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Little Free Library #4581

IMG_7167Awhile back my meditation teacher had her husband build her a Little Free Library.  I immediately wanted one because the street we live on is somewhat busy not only with car traffic, but bicycle and walking traffic as well.

These are super cool and my husband could’ve made us one but.  I knew that he would probably never do it, so I bought one and got in trouble.  Her library was the second one in our city. Our library is the third and as of the other day, her husband sold another one, so now our town has FOUR Little Free Libraries.  Pretty cool.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about let me explain.  You place this box on a post in your yard.  You register it with Little Free Library DOT org.  They then send you a steward sign with a post number and you can load your box up with books.  We’ve found lots of interesting books in ours.  Someone dropped off a whole years’ worth of women’s magazines the other day as well.  Our library can hold about 35 or so books.  We seem to get a lot of traffic at night so I mounted one of those little battery operated touch lamps inside of ours.

Stop by 1331 S. Jefferson and grab a book or donate one.  We’re having a lot of fun with this so far!

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Books, Books, Books!!

I buy books.  I hardly use the library as I never know when I’ll have the time to read.  I’ve just straightened up my bookshelf and these have got to go!  I’ve already given several away, but I have this stack left.  If you would like to read any of these books, or know anyone that would, let me know!  I can bring them to yoga class, or meet you someplace convenient for drop off.  I do not want these back!

The Doctor’s Wife/In the Heart of the Sea/Eat, Pray, Love/Dirty Laundry, 100 Days in a Zen Monastery/A Collection of Beauties: At The Height Of Their Popularity/Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (hardback)/The Gospel According to Sydney Welles/Winter’s Bone/Sold/Sweetness in the Belly (hardback)

They were all worth reading – to me anyways!



Butterflies Inside and Out

I have one more FREE Monday before I begin teaching a couple of yoga classes on Mondays starting after Labor Day.  I took advantage of the weather yesterday to really clean around here.  Lots of straightening up (though I still can’t find our dining room table top) cleaned rugs out on the driveway, went to Wal-Mart for groceries, no crowd there, every one has purchased their school supplies!  I also finished a book on the deck, which didn’t take me long.  While I was out there I noticed many different kinds of butterflies.  Monarchs, Swallowtails, you name it, they were out.  They love the herbs on our deck.  We even found a chrysalis awhile back on our deck when I was sweeping.  We are waiting it out, not sure what it’s going to be.
Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

Butterfly Pavilion in Branson

On the other hand, our daughter was full of butterflies last night.  At bed time, she couldn’t sleep, she was hot, we opened her window.  Not good enough, she wanted the a/c.  Please…it was like 60 last night.  Then around 12:30 a.m. the truth came out.  She was afraid of getting hurt at school today.  They had canoe safety yesterday and a nurse came to tell them about all the painful things that could happen when one is out in the woods.  They could step on big thorns, get stung by stuff (we don’t know if she’s allergic, she’s never been stung) they could get splinters, gashes, stitches and broken bones.  Geez.  She said nothing of this after school yesterday, only came home with shining, pure excitement from WOLF School

Today, they wore their bathing suits to school under their clothes.  We applied sun screen and bug spray.  We packed a lunch and the rest of the gear they are to leave at school, which included a rain slicker, a snorkel and mask and a bottle of travel peroxide (which freaked her out).  She seemed excited today, as they are traveling out to really sit in a canoe and learn more about safety.  On Friday, they actually go on the river.  She’s never been canoeing, but she’s spent lots of time at lakes, rivers and in our bass boat.  She’ll be fine.  Not sure I will be though, I am exhausted as I got very little sleep myself last night. 

Tonight, I start teaching in the evening again.  First night class I’ve had since I lost my great yoga gig with the City.  It will be nice to see that same crowd, they’re still there, and it’s a big group at the YMCA.  September is Yoga Month, so our studio will be passing out “free class cards” to those that have never been to a studio class.  Looking forward to sharing those this evening as well.  

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y!

Taken October 2006, these yoginis are still at the Y! One has turned her love of yoga into sharing and teaches her own classes!

It’s a beautiful day again today.  I plan on relaxing, perhaps starting a new book since I just purchased three new ones.  One of which is A New Earth.  Decided to wait until the hoopla was over with to read it.  I glanced through it, and found it to be quite similar to the book I just finished reading by Easwaran.   The only decision I’m going to make today, is what book I should start reading, the dining room table can wait.