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Amitabha Stupa

Our tour guide told us about this place and we could see the statue’s top when he took us to his home on Thunder Mountain.  We decided we needed to see it up close and personal.  So we did.  This was a short hike but a beautiful place as well.  There were pretty things along the way, not only in nature but things  placed by people.  

Once we got to the top a guy was leading a lady through a guided meditation, so we kept quiet.  The kids even honored that and didn’t throw any rocks.  That was something they’d enjoyed doing on all of our other hikes.  There are two shrines.  One is very large and another one down another path that is much smaller.  There’s also a gigantic Buddha.  It’s pretty cool.  My friend rested at the guided meditation site so I walked the kids to the smaller shrine.

I told the girls to pick up some pretty glass droplets that littered the area and make an offering since I didn’t want to leave gum.  Some people had done that.  They’d left chewed gum at that.  They’d also left flowers, jewelry and other trinkets.  It was interesting to see what people had left there.  The views here did not disappoint either.  This area was a bit different though as there were a lot of green pine trees.  They were lovely against the red rocks that’s for sure.  We left this wonderful place and headed back to our hotel for a long soak in the hot tub and the pool.  I was dreading the next day, as we would have to leave this magical place.

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Around the House








Beautiful begonia!  This one was new this year, it’s a double begonia and it really looks like velvet to the naked eye.








Light filtering bamboo-look blinds.  Best investment I’ve ever made for our huge, east facing window.  Bed, Bath & Beyond, thank you for making these affordable.

 100_3845Flower pot covered with stuff from my mom’s beach.  I’d had these in the garage and forgotten about them until they reappeared when we had our sale.  I covered one with ocean rocks and coral and the other with shells, above. 








 The lavendar outside our front door is digging this weather.  What a calming scent as you hit the front door.  The mailman digs it.  I feel like I planted it just for him as our dog goes nutso every time he approaches the front steps.








Someone, has been chewing on my clematis.








This rosebush is around 100 years old.  We moved it from underneath a shade tree two years ago to a sunny location.  It’s almost 7 feet tall now, is weighting down the trellis and is covered with 1,000 buds now.  

While I was recently in St. Louis shopping at an Italian market, I spotted this little beverage 6-pack of pear nectar in glass bottles.  The brand was called yoga.  Of course, I picked it up and the packaging pretty much sucked, so one fell out, busted all over the floor and splashed my left foot with sticky pear juice.  I was wearing cloth slides and was as dressed up as I get for dinner when this happened.  Nothing like pear toes and sticky shoes!  I had planned on buying the drink anyways, but they insisted I grab a full pack.  Scared to death it would happen again, I carefully grabbed a complete package.  On our way to the check out, I spotted a bottle of wine with the label, Oops!  I died laughing.  They also had a bottle called Mommy’s Time Out, too funny!  The pear nectar is really good and the bottles that say “yoga” are now holding clippings of this rose bush at the studio. 








One of the most beautiful colored lilies I’ve ever seen.  Somewhat battered by the rain from yesterday, but still amazing.








Gazing into my future.  My old ball, was shattered by a rock from the mower.  It was way cooler than this one.  I know, we need to seriously power wash the house.  Maybe if we wait long enough, an image of Jesus will appear.










This little guy was marked way down, because he’s all pocked up.  I thought he was still cool.  He’s guarded the garden for three years now and he hasn’t changed a bit.  He’s sitting atop a big rock, that measures 24″x18″x4″ it weighs a ton.  I know, we carried it home from a day outing.









Subwoffer Buddha…….have a gorgeous day!