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Fu Man Chu Spider

I love playing with my camera and I love it even more, when something cool presents itself for me to play with.  This afternoon, I noticed this Bold Jumping Spider on our deck.  He was nestled under the top railing board and was munching on something.  Maybe a termite, a queen ant or a grasshopper, I’m not sure.  I grabbed my camera quick like and got a series of amazing shots.  I loved this one the very best, even if it is sort of gruesome.  This little guy was sporting the coolest flat top a spider could have, but he wouldn’t come out from under the railing so I could really show it to the rest of the world.  Click on the photo to view this large.  Even if you don’t like spiders, you’ve got to admit, this guy’s got personality.  Cool spider all and all, don’t ya think?