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Cupcakes from Amy

The night before last, or something like that, I was sitting in my favorite chair getting ready to check out the news on TV.  Out the big window, I could see across the street.  On the corner stood a cute, young girl toting a brown box.  She was handling it carefully and she was heading up our drive way.

I met her at the door and invited her inside.  She handed me the box and told me that inside, were 6 cupcakes from her bakery.  Wow.  She owns Amycakes downtown!  Score for us!  Frank had secretly plowed her drive way and this was her thank you.  Very nice.  And very good those cupcakes were.  Three of them were decadent chocolate, two were raspberry filled and one was lemon.  Dreamy on a snowy day.


Today brought on some sunshine and some serious melting.  I’m wondering if perhaps we’ll starve to death after the snow melts.  Maybe Frank can start secret mowing once the weather turns nice.  I’m digging all of these goodies!  Hope you got your vitamin D today, it was in the 60’s.