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*Updated the appearance of this blog, used my own garden photo.  Perhaps I’ll start up a website with header photos that I’ve taken.  Do I need another business?

*Sister update.  The job offer never happened.  Just from that lack of communication, I told her that she most likely does not want to work there anyways.  Easy for me to say as I’m not the one without a job.  Her mortgage modification has not gone through yet, so this is looking bleak.  I hate it.

*Getting ready to break from MSU yoga!  Nice to have a bit more free time.  To do what?  Clean my house.

*Our son will turn 16 on March 8.  He purchased his first vehicle, a 1987 Dodge Dakota.  It’s a real lemon.  My husband can rebuild and loves any small engine repair.  He’s never overhauled a vehicle before.  But guess what?  He has now!  In our backyard he self taught himself how to change bearings and an oil pump in a vehicle engine.  In the cold weather at that. 

*I wish my kitchen was a small engine.

*When you own a truck, everyone wants your help.  When you can fix stuff, everyone wants your help.

*It’s sunny today and I am really glad.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 70’s.

*I have an infection of some sort on my eyelids.  Make-up, bacteria, viral or an allergy?  I don’t know.  It’s been a week and it’s not all the way gone.  I’m thinking about checking out the new walk-in clinic at Wal-Mart.  They take our insurance.  Now if they just had a post office!

*We sold our ugly loveseat on Craig’s List for $30 in less than 24 hours.

*We also got rid of our ginormous blue, velour sectional. 

*We inherited a sofa (below) that my sister purchased from Burdine’s. It will be slipcovered soon as we cannot have anything that light of a color in our house!  We also inherited a barrel chair from the house I grew up in, a cool white end table from Pottery Barn and a leather ottoman/coffee table.

*On the way to Pier 1 to check out a  $375 chair, I stopped at a flea market and found two chairs for $129.  Totally awesome.  I’m not into antiques, but I think they’re from the 30’s or 40’s and man, are they comfortable!  They do look cool and they’re in great condition.
















*The round glass coffee table is a split tree trunk and my sister made it.  I’m keeping it, but taking it apart and using the trunks for extra seating or something.  We’ve had it a long time and it went great with our sectional.

*Anyone need a huge piece of super heavy, circular glass? 

*Ignore the floor as it will be refinished and of course, doesn’t everyone keep sheet rock in their hallway!  We’ve been consumed by a 1987 Dodge Dakota!

 *I’m painting the frontroom and hallway blue. 

*You can park for 30 minutes at MSU for a quarter!  Perfect for dropping off paper work.  Beats an $18 ticket!

*Things that are marked “Dresden” and “Nippon” are great items to put on e-bay!

*I am so ready for the grass to turn green!

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What’s Your Dosha?

Before I started my yoga class yesterday at MSU, a student was asking me some questions on Ayurvedics.  It’s not something I know a ton about, but I know some.  I find this holistic Science of Life very interesting and I have and do use some of the remedies from time to time.  You can really dive into this pretty deep.  A fun thing to explore is finding what your three mind/body principles are; that’s called finding your Dosha.  A neat quiz to take can be found here on the Chopra website.  This site is filled with a ton of cool stuff and a great place to start if you’re interested in mindy/body awareness.  I’m a Vatta/Pitta (pretty balanced most of the time) my husband is a Kapha all the way.  It’s interesting, check it out.  You can also search here on wordpress for some cool dosha info as well.

One of my favorites ayurvedic remedies, is the Neti Pot.  As a child I suffered with allergies, bronchitis and asthma.  I had allergy shots, a special diet, inhalers and other drugs.  Yuck.  As an adult, I outgrew the asthma, but was still bothered with allergies and sinusitis.  Through yoga, I learned to breathe in and out, through my nose instead of my mouth and I learned to breathe better.  I also discovered the neti pot and find it very beneficial.  Especially so during the winter months, air conditioning months and when I’ve been working outdoors.  It cleanses the nasal passages and leaves the membranes feeling clean, fresh and lubricated.  I no longer suffer from much upper respiratory problems and I am thankful, to my neti pot and to my yoga.  I can’t remember the last time I was prescribed antibiotics!

Tonight was a fun class I lead at the YMCA.  Great crowd, been around forever.  I introduced them to Thomas Fortel, by using his CD in class this evening.  They loved it!  For many of them, it’s the only opportunity they will have to hear his voice, as several cannot make the workshop this coming weekend.  After the class, we chanted.  We are tucked way back into the basement corner at the Y.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t do any chanting.  I’m afraid it might freak people out that are passing by in the hall.

Since my company has left, I also made it back to my favorite class this last Sunday!  What a great class that was.  Really focused on strong, standing poses and balance.  Felt good, even though my right foot has been bothering me.  I need to have it x-rayed, but I’m putting it off.  I don’t want to know.  I have a strong inner rotation at both hips and my right foot, turns in greatly.  I can turn my ankle with ease and look at the bottom of my foot!  I also deal with a fallen arch on that side as well.  Being barefoot most of the day, doesn’t help.  So when I’m not at yoga, I wear my Earth athletic shoes.  They tilt your heel back and feel great! 

Breathe, walk and sleep well.

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High WaterI have allergies.  I seem to keep them at bay with yoga and the breathing that comes with that.  But, we’ve had some serious rain, heat and humidity!  It’s flat moldy outside, you can smell it in the air.  Our a/c runs full force to constantly remove this heavy air.  I’ve been meeting a good friend and practicing yoga twice a week at 6 in the morning.  I didn’t make it on Tuesday due to the massive sun burn I received last Thursday at the pool.  I was so concerned about this little red headed, freckled girl that was with us, I forgot about my own skin!  On Sunday, we swam.  Well I swam with a t-shirt on at my sister-in-laws house.  I was there a whole 10 minutes when a wasp landed on the right side of my face and stung me!  But, that’s part of Summer and it’s OK.  This morning a massive sinus headache crept in.  I woke up with a heavy head, can’t clear my throat and my ears popping.  No early yoga, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Not to mention, my husband grinds the hell out of his teeth.  Seriously.  I did not sleep well.  It doesn’t happen all the time, just when he’s stressed I believe.  One of his employees decided to quit last night, so he was calling everyone, making new schedules and rearranging hours and things.  I do not miss having to do that – at all.  I also helped a friend out with her two kids yesterday afternoon as she had an appointment.  The girls are older now, mine’s 10, hers are 9 and 5 and they actually all three got a long really good.  Nice to know, my headache didn’t come from them!  They jumped on the trampoline, played LIFE and Littlest Pet Shops.  My son on the other hand, has a headache, and still does.  He started cross country this week, lots of running, outdoors.  He doesn’t normally have allergies, but I assured him, people that aren’t normally bothered by this – will be!