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Seven Little Lights


We’ve had high speed internet cable service through Mediacom for years.  And we’ve never had much, if any problem with it.  Last year we decided to jump on the band wagon and sign up for their phone service as well.  That’s when we started having problems.  We would be on the telephone and the call would just drop.  Sometimes the phone service would go out for days.  But in this day of massive technology with four other phones (my husband carries tw0, I have one and our son has one) we kept this terrible land line.  Until we realized we were paying for something that we could never use.  Welcome back AT & T.

Our internet service on the other hand is going crazy.  Especially lately.  Our modem is supposed to have seven lights lit, two that blink.  For days we’ve had two or three lit and they blink and that’s it.  Say the wind blows, it rains or it gets bitterly cold outside, it goes down.  The internet will be working fine when you go to sleep at night, but in the morning it won’t work.  That’s because little gnomes start their massive destruction that no one can seem to find.  My husband is smart with fixing stuff, but he can’t grab a Mediacom signal from thin air.  One time he even went out to the pole and did something so we could have service.  Because you know if you’ve ever called them, they’ll be out sometime between Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and Friday.

This past week he couldn’t fix it.  We’ve been on and offline for the last week.  And this time it was off for two days in a row.  That’s like a month without food or water around here.  And you couldn’t talk to anyone on the phone about it because of a severe winter storm in Iowa that had knocked out a call center.  Ok.  How about talking to someone locally?  We just got a recording that we had a service interruption in our area and they were working diligently to correct it.  Riiiiiight.  I want see a massive pack of Mediacom vans swarming the area when they play that recording.  And guess what?  I never do.

Where am I going with this you say?  To my own procrastination that’s where.  I’ve decided to go paperless on everything we pay.  Our cell phones and our home phone as well as our Discover and  Target cards.  We do all of our banking online and have for a long time.  So.  I waited until the last minute to pay the Discover and Target bills, the only two credit cards we own.  I like Discover, they pay me to use their card and I pay it off every month so I give them no interest.  It’s like free money.  I like Target, no need to explain there.  Both of these bills are due today and I pay them both online.   I found my Discover card and called the number on it.  I got that sucker paid off and it didn’t take that much time.  Target on the other hand was another story.   We went through the whole bank account information and then she says, “Did you know there will be a $15 charge to pay this by phone?”  Whaaat?  I drove out to Target.  I paid my bill, for free, sort of.  It costs me $27.99 in a pair of Levi’s for our son for Christmas plus the gas out there.  But hey, if I was going to give them $15 extra over the phone, I wanted some merchandise.

Fast forward to the afternoon.  The kids are home from school.  When they realized our internet was non-existent they were totally and completely lost.  Kind of like I was in the morning when I was wringing my hands wanting to pay my bills and read my newspaper for gods sake.  Instead of Youtube or Hulu the kids settled for offline stuff.  Lauren painted on the computer and Jordan played puzzle games.  Lauren puked in her bed last night at 2:37 a.m.  As I walked by the office doing the clean up, I saw seven lights all lit, two blinking.  You’ve got to be kidding.  Frank was on the phone all night last night with Mediacom and you know what?  They’re coming out on Wednesday to check it out.  That’s seven days people, wish us luck.

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

3 thoughts on “Seven Little Lights

  1. Hello, my name is Angie and I work for Mediacom. I want to apologize for any issues you have experienced. If you would like me to get involved for a faster resolution, please let me know.
    My personal email: or you can call me @ 800-413-8876 ext 5294

  2. Wow! A response from Mediacom? We had to drop them years ago, due to these same issues you are having. Just not stable enough to run a business from, that includes personal business….like paying the bills. And don’t get me started about the banks.

    Peace be with you.

  3. Wow – your posting got someone’s attention – way to go! We had Mediacom for years for cable TV and internet – finally bundled everything with AT&T and absolutely LOVE it. We added an iPhone and our bundled bill is still less than one regular phone, one cell phone, cable and internet. Going on 3 years with them and don’t plan to return to Mediacom.

    Hope you’ll do a follow-up posting on the resolution.

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