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Yoga At Camp Finbrooke

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IMG_1382Saturday was another beautiful day weather-wise.  Even though I was exhausted from my road trip to Oklahoma (mentally and physically) I had to head out to Camp Finbrooke to lead a couple of yoga classes for the Girl Scouts.  I’d never been to Camp Finbrooke before.  I wasn’t a Girl Scout.  I was a Bluebird and I remember one year, I was third highest or something for the selling of the candy.  I got to go downtown (or somewhere) and pick out a huge stuffed animal.  And if I remember right, I think I chose a gigantic turtle.

Anyways, I found the camp and it was great to drive the Volvo out there and enjoy the narrow, hilly and curvy roads.  It handles like a dream.  Once I arrived I found my contact person and she told me the yoga would be happening down at the barn.  Super.  Except they handed me this gigantic boom box to carry.  I already had a very heavy yoga mat (for outdoor use) and a backpack.  I was also wearing sandals.  Bad choice of shoes as the barn was a trek.

I taught from 3:00-4:00 p.m. and 4:30 -5:30 p.m.  The girls threw their little rugs out on the lawn.  I had at least 20 girls in each group and a few mom’s as well.  The kids were from all over and there were several from Columbia in both of my groups.  The girls appeared to be middle school and high school ages.  They were a little rowdy when they first arrived, but I had their attention quickly.  After the first class was over, we had a break for snacks.  A few of the girls passed on food and stuck around talking.  They asked me about the Asian inspired pants I had on.  They asked me if I lived in a big house and if it was decorated Chinese style.  Too funny.  They asked about the music I played and where I got it.  The two that stuck around the longest, told me how good they felt and how relaxed they were.  Then one of them asked me if I liked chocolate.  And when I said yes, she gave me a Hershey candy bar. 



The second group got to enjoy the movement of the sun as we had our class.  They were really hyper in the beginning, but their energy shifted pretty fast.  I think the sunset helped.



This group had an entirely different set of questions afterwards.  They asked stuff like, “How does yoga work?’, “Will I always feel like this after every yoga class?”, “My energy has shifted and the outside looks prettier, why?”  Whoa.  I so love it when they get it.  Amazing.  Afterwards, two of the girls wanted me to hike with them (in the dark by flashlight) to the cabins.  Though I would’ve loved to have gone, I had to say no.  I was beat, I had on sandals and my throat was really scratchy from talking into the warm wind.  I got a little lost leaving there as it was pitch dark and I think I exited a different way than I entered the camp.  Nice. 


They sent me home with a check (Volvo fund) and 17 boxes of Girl Scout cookies!  Thanks guys, I had a wonderful day and your camp is really beautiful.  I’d so love to do this again!



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