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St. Louis or Peru?

I’m heading to St. Louis (not Peru) with a friend this weekend for a day of yoga with Saul David Raye.  He’s an amazing teacher and I can’t even explain why, so I won’t try.  I was not able to travel last year for yoga (I think).  This was a spur of the moment trip as I believe Saul is stopping in St. Louis after the Midwest Yoga Conference in Chicago.  There will be a great kirtan concert on Sunday evening, but we both have to teach on Monday morning so we’ll have to miss it.  I’m too old to get home at 1:00 a.m. and get up to teach yoga the next day.  Bummer, the last time he was with Dave Stringer was so great.  I actually purchased an old harmonium when I got home after that kirtan concert and I love to play around with it here at home.  Saul is traveling with a different musician this time, and perhaps there will be live music during our yoga Sunday morning.  I sure hope so.

My mom and dad did just return from Peru and they’ve got their travel blog 1_1243210200_3321up and running.  If you like to travel vicariously through others (like I do) it’s awesome!  I’ve never been to Peru, but I do so want to go someday.  If you ask me why I want to go there, I couldn’t give you a solid answer.  I just want to go.  And I’m sure I will someday.  I’m posting a few of my favorite photos from their trip.  What beautiful colors, what beautiful people and what gorgeous scenery!  If you have lots of time to kill, their entire trip is documented (with 271 photos) on their travel blog.

Mom and Dad at Machu Picchu 

Beer making operation in Peru


Moray Experimental Terraces
















My mom and the kids








Check out my parents in their native Peruvian garb, 15,000 high at Lake Titicaca










Alpacas and Bob (my dad)








One of the many cathedrals, most you cannot take photos of the inside, that’s my mom








I think this is one of my favorite people pictures (my dad on the right)








One of the many cool places that they stayed


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Just Blog It

I’m new to this blogging thing.  I am.  I really don’t know much about wordpress, but I’m learning my way around.  I’ve figured out how to check the stats and it’s interesting. 

Statistics for the Utterly Confused by inju.

I’ve had two posts that received a great amount of traffic.  My first post was about the movie Sex & the City.  Hence the “sex” tag brought some readers!  The second one, was one I posted about Caylee Anthony, and I actually borrowed that news story from elsewhere.  Stats were crazy for that one, and believe it or not, they’re still checking that one out!

Changing subjects, twas the second day at WOLF School for my daughter.  They went to (in her words) a swamp and canoed about!  She said the hike there was rough, she was full of scratches on her legs, and they had to put their arms over head for fear of poison ivy!  She was in the canoe with another girl that had never canoed before either.  So, you can see where this is going!  They didn’t tip it over, they had fun!  She said the boys gave their skills a 0 and I told her who cares?  You had fun, did your best and learned something!  Can you imagine spending your entire school day, in a canoe?  She’s lucky and she knows it!  Tomorrow and Thursday, they stay in the classroom.  Friday, they swim and snorkel.  She’s wanting to get a disposable underwater camera, another run to the store for me!

Back in yogaland, class was awesome this evening!  Nice to see the old crowd and new faces as well.  The Y is such a great place for people to get that yoga exposure.  True, some of them never leave the Y.  But, a lot of them will go deeper and get into a studio class, or take a workshop and what not.  I was hurting in my foot tonight.  Been a problem for quite some time as I’m barefoot so much, the arch in my right foot is somewhat fallen.  I decided to wear “real shoes” yesterday doing my work.  Bad idea.  Squeezed the crap out of my foot, which I believe is broader across the toes now, from yoga and from being barefoot so often.  I will ditch those tennis shoes!  Pain up the side of my calf, pain on the top of my foot and the last three toes!  I rested all day (2 loads of laundry and a milk run) and read a great book called “Sold”.  Finished it in a few hours time, good read.