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My job search began several months ago.

I love teaching yoga but I was really feeling the need to fill my time with something of a different nature when I wasn’t in the yoga room.  I made one of the nicest resumes that I’ve ever seen with the help of great friends.  I started to think about what I would like to do and what I could do.  I did not finish college.  I do have some classes under my belt, but they don’t really count for anything.  I have a heavy background in clerical, data processing, payroll and things of the office nature.  But did I want to go there again?  Maybe. 

I also have my video store background which is retail.  Not only the standing behind the counter part but the ownership part as well.  When I owned that store I had to hire, fire and train employees.  I did my own payroll.  I paid my own bills and ordered my own supplies and merchandise.  It was an every day of the week kind of job and we were open every bit of 12 hours of every single day of the year.  Massive responsibilty for sure.

I started sending out applications to office type of work places first.  I was thinking that perhaps I could give up some morning or evening classes (if I had to) and snag something this way.  My yoga schedule is so weird being that I teach in the morning and the lunch hour and in the evening too.  Every single job that I applied for that was office related I did not get.  I would receive a “Thank you but no thanks.”  The very first place I applied to called me back immediately.  That was probably just because they needed a 45 year old female in the crowd.  I really thought this was going to be easy!  But no.  I went in with a bunch of other people and sat at a computer.  We had like 12 minutes to do this math and other problem solving types of things.  I freaked out.  I received a big fat “Thanks but no thanks” from that place.  Just as well.  It was full time which would’ve meant ditching most of my yoga classes and purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. 

Onward.  I changed my plan and thought I needed to fall back on retail instead.  I applied at several places retail related.  Nothing.  Nada.   I received many “Thanks but no thanks” once again.  I even applied for some assembly line kinds of jobs.  I started to think that there must be something wrong with me.  Maybe I am too old.  Maybe I am too fat.  Maybe I am too stupid.  What’s the deal?  The deal is, it appears that there are millions of people looking for jobs.  One of my friends who works at a hospital (where I applied) said that over 1,000 applied for just one job there.  Wow.  Amazing.

I decided to post an ad on Craig’s List asking for someone to please hire me for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since those are the days I do not teach yoga.  I listed all of my massive skills and tried to sell myself well.  The only thing I got from that a were several scam types of jobs.  Bummer.  But.  As I scanned Craig’s List looking for part-time work, I ran across a job cleaning.  Yes.  Cleaning.  I’d thought of it before but I really didn’t want to work from midnight to whenever.  And actually, I wouldn’t have cleaned my own house for what some of these cleaning jobs paid.  This was a cleaning job on Saturdays and Sundays that started at six (or earlier) in the morning.  I sent my resume over right away and got a call back.  Apparently I am qualified to clean. 

Custodian Kirsten.  I took the job and I totally love it.  But I will say the first weekend I thought I’d pretty much died and gone to hell.  We are cleaning the Springfield 11, which includes the IMAX Theater.  I like it because I roll out of bed and I don’t have to care what I look like.  It’s quiet when we get there and we don’t have to deal with the general public.  It’s a great workout and I feel energized and still have the rest of my day when I get home around 10:30 in the morning.  I was never one to leave my trash in a theater but lots of people do.  How dare they?  I have gone from owning part of the entertainment industry to, um, cleaning it.  Oh the irony.  This job has been so far a great eye opener for me on what goes down when the rest of the city is still asleep. 

Sometimes what you need to do, is what you gave the least amount of consideration to doing.  Be sure to read the next blog entry for more insight on that.

And remember, please take your trash to the receptacles next time you see a movie.

Author: Kirsten

Student of life, mother of one kid, 2 cats, and three dogs. I take and teach yoga, enjoy reading, movies, beaches, piddling in my yard and a good glass of wine with or without company.

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