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It’s almost gone.  This happens every year.  The month of September just disappears.  This September has been especially busy for me in a good way.  In a yoga way. 

September is also National Yoga Month, so it seems fitting for the month to be overfilled with yoga for sure.

First off, some college students started a FREE yoga class in Phelps Grove Park on the tennis courts.  It happens every Sunday and Wednesday evening from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.   A little late for an old person like myself, but I’ve been and I loved it.  Yoga under the stars.  I live close enough to walk over so that’s a plus.  Another bonus of that class is that I didn’t know a soul over there.  That was cool.  No chatter, no questions, no answers just me and my yoga mat.  It was like I was invisible and that was pretty cool.  I’ll be going to that class again.

I also had to sub two extra classes this month on a Sunday at another studio that I used to teach at.  That was good.  The class was a restorative class and I love teaching that kind of class.  But wait.  I love teaching pretty much any kind of yoga.  I miss teaching over there but the studio sold out and of course, the owner needs to teach as much as she can in order to make any dough.  It’s what you have to do these days.

I had plans with a good friend to go to St. Louis for yoga September 17, 18 and 19. 

We both love Saul David Raye and he usually shows up in St. Louis every November.  But this year he showed up early.  We got our hotel reservations and sent in our yoga registration.  Then a week before the event my friend had to bail.  Instead of finding someone else to go with me last minute, I took advantage of the time for myself.  And of course I had to eat the hotel expense since we usually split it.  The weekend of yoga was fantastic and I enjoyed the time alone.  I never once turned on the TV in my hotel room.  But my husband had just given me a Blackberry (crackberry for sure) so I was able to entertain myself with e-mails and Facebook.  My mom and dad were in New Zealand for almost the entire month so it was cool to be able to read their e-mail adventures and view their photos while I was in St. Louis as well.  They took some amazing photos and just made it home safely.  Earthquake adventure aside.

I returned from St. Louis to the slap of reality when I pulled into my driveway.  A week filled with things like two dental appointments, a late night movie carpool, a trip that I promised to the mall (blech), a late night meeting at the YMCA , open house at school and moving props to a different location for yet another yoga workshop.  Whew.  There was something happening virtually every single day and night of the week.  Why does everything have to happen at once?  Ah.  The weekend would arrive and what would I do?  Yoga of course!  I wanted to attend this entire weekend of yoga with Sandy Anderson of the Himalayan Institute (hence the prop movement) as she was here in town.  But I could only spread myself so thin so I tried to hit a little bit of everything  happening yogically.

A friend of mine was hosting a meditation, bonfire and drum circle of women at her home on Friday night.  Was I going?  Heck ya.  I only knew one other person and made some new friends.  We ate great food, we sang, we sat around a bonfire and we meditated together.  This was a very cool and worthwhile evening and a great way to start a weekend.  Only one problem though.  I was totally exhausted from the prior week.

The weather  finally turned fall-like so that’s been a little energizing.  Saturday morning  two other good yoga teacher friends were hosting an event on the Old Iron Bridge over Lake Springfield to raise money for the Greenways.  I wanted to go because I’ve been teaching yoga on Saturdays forever until here recently, so I’d always missed this event.  As tired as I was it was the best way I could’ve started my Saturday.  The weather was perfect and the view was amazing.  We all faced west looking over the water.  It was neat to see canoes and kayaks going under us as we stretched our bodies into the morning sunshine.  I believe we raised around $1,000 with the matching sponsors that we had.  Nice.

After that event I was totally ready for a huge nap.  But my daughter’s plans were canceled and she wanted to be outdoors.  At the zoo none the less.  I took a deep breath and laced up my tennis shoes and off we went.  It was a gorgeous day and most all of the animals were out.  I really don’t know how I walked around the zoo for three hours.  Someone was definitely leading me around by my elbow for sure.


I woke up to a nasty, dreary, drizzly kind of day.  The kind of day where you just want to stay inside and drink an entire pot of coffee.  But could I?  Nope.  I was a scheduled greeter for the Sandy Anderson workshop and I’d already paid for the class that day.  Off I went.  The group was large.  So big that we used Nick Sibley’s studio upstairs.  The space was beautiful and she was an awesome teacher.  I enjoyed the class quite a bit.  The first part was light asana, the second part was lecture on meditation followed by a long sit.  Who knows?  Perhaps the studio that put on this event will be affiliated with the Himalayan Institute.  That would be great for Springfield for sure.

I’m teaching two more classes this week and I’m excited to do so.  But I’m also looking forward to a weekend of no commitments and no serious plans.  It is so amazing to see yoga so alive and well in our city.  I look back and think of what was available back in 2000.  Not much.  I heard someone say they were at a bookstore in 1999 and asked for a book on yoga.  The clerk sent her to the science fiction section.  Yikes.

I totally sing the theme song to Close Encounters every time I practice, don’t you?


It Might Get Loud

I don’t watch much television.  In fact, if I lived alone I probably wouldn’t even own a TV.  But on Thursday it rained most of the day and I had the afternoon off.  I found myself scanning the FREE movies available on cable TV.  Uh oh.  Time waster I know.  I decided to watch It Might Get Loud and it was totally and completely worth my time.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Kirsten, you dork, that film came out like last year.”  I know, I know.  I closed my video store in 2005 and ever since, I haven’t given much of a crap about what came out when and on what day.  And I must say, it’s been a total relief in a gigantic way. 

I do still enjoy movies I really do.  I love to go to the Moxie when I can and my friend loans me some Netflix on occasion.  I recently watched Serphine and loved it.  And they offered a preview for a movie called Cloud 9.  That movie looked good as well and I’ll be on the lookout for it.  I love foreign and independent films and well, the rest of my family doesn’t so I do need time alone to enjoy those.  Along with a big, fat glass of red wine.

So.  Back to my rainy Thursday.  I decided to watch It Might Get Loud.  This was about three guys and their guitars.  The film focused on how they all used feedback and other techniques differently but sort of the same.  It featured Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2 and Jack White from the White Stripes.  I like all three of these guys and I like them a lot.  I was actually lucky enough to see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (not together of course) in my lifetime and I would still love to see U2 someday. 

This was a documentary in case you’re wondering.  Three guys all different ages from three very different bands.  But as you watched the movie, you could actually feel the similarities.  I loved it when Jimmy Page walked through Headley Grange (they showed footage from now and then), I also really loved his expression when he played his vinyl of “Rumble”.  I liked listening to Jack White’s story of being the youngest of 10 kids and how he was heavily influenced by the blues.  I also dug the guitar that he had specially made just for him with the microphone.  I totally got chills when The Edge broke out the track tapes in his kitchen.  I loved the small glimpses of the rifts that they all offered throughout the film.  When Jimmy Page played Ramble On that was way cool.  I love that guy.

I also liked how they talked a little about what was happening in the world and in their lives that influenced the writing of the music at the time.  I think that speaks for the listeners as well.  I can remember what I was doing, who I was with and even where I may’ve been when a certain song touched me.  That’s it.  I’m breaking out my Led Zeppelin boxed set and I’m going to rock out.  Is it too early for wine?  Probably.  I have to run the carpool at 2:45 p.m. otherwise, I’d be in some serious trouble.

If you like any of these bands, these guys, or electric guitars in general, check this out.  I know I’m behind.  You’ve probably already seen it. 

Ramble On.