$ and check this site out!  I can’t wait to get these.

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Beautiful Weekend, Beautiful People

This weekend was my long overdue getaway for yoga with a friend.  So on Saturday, we headed to St. Louis and stayed on the Hill.  As soon as we arrived, I grabbed my shopping list and we headed for J. Viviano & Son’s Italian grocer to pick up some good stuff for us and for others.  We stocked up on this great garlic pepper, mozarella cheese and bread.  I also purchased the most beautiful bottle of wine for a good friend.  She collects blue bottles, and this one was shaped like a fish.  I can’t wait to give it to her as a token for the wonderful artwork that she’s done for me.

After a bit of resting, we headed back to that same area where the grocer was located (less than five minutes from our hotel) to have dinner at Lorenzo’s Trattoria.  We had made reservations and were sad to find we didn’t need them.  The place was near dead at 6 p.m. on a Saturday evening.  The traffic to St. Louis wasn’t bad either, and our hotel was fairly quiet.  Economy?  I think so.  My friend had appetizers of calamari and goat cheese ravioli.  I ordered penne pasta with eggplant, capers and kalamata olives with fresh mozarella cheese in tomato sauce.  It was awesome.  I liked the way they decorated each table with a clear glass full of these super long, skinny bread sticks.  Simple but elegant.  We had great coffee for dessert and then I ordered a tiramisu to go for later.  Mistake.  We were almost too full to enjoy it!

Sunday was breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  We made healthy choices as we were headed for a full day of yoga with Saul David Raye.  And what a day it was!  (I borrowed this photo from someone’s Flickr site.saul photoWe arrived early at Webster University as we usually do to find a comfortable spot.   The room has high, vaulted ceilings, nice windows and decent acoustics.  We started our practice with meditation, in several different but enjoyable forms; everything from white noise, chanting, dancing and turning inward.  Our practice was really good as it always is!  It’s a feel good type of yoga that’s accessible to every body.  He’s a very peaceful soul and guides us a lot of the time with his eyes closed.  Maybe he’s channeling I don’t know.  But it’s great.  He usually travels with musicians and this time he was with Tony Kahlife.  We enjoyed a little live music during the Sunday morning practice and were disappointed that we could not stay for the concert that evening.  Yoga teaching duty called both of us to be home on Monday morning!

We also had a wonderful Indian and Thai combo lunch catered by the folks that hosted the workshop.  It was a beautiful day to be outside, so that’s where the lunch was held.  They served us fresh greens from their garden, rice, Palak Paneer, Tandoori Naans, and Thai noodles with an array of spices or crushed peanuts all washed down with hot tea.  Wow.  Best lunch I’ve had a in a long time, thanks guys!

After lunch, Thai Yoga was scheduled for the afternoon.  This is always a great experience and though I’d taken this class once before, it was so wonderful to get a refresher.  I would love to participate in this entire training, but there’s that cash flow factor and a two week trip to California involved.  Perhaps someday.  I don’t really want to be a massage therapist, I just like to share it in my yoga classes and relieve my family of stress.  My son really loves this and I’m taking him with me to a class I’m taking this evening.  My travel partner will be teaching and together, we will share some of what we learned with our group.

Right now, I feel very grounded, peaceful and happy.  The rest of my day involves grocery shopping, kids, laundry and dinner.  I will try to remain totally present in whatever I’m doing at the moment and keep the multi-tasking at a minimum.  Wish me luck.