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Fu Man Chu Spider

I love playing with my camera and I love it even more, when something cool presents itself for me to play with.  This afternoon, I noticed this Bold Jumping Spider on our deck.  He was nestled under the top railing board and was munching on something.  Maybe a termite, a queen ant or a grasshopper, I’m not sure.  I grabbed my camera quick like and got a series of amazing shots.  I loved this one the very best, even if it is sort of gruesome.  This little guy was sporting the coolest flat top a spider could have, but he wouldn’t come out from under the railing so I could really show it to the rest of the world.  Click on the photo to view this large.  Even if you don’t like spiders, you’ve got to admit, this guy’s got personality.  Cool spider all and all, don’t ya think?


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Musical Memorial Day Weekend

We don’t usually do much for Memorial Day weekend and this one has been no different from the rest.  I had to teach a class Saturday and Sunday.  I also had to get the girls to and from their last sewing class on Saturday before they break for summer.  Frank headed to Jefferson City on Saturday, where our son was participating in the State Track Meet.  Out of 16 discus throwers, he placed 5th and we are mighty proud of him!  He didn’t make the top four, but he did receive a medal for his efforts and he was really excited about that.

This evening we decided to have a little barbeque and invite our in-laws from next door to the north of us and our neighbor Tim, to the south of us.  We grilled pork steaks and I made mashed potatoes and fresh asparagus sauteed in lemon infused olive oil sprinkled with sea salt.  That’s my favorite way to prepare it.  For dessert we enjoyed a lemon cake with lemon frosting along with a side of ice cream and strawberries that I picked from the garden this morning.  We’ve got a nice patch of strawberries this year, I only wish I hadn’t planted two different kinds.  I’m finding one kind is way better than the other, but who knew?

After dinner we ventured out onto the deck in the dark.  The fireflies were lighting up the back yard big time and it was quite the show.  Frank and Tim decided to entertain us as they do sometimes, but not often enough if you ask me.  Frank played his guitar and Tim was on his dobro.  What a beautiful instrument.  Not only in the way it looks, but in the way it sounds and how he plays it.  Together I think they sounded great and had a pretty good time.  It’s the little things like live music on the deck until 10:30 p.m. that make me appreciate the life that I have even more.

Tim and Frank, thanks for a relaxing and entertaining evening!