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Meditate on This

Some days, we were just meant to stay home and today was one of those days.  It was a cool morning and the sun was gorgeous.  I was on my way to a meditation class and took a detour since I’d left the house a bit too early.  Bad idea. 

I totally clipped this lady as she pulled out of her drive way into my path.  No one was injured.  Just my car, her car and my feelings.  I never even saw her.  I never even braked until it was over.  No skid marks.  It was THAT fast.  She got a ticket.  Anyways, I will need new rack and pinion steering, a new wheel, a tire and probably a fender and a bumper, unless they decide to sand and fix.  Who knows.  Until a business day, I shall wait. 

Every day when I leave the house I always say how much I love this car!  Maybe that’s a really bad thing to say.

And nope I wasn’t about to pee my pants, though I look like I’m about to.  I was just freezing to death, my hair was still wet.  Don’t you just dig those Merrell clogs with white socks?  I’m thinking about all the times I took the kids to school in my pajamas and didn’t have an accident.  That would’ve been worse than clogs with white socks.  Drive defensively.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Earlier This Week

I cut a bunch of herbs from the garden and picked the chili peppers.  It was going to rain you know.  And if you live here, well, then you know.  It rained.  A lot.  Like a bunch.  So much, it flooded the lounge area of the yoga studio, again.  I spent this morning using a shop vac, sucking water out of an Indian inspired rug.  Not a big deal.  Easy job for sure.

I spent yesterday afternoon (which was gorgeous by the way) visiting my friend Mary.  I met Mary way back when, not sure exactly. I blogged about her earlier as she had published a great book called A Hammer and Some Nails.  She attends my class at the Y and most usually never misses.  I met her daughter first over at Missouri State at my yoga class over there. 

Every year they take a trip together and ride the Katy Trail.  This time Mary crashed.  And burned.  She ended up in the hospital in Columbia, Missouri with a fractured L1 vertabrae.  I stopped by her house yesterday to find her watching a video and resting on her day bed that was flooded with sunlight from the South windows.  She had a huge, red umbrella opened up against the muslin curtains to block the sun.  Geisha girl was my immediate thought, though I didn’t say it.  I brought her some Chili Peppers, some Sage, some Mint and some Italian and Thai Basil from our garden. 

She has to wear a back brace for 6 weeks.  I would go nuts and I think she might as well, being the active senior that she is.  She attends my yoga class on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Ward YMCA and it’s weird not having her in class right now.  She doesn’t live that far from me so I plan on taking her some quirky movies soon, because you know, I’ve got a few that I know she would appreciate.

I hope when I’m 80, I’m still heading to yoga class and living in a cool little house, driving an old volvo and living my life to the fullest.  Here’s a photo of Mary on her front porch seven days after her bike accident.  You rock girlfriend.  Heal up soon, we miss the hell out of you!

mary on porch 

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This past Friday night, around 9:00 p.m. we heard it again.  The awful thud that we’d hoped was a transformer blowing.  But nope.  It was yet another accident.  Exactly one week and one day ago, our son bit the curb out there.  This time it was more than that and this time it wasn’t our son. 

We heard no screeching of brakes, just a very large boom.  Someone blew through the stop sign at Jefferson and Bennett.  Actually, blew is an understatement.  I think flew is a better description.  My husband was first on the scene.  I’ve never seen him move so fast.  He parked his truck behind the vehicle that had the right of way and turned on his flashers.  I’m amazed at how many people tried to go through the intersection none the less.  Fire trucks arrived, two to be exact, the police were next and then the ambulance.  I didn’t get any closer than my house to the accident.  Some people have no problem with just cruising right on up there.  I’d thought about grabbing my new camera.  But I immediately scratched that thought.  Tragedies are not the kinds of things I want to photograph.  I’m not much of a gawker.  Even if I’m driving down the road and see some misfortune,  I don’t crain my neck further than it’s supposed to actually go to see what’s going on.  But my husband was down there and it was right by my house.  I met many new college kids in our area that night.

The car or truck I should say that ran the stop sign was totally destroyed.  I couldn’t tell what kind of vehicle it was until Frank told me.  I did get close after every one had been hauled away and the trauma part was over.  The bed of this pick up was completely wrapped around a very large utility pole that’s probably at least ten feet in diameter.   The cab of the truck had dismantled from the bed and traveled either 153 feet or 135 feet (I have a backwards memory at times) and ended up behind this great garden on Bennett.  There used to be a house there, what a disaster that would’ve been.  The people were still intact inside the cab.  They apparently were airborne as the pine trees had limbs clipped off rather high.  Can you imagine what kind of ride that must have been?   All the street lights were out and Frank had a big police flash light but still had a hard time locating the cab.  The driver of the truck had actually gotten up and out and pulled his passenger out when Frank found them.  It’s amazing they were all alive.  Even the guy who hit them (it wasn’t his fault) was OK and his car was pretty trashed.  The passenger recognized Frank from the Mall, so that was good to know she was that coherent.  She called him the next day to let him know she was treated and released with 14 staples in her leg.  These people should be spokespeople for Toyota.  Their truck was a Toyota Tundra, loaded with airbags.  That cab looked like it was covered with curtains when they hauled it off.

Look both ways, don’t speed and use your seatbelt.  Chill on the alcohol and driving as well, Frank said the smell was in the air.