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Cathedral Rock

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After our lunch and our tour with Akul, we were ready to explore on our own.  We decided that Cathedral Rock would be our first vortex stopping point.  Even though these places are parks, there are only like 10 parking spaces.  We circled and circled with a bunch of other people doing the same thing and finally said screw it.  We’re parking on the side of the road.  Our guide had told us if we hiked Cathedral Rock, to hike away from the crowds.  That’s a no brainer for me but we appreciated the information anyways.  The day was warmer than Monday of course and we weren’t experiencing snow.  Lots of clouds blew in though so we did have an overcast kind of day.

We started our hike and I noticed all the red dirt.  I immediately thought uh oh.  Missouri red clay.  It had rained the day before so the earth was a bit weepy.  But to my excitement, this red dirt is not like Missouri red clay.  This stuff shakes easily from the shoes as it’s more of a sandy mixture.  Grateful I was.  Let the hike continue.  We forged our own pathway and of course the girls were running way ahead of us.  A few moments later, we heard one of the kids yell, “Hey guys, there’s a medicine wheel up here!”  And there was.

It was a wheel of pretty good size as you can see compared to the 13 year old founder.  We found it to be pretty neat that we ran into this since we’d just been on a medicine wheel tour that morning.  Just another cool and very simple thing that happened on our vacation.  We did not hike to the top of Cathedral rock because it was starting to sprinkle.  This didn’t seem like a good place to be stuck if it were to storm.  Think lightning. 

  I was grateful for the zoom on my camera so I could bring some things closer to me.  Like this house for instance.  I think I’ll take this one.  Most of the homes are made of glass and that only makes sense.  Like I said before, there’s not a bad view in this city.  We hiked up to the ledge about halfway up the rock to take in the views from there. 

We also found a very twisted Juniper tree.  The trees grow in this twisted fashion where the energy is the strongest.  We hugged several of them.

We said good-bye to Cathedral Rock and I’m sure I’ll return there some day.  This is a beautiful place and you can easily kill an entire day here.  Be sure you allow time for that to happen.  It’s worth it.


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