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Earlier This Week

I cut a bunch of herbs from the garden and picked the chili peppers.  It was going to rain you know.  And if you live here, well, then you know.  It rained.  A lot.  Like a bunch.  So much, it flooded the lounge area of the yoga studio, again.  I spent this morning using a shop vac, sucking water out of an Indian inspired rug.  Not a big deal.  Easy job for sure.

I spent yesterday afternoon (which was gorgeous by the way) visiting my friend Mary.  I met Mary way back when, not sure exactly. I blogged about her earlier as she had published a great book called A Hammer and Some Nails.  She attends my class at the Y and most usually never misses.  I met her daughter first over at Missouri State at my yoga class over there. 

Every year they take a trip together and ride the Katy Trail.  This time Mary crashed.  And burned.  She ended up in the hospital in Columbia, Missouri with a fractured L1 vertabrae.  I stopped by her house yesterday to find her watching a video and resting on her day bed that was flooded with sunlight from the South windows.  She had a huge, red umbrella opened up against the muslin curtains to block the sun.  Geisha girl was my immediate thought, though I didn’t say it.  I brought her some Chili Peppers, some Sage, some Mint and some Italian and Thai Basil from our garden. 

She has to wear a back brace for 6 weeks.  I would go nuts and I think she might as well, being the active senior that she is.  She attends my yoga class on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Ward YMCA and it’s weird not having her in class right now.  She doesn’t live that far from me so I plan on taking her some quirky movies soon, because you know, I’ve got a few that I know she would appreciate.

I hope when I’m 80, I’m still heading to yoga class and living in a cool little house, driving an old volvo and living my life to the fullest.  Here’s a photo of Mary on her front porch seven days after her bike accident.  You rock girlfriend.  Heal up soon, we miss the hell out of you!

mary on porch 

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First Place Winner

4th%202009%20029My parents made it back home safely to Florida with my kid.  Here’s some excitement from yesterday, straight from the big town of Pine Island.  The kids decorated their bikes.  Lauren is on the left and my niece Ava is on the right.  That’s my mom, with her head cut off in the background.  Anyways, they rode their bikes in the 4th of July parade and Ava won a first place trophy for bike decoration.  They think it was the coke cans that sealed the deal. 


Good job guys, you look way patriotic!


Can’t wait to see you all on July 21st, I’m ready for a vacation!

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Bicycle! Bicycle!

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike……….So I will and I did yesterday to MSU.  Apparently, lots of other people are hopping on the band wagon bike scene as well.  It’s the first time, I’ve ever had some difficulty in finding a place to park it and lock it up!  The street we live on is kinda busy in the morning and after work.  There are a LOT more bikes on the road now, and I think that’s cool.  Bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters and even skateboards.  I’ve seen everything but a Segway on the road so far.

A Scattering of Segways by Greg McElhatton

Today, is the Tour of Missouri.  We watched them blow through last year, but not sure we’ll get to this year.  My day is full and I work at 6:00.  I will ride to work this evening, and I hope I don’t pass any of those guys!  They might blow me off the road.  I don’t have a road bike.  I’ve got a really nice mountain bike.  It’s old, but awesome!  I can jump curbs, ride through grass, and go anyplace I need to go to avoid a collision!

My brother went to college at MU, he was into engineering.  He liked bikes better.  One time, while visiting him in Columbia, in 1992 or something, he convinced me to buy the bike I have now as the shop was going out of business.  All bikes were half off and all they had left were small bikes, for short people like me!  I bought the Jamis Eureka, it’s red, it has great shocks and I love it!

My brother didn’t become an engineer.  He moved to Boulder after graduation.  Since then, he’s managed University Bikes in Boulder, Performance Bikes in Denver and is now settled at Yakima as a sales rep.  He didn’t learn to ride a bike until he was 10.  I remember, because I came home from work one day (in my car) I was 16, he was 10.  All the kids were out riding bikes and I asked him what his deal was.  His deal was, he didn’t know how!  So, out we went.  He learned, I took pictures and have since framed them and passed them on to him!  He learned on my cool, sparkly-green, Schwinn with the banana seat and chopper back! 

If you’re driving to work today, watch out for bikes, they’re everywhere!