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FREE Yoga on Tuesdays

This is a photo from my KSFX taping last week.  This nice lady pictured in Warrior II, is Susan.  She gave me the most beautiful journal for the holidays made with paper from a Lokta tree.  It’s so soft.  All I’ve done with it is run my hands over the paper.  I cannot wait to place a pen on that paper and see what it feels like to write on it.

The people in this class are amazing.  In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite classes of the week.  I never know what kind of crowd I’ll have and it’s a great, exciting energy.

You can view the full taping that aired on the news here

Peace Out.

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Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve already received my yearly box of Godiva chocolate covered caramels, so it’s already a good day.  I’m not even going to think about how many laps I’ll have to swim to get rid of them.  That would totally ruine the way they taste.  I gave Frank chocolate as well.  He loves dark chocolate so I usually give him a nice assortment from Richardson’s Candy House. 

This evening, we’re having a sea food fest here at the house.  We’re making Panko shrimp, lobster tails, a bunch of veggies and a key lime pie.  Lauren wants to make cookies as well, so I’m sure we’ll make some heart shaped spritz.  That’s after I get myself in gear and go to the store to get the butter, which needs to happen soon.

No yoga for me today.  I slept in until almost 8:00 a.m. today, totally unheard of for me, but I guess my body needed it.  Frank was also called to the Mall at around 1:00 a.m so that’s always a bummer.  The yoga of sleep.  I taught one yoga class on Friday morning, then I hiked for 45 minutes in the afternoon.  After that, I went totally insane and decided to swim (for one hour) Friday evening from 5-6.  Maybe that’s why I’m tired, you think?

Looking forward to a mellow day of no laundry, errands or otherwise. 

May your day be a loving one.

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The Weight Of Water

I’m getting tired of winter.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve had as much snow, as often, as we have here lately.  I will say though I love the icycles when the sun is shining on them.  I took this shot through the sliding glass door.  There were a ton of icycles out back that day.  The snow has been falling heavy at times presenting nice, big, wet flakes.  Though it’s been dreary, it’s also been beautiful none the less.  But I’m ready for spring.  Enough already.  I’m sick of the mud, the saturated ground and dirty snow.  I’m ready to be in the outdoors without waterproof foot wear.

I’m still swimming and I still weigh the same.  I did buy a pair of Levi’s last night and they were a size smaller.  So I’m guessing some inches are melting away.  This last week, I swam Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I swam for an entire hour Thursday night.  The Y wasn’t busy because it was sleeting so I took advantage of the pool.  Me and 4 other people that is.  I even started doing flip turns when I hit the deep end.  It has been a long time since I’ve done a flip turn and it wore me out, but I will do it again.  I’ve also met some interesting people at the pool.  I didn’t expect it to be a socialization type of thing, but I guess that’s not all bad.  And from now on, I will remember to remove my silver necklace and earrings that I rarely take off before I jump in.  Talk about tarnish central.

I taught a fun class last Sunday at the yoga education center.  I did an hour on the use of props in yoga and an hour on Sanskrit terminology with some chanting.  I really enjoy doing these classes, though I’m a nervous wreck a few days prior.  It’s always a good feeling to have the feedback when it’s over and done with.  I also like that feeling of accomplishment and of course, being able to share what I do know.  I am also freaking out a little as the news, KSFX , to be exact is coming this Tuesday, February 9th to film my free class.  They’re doing a stint on stress management.  My Tuesday morning class is a diverse group and a really cool crowd.  I never imagined when I started that class that it would grow to what it has today.  The episode will run on Wednesday, February 17 at 7:00 a.m. with Rob Evans, so if you want to see me gasping for a yogic breath, tune in.

Today the same yoga center I taught at last weekend, held their first kirtan.  It was amazing.  There was a decent crowd.  There were two guys on drums and Beth played the harmonium a little.  We did several chants and no one seemed shy to sing.  The whole deal lasted a little over two hours and I was not ready for it to be over with.  I will say though that now, I am a little tired in the lungs.  It’s wild how much breath it takes to sing and how much energy you use to chant something over and over again.  At the same time there’s a good, energetic feeling as well.  I know they will do this again and I feel that today is just the beginning of what will most likely be a regular kirtan get together.

I will be heading to St. Louis in a couple of weekends with a good yoga teacher friend for some more yoga training.  I do love these weekends when we go away.  We eat very healthy, we go to sleep early and do yoga all day long.  I wish I could spend more time in this type of environment, but it’s not possible at this time.  I’m also excited to drive my car on a road trip.  I’m loving the heated seats in this weather and I’m also digging that “W” button which puts the car in winter mode.  Instant traction on slush and snow, it’s really cool.

Bring on the warmer weather.  The days are getting longer and I’m totally liking that!