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Halloween Highlights 2010

My awesome friend Carrie and her daughter Mady made me this wreath.  Halloween is also my birthday.  They spray painted a grape vine wreath black, after they covered it with an assortment of plastic snakes, spiders and other creepy things.  I love it.  Looked awesome on my red front door.  Thanks guys!

What’s Halloween without instant sugar overload?  I baked these one Friday evening when Lauren had a friend spend the night.  I hooked them up with the frosting and adornments and went to bed.  Nothing like being greeted with a spooktacular cupcake the next morning.  Chocolate and coffee.  Two of my favorite things……OK….wine is up there as well.

Mady and Lauren, off to a Halloween party, the weekend of Halloween.  We had a lot going on, let me tell you.  I had to shift from “zen mode” to “mom mode” one too many times.

Halloween night.   Izzy, Oscar, Alex, Mady, Emily and Lauren. 

Out into the night we went.  It was a beautiful night to be walking around the hood, that’s for sure.

Hope your Halloween was safe and happy!

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Freaky Caterpillar Update

Thought I’d share the journey of the freaky caterpillar. 


Two days after I found this little dude, he has morphed into this.

Looks like a stick, eh?  Pretty much.  His shell is somewhat hard, and there are rough places on it.  Some are spike-like.  Can’t wait to see the butterfly he’s supposed to turn into.  We hope he makes it.  I don’t think there’s anything we can really do except just wait it out.

I’ll keep you posted.