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What A Weekend

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I know, I reeled you in with that title.  And guess what?  Nothing really happened this weekend. 

I did teach a yoga class Saturday morning and it was really fun.  I did hate having to miss all of the Yoga Day USA buzz because I was teaching though.  Word is the Meyer Center had 80 people for the Yoga Flow.  That is fantastic!  Meanwhile, Beth had 30 or so at her center, doing yoga, chanting and enjoying Eric on the drums as well.  Would’ve loved to have been there too!  I think any money they took in went to Haiti so that was totally awesome.

This morning was Sunday and I attended Beth’s class.  We did a Yin practice which I really enjoy, and hadn’t done in awhile.  Her studio is starting to feel really cozy with the hot tea, the bookshelves and the gong.  It’s all that.  I love it!  In a Yin practice, you hold a pose passively for a long time.  Long as in like two to five minutes.  Lots of people have a problem with this as in they get fidgety and can’t stand it.  Not me.  I can be there and then some.  I left there feeling quite good today even though I was super tired from some drama the evening before.  Nothing like a good yoga class to wake you up all over and make you realize there’s no need to sweat the small stuff. 

At noon today my good friend picked me up and we went to see Up In The Air.  Go see it.  I didn’t even know what it was about.  Only the fact that George Clooney spent a lot of time at airports.  I am so glad we saw that instead of It’s Complicated, which was her first choice.  It’s always good to check Rotten Tomatoes out before you head to the theater.

I’m still swimming.  I haven’t given up.  This last week I went twice at lunchtime.  This next week I cannot do that anymore as I’ll be teaching yoga every day at noon, so I’ll swim in the evening with the men.  I shall not complain.  I have to swim 72 laps to make a mile, or 36 laps back and forth.  I usually count by twos.  So, after swimming about 20 minutes, I usually hit 40 or more with ease.  I’ve been swimming for 35 or 40 minutes every time, so I’m thinking, I’m hitting close to two miles.  That doesn’t seem possible.  I’d better ask the lifeguard again to make sure that the count is right. 

The other day, I met a fellow yogini in the lane next to me.  She was a pretty tight swimmer.  She asked me if she could give me some advice.  I said of course.  She’d noticed I’d only been breathing to the right and she was correct.  I hate breathing on the left, I get a mouthful of water, it’s unnatural and I don’t like it.  I told her that I knew that and my neck was going to pay for it.  And someday my right side would look like I’d been injecting steroids on that side only.  She had a good point and that was balance.  She mentioned to me that I wouldn’t just do triangle on the right side would I?  Of course not.  I swam on Thursday and turned my head to the left several times.  Still can’t figure out why going to the right is so smooth.  I guess we go with what feels right or what we know.  I shall step out of this comfort zone more often.  Of course, I’ll be choking and spluttering away, but hey, there’s nothing like a good mouthful of chlorine now is there?  I’ll have to think of that as my germ killing breath to the left.

This week I start back with the yoga at MSU.  I’ve got 4-days with them in a row at lunchtime and I’m excited.  And I’ve got a decent crowd, which in turn means a decent paycheck at the end of the session.  Volvo fund, every penny I can spare. 

My daugher is turning 12 on Thursday.  It does not seem possible.  Can I really be that old?

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Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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