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Let There Be Light


I am so incredibly happy that the days are getting longer.  The sun’s starting to come up at 6:30 a.m. (sort of) and I love that.  I get up so early anyways and always in the dark.  We’ve had a whirlwind of activities here lately and frankly, I’m glad they’re over! 

I took a jaunt to St. Louis with my good friend Joan, February 19-21 for a yoga getaway.  We go up there as often as we can to take classes with teachers that are totally awesome.  This time we attended Rod Stryker.  We’d been to his class before, two years ago for an entire week long deal of teacher training.   It was good, but I thought the last time was better for some reason.  Maybe it was my frame of mind, or maybe I was expecting something different.  I’m not sure what it was and I still don’t know why it didn’t rock my world, so I’m done trying to figure that out.  The hardest part of course is coming home afterwards.  Don’t get me wrong I love my family.  But sometimes I believe I was meant to live alone and have like 6 cats or something.

As soon as I walked in the door Sunday night we had to go out and eat for my husband’s birthday.  Since there are always a bunch of us and my mother-in-law is diabetic (and has to take a shot before she eats) we always go to Ryan’s or the Golden Corral.  Need I say more?  Not exactly what I was wanting after a weekend of yoga, great food and quiet activities.  But I survived.  The next evening, Monday, our niece turned 16 so we headed to her house in Ozark for yet another birthday party.  We had great food.  They’d made veggie lasagna and stuffed mushrooms and we had great wine too.  Here’s some photos from the festivities.

Frank and Kirsten

Our son and his girlfriend are top left.  The two girls on either end are good, family friends.  Our daugter is wearing the hoodie with the green shirt.  The birthday girl is wearing green as well.  Her boyfriend is behind her.  Wow.  Our son has a girlfriend.  We are old.

Wednesday evening we had a small family only party for Frank.  We made panko shrimp and I made a chocolate cake.  I tried to swim prior to this little party, but as I was waiting for the swim lessons to end a kid hurled in the pool.  It wasn’t even bad, like not really even there.  Like he just coughed up or something.  But no.  They had to close the pool for one hour to “shock it”, so that was a wasted trip to the Y.  Someone actually decided to purchase our fish tank that I’d had on Craig’s List a thousand times on this day as well.  So I spent a couple of hours draining and getting that sucker ready and out of here. 

Thursday evening I had to take our daughter shopping for a birthday gift for a sleepover/birthday party that was happening on Friday.  I’ve gotten to where I totally hate shopping for anything really.  I hate stores.  I totally dislike grocery shopping too.  Guess I should be thankful I don’t like shopping much because we’re broke most of the time anyways.  And god knows we don’t need anymore clutter around here that’s for sure.

Friday night I played taxi driver and got laundry done (that’s an understatement) as it’s never done, it’s an ongoing project.  Another task that I really don’t like very much.  And it’s only going to get worse.  Track practice starts today, not just today, but every single day, after school.  So Jordan will have two sets of clothes to wash.  I usually have two sets per day too, because of yoga.  Frank usually has two sets of clothes per day as well as he wears a uniform at work. 

Saturday morning, I taught a yoga class, ran errands and tried to relax.  Emphasis on the tried to relax.

Sunday morning I took a 3 hour class with a master teacher that was here in town from Chicago.  I still had my props in my trunk from St. Louis and Joan’s were still packed in her suitcase as well, so what the heck?  We went.  It was good.  It was all inversions, all of it.  Until the end.  I hadn’t done a handstand in quite some time, but I did three on Sunday!  I also stood on my head three times, did an arm balance inversion and a shoulder stand as well.  It was great.  I left feeling awesome and I was so not sore today.  We drove off and made jokes about where were we going to go for yoga this coming weekend.  I said no place, I’m having a weekend of zero traveling, a weekend of having to actually BE no place.  So don’t invite me to do anything this coming Saturday.  I want to stay home and be a total hermit.

Guess what I’m going to do tonight?  SWIM.  It’s been way too long!

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

2 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. Breaking News: The sun came out at 5 PM today! I’ve never seen Frank’s face, if he’s ever in one of your pix, he’s bent over fixing something.

    Swim on sister!

  2. The anticipation of Spring is amazing this year! Today, I have the windows open and feeling energized by the fresh air and sunshine. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and please give our Miss Lauren a big hug from us! Love ya!

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