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Party Like a Rock Star

I never need an alarm to wake up on time.  I just KNOW when I have to get up, and I do.  I had good intentions yesterday.  I was to meet my good friend for yoga, have breakfast, talk Sante Fe.  I looked at the clock at 5:30 a.m. Then, I listened to my body and went back to sleep!  Too much snorkeling.  Too much hauling the rocks around the yard landscaping.  Not to mention, I picked up some great ones at Swan Creek.  I did finish grouting the table.  Too much elbow grease, tile is hard work, I am still sore.  Can’t wait to polish the dust off that thing later today (after 2 yoga classes) and see how it shines!  Anyways, she called me at 9:00, wondering if I was OK.  We talked for an hour and she had another student this morning!  How exciting! 

I’ve mentioned before, how many cool people I’ve met thru yoga.  Last night I went to a party with a good yoga friend.  It was an invitation only party (another yoga friend invited me) to a private showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s film Notorious at the Moxie, followed by goodies (including champagne) at a wonderful place down the street.  I’d forgotten how good that movie was!  And of course the food afterwards was fantastic.  It was also a chance to wear something decent and mingle with people I didn’t know.  It was fun.  Thanks for the invite and a super great thanks to the birthday girl who knows how to throw a party!

I’m liking this blog thing.  I like to write.  Finding it very therapeutic.  Kind of like yoga.  The cheapest form of therapy that I know!  I’m posting a funny, but very short video below.  My son loves this group of kids on youtube.  And, I must say, this one is pretty funny! 

Off to shower for yoga.  Got a new haircut yesterday, we’ll see if I can even come close to making it look like it did yesterday!


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Son of Rambow

I took my kids to an independent movie theater, The Moxie today.  It’s a small theater where they serve cool eats, beer and wine.  The movie reminded me of a British “Stand By Me” feel good kind of film.  It was cute, funny and a nice change from other movies we see all too often.  My daughter (who is 10) thought the theater was cool because they have art on the walls and soda pop in real glass bottles!  My son (who is 15) didn’t think the movie was as funny as the preview led him to believe, and it had too much drama.  He also said it was, “too British.”  So much for instilling culture into that kid.  But he did ask if I would take him back to see Morgan Spurlock’s “Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden.”  We might be on to something here.

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Sex & and the City

Saw it today!  Was not disappointed, went by quickly, loved it!  Predictable?  Yes.  Did I care?  No.  Do I hope they make a sequel?  Yes.  Something to be said for a mozarella and tomato salad for lunch, great conversation and a little shopping topped off with entertainment!  Saturdays like this are far and few.  Our theater was sweltering.  We’ve had a ton of rain, so it’s super humid here in the Midwest.  We complained.  Score for us.  We each received a free movie ticket!  We’ll be back.  Perhaps to see the new Luke Wilson flick.  The name of the film has left me.  Anyhow, an image of Jesus appears on the side of Luke Wilson’s stucco home.  Just what we all need right?  If it happens to me, you can bet, I’ll be cashing in on it!  Just like that image of Jesus that appeared on that grilled cheese sandwich that showed up on ebay.  Check back tomorrow.  Perhaps the mold on the North side of our house is a diety in the making!