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Girls Day Out

I am supposed to be at a yoga class in Punta Gorda.  Why aren’t I?  Because I drove to St. Pete and back to take my husband and son to the airport so they can fly home and frankly, driving 37 miles anywhere just isn’t me right now.  If you’re thinking about breaking into our house in the burg, you’ve got  exactly 15 minutes to do it before they hit the door.

Sunday we were pretty exhausted from our celebration.  The parents didn’t spend the night on Saturday.  Five extra people were plenty.  The guys decided to fish again, so we took Mady to the other end of the island where my sister got married in 2001.  This end of the island is called Bokeelia and it looks out over Charlotte Harbor. 







This is a public pier.  Be careful though, most of the property in this area is private.  No parking, no gawking.  It is really beautiful.








Ava, Mady and Lauren on Bokeelia.








Bokeelia public pier.  You can’t go past the gate unless you pay a little, we didn’t.  We had shopping in Ft. Myers to do.








Back at my sister’s I got a photo of this little Anole puffing up.  Wish I could’ve captured the orange in the cushion he was resting on, but my flash went off.  The orange really did compliment him nicely.

After a hard day of shopping, we hung out.  I love Jeanine’s art wall.








Mady and Petunia.


Lauren with her new Webkinz and her eraser collection.

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Celebration On Pine Island

My sister has one of the most adorable homes on Pine Island.  It’s small, but she’s utilized the space well.  Though our home is much larger, at times, her house has a bigger feel. 

Around 1:00 in the afternoon, the guys fired up the grill.  We were having clams first followed by london broil, hamburgers and hotdogs, ears of roasted corn and deviled eggs.  Those clams were really good by the way.  That’s Uncle Darryl working hard at the grill.








We even invited a neighbor lady whose husband recently passed away.  She has no kids at all and no family close by.  Check out that clam action!   It didn’t take long to rip through 100 that’s for sure.  After the appetizers were downed, the real food was ready right on time.  And of course, since July 3rd was mom’s birthday and we were all out of town for Father’s Day (mom was in D.C. visiting a friend) we concluded our day with a vanilla bean bundt cake accompanied by salted caramel gelato.   Both dessert items were a boxed mixture and they were amazing.  We added some dark chocolate pieces to the gelato and it was heavenly.  I hope there’s still some left when I return to the island on Friday, but I’m not betting on it.








Check out this awesome piece of Brain Coral that Darryl brought back from the beach in the Bahamas.  This is perfect, it weighs a ton and it resonates a helmet.  Totally cool.

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Every One Loves A Parade

We arrived back on Pine Island on Friday afternoon.  We made a quick stop at  Andy’s Island Seafood in Matlacha (Mat-La-Shay) to pick up 100 clams for $29.50 (what a deal) for our celebration on Saturday.  Matlacha is a cool little stop on the way to Pine Island.  It reminds me of an extremely quirky Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

My sister and I took the girls to the awesome saltwater public pool again.  I was able to get a half an hour of lap swimming in.  The guys (my husband, my son and my brother-in-law) headed out to Pine Island Sound for fishing.  They caught a lot of fish but only one keeper.  They didn’t care though, they reeled in quite a bit of interesting stuff.

 The kids usually decorate their bikes and ride in the festive parade that was held on Saturday.  But this year, they opted out.  Actually, they nearly opted out of the parade in general.   I think every one was tired from swimming and traveling.  On the other hand, Jeanine and I were up until almost midnight, preparing food and things for the party.  My parents and all the guys took the kids to the parade once they decided they wanted to go.  They got lots of candy and had a good time in general.

Darryl (my brother-in-law) and niece Ava at the parade.









Love this one.