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Ryan the Yogi Cat

The morning after our arrival, my body was feeling it.  We spent hours stuck in the airport, two and a half hours on an airplane, then almost two more hours in the car.  I dropped down into pose of a child, Balasana in the front room the next morning.  My parents have a very eclectic style, check out their living room. 

 My mom really likes red.  They also had a hard time giving up the movie business as you can plainly see.   The movies that you see here, only go to the letter F.  I know, insane.  My dad built that movie wall shelf with some of the oak movie shelving from my video store when I closed it.

Back to childs pose the morning after.  I dropped down and stretched out.  Their cat Ryan climbed on my back.  He buried his head in my back, it was funny and it felt pretty good.

I stayed like this for quite awhile and Ryan really got into it.

I love cats.  Especially when they help me with my yoga.

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Lizards and Hamsters and Cats, Oh My!

So.  What does one do with the kids while the internet is down?  Last Tuesday the kids were released at 1:00 from school and Lauren’s friend Maddy came home with us.  We carpool.  Her mom takes and I do the pick up.  We have a unique connection with Maddy.  I met her mom at the pool one summer when the kids were in first grade.  She was recently divorced and it turns out Maddy’s dad used to hang in a circle of friends that I had.  Small world. 

The girls were excited that school was out early and talked in the car about geeking all over Youtube, but guess what?  That didn’t happen.  The internet was down.  I told them to clean Priscilla’s cage instead.  Priscilla is the dwarf hamster that we inherited somehow.  We are down two pets though.  Our old cat Jasmine passed away recently and I sold our Crocodile Gecko on Craig’s List this week for $25.  I couldn’t figure out why the ad kept getting flagged.   Then I met the girl that bought the lizard.  She said you can’t put pets on Craig’s List.  I was like you can put a nekked body part in the casual encounters ads, but you can’t sell a lizard?  I’m confused.  Guess I should’ve read all the fine print.  Our fish tank is on there right now and no one has flagged it.  It comes complete with four fish that are fully clothed in holiday sweaters.  So if you’re reading this and want to flag it, go ahead. 

Jackson the white cat loves the hamster.  In fact, one time the hamster escaped from his ball during a cage cleaning.  Total devastation for Lauren.  I finally decided to think like a hamster and look in the messiest closet that we have.  Sure enough there was the hamster, hunkered down, hangin’ out.  It was a rough 24 hours around here though.  We tape the ball closed as a precaution now.

Jackson is missing the lizard.  He loved jumping on the top of the screen lid and thinking he could actually catch him!

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Cold and Dreary

100_3510My cats have it totally down for a day like today! 

Jackson is on the left.  He’ll be 3 this year and he’s a pain in the butt.  He runs out the door every chance he can, hence the yellow color.  He’s totally dirty right now from being outdoors all day yesterday!  Jasmine is on the right.  She’s 18.  She has beautiful blue eyes, but she wouldn’t show them to me.   She used to weigh 10 lbs. plus, but now she weighs around two, serious shrinkage in her old age.  I have her shaved once a year which is why she looks kind of funky.  But it has to be done.  She no longer grooms herself and she hates to be brushed.  She’s the only cat that hates the brush and she’s the only one with super long hair.  Go figure. 

In my next life, I hope I come back as an indoor cat as pampered as ours are!

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Stuff On My Cat

Came home from yoga today, to find, the furnace was making a weird noise.  What did I do?  I called my husband, he told me to shut it off and I went shopping!  Finished the holiday stuff.  Speaking of holiday stuff, we were supposed to drag that out tonight, but it’s now about 9:45 p.m. and my husband is still working on our furnace.  He’s been at it since he got home at 5:00 (which is unheard of this time of year) boogied over to get a part (ingnitor was cracked)  and installed it.  The furnace kicked on once, but never more.  What’s up with that?  Hell (or our house) will freeze over before we call a repair man.  He will most likely fix this himself.  He’s been researching all night online and of course thinking out on the driveway and I’m sure, smoking (I never see him smoke, but I know he does it) more than normal.  In the meantime, I’m packing some e-bay boxes, doing a little laundry and running down the hall to “kick the furnace ON” when summoned.

I intended to post about cats and got sidetracked, which is, the story of my life by the way!  I love cats!  I like dogs.  We have three cats in our house and one dog.  I like the dog, she’s OK.  You can go away for a weekend and just leave your cats.  Can’t do that with dogs.  I could go on about the differences, but I won’t.  I just love the independence that cats own up to, dogs are too needy.  Two of our cats are, well, geriatric.  One is a youngster, almost two. 

When my brother was here for Thanksgiving, he showed me this website100_0653mia-all-hawaiin1100_0656.  I submitted a couple of photos to it and they’re not up yet.  So, here they are for you to enjoy.  The black cat, is Mia.  He belongs to my sister and she didn’t know he was a boy until after she’d had him awhile.  That probably explains a lot.  The white cat, is my youngster.  This is a prank my family pulled while I was at work.  Who knows what goes on here when I’m out sharing yoga!  Enjoy.

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Jack in the Bowl

Almost two years ago, in May, I made a trip to K-Mart to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  When I walked in the store, the Humane Society was there with several cages of kittens needing homes.  Uh oh.  I’m a cat person, totally.  After talking to, petting and cuddling several kittens, I purchased my sweeper.  I took it out to my car.  I meant to drive away, but no.  I went back in the store, and chose the kitty that was speaking my language.   I didn’t consult the family on bringing in another cat.  We were and still are, laden with pets of all sorts.


We had TWO cats at home already (and now we have 3).   One is 18 and a female.  The other, a male and he’s 16 at least.  My male cat still hates the cute little guy above.  But our dog took to him like crazy!  She mothered this kitten like no tomorrow!  She still plays with him and grooms him on occasion!  I’ve never had a white cat before.  Every now and then, he gets outside, by accident of course.  We play the run and chase me back and forth, hide and seek game, usually until I get tired.  He also turns completely grey/black after these little romps!  He’s really pretty and has an amazing personality, like cats do.  My dad, gave me this huge, stainless steel bowl above.  The only thing we’ve found it really good for, is when someone has the flu!  I know, gross.  But, Jackson disagrees.  When I grabbed the camera to get a shot of him taking up residence, he got curious and I ended up with this as well.

 He’s awesome.  Right now, he’s asleep on top of the hermit crab cage. 


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The Cat is in the Bead Box!

The church across the street is getting a new roof.  The banging is loud, the workers are worse!  I can hear almost everything they say from my front porch, the church is across the street and 3 doors down.  I like to get up early in the summertime, so I’m not really minding the wake up call.  What a job to be doing in this heat!  They start around 5 a.m. and are done by 1 p.m., can’t blame them.  The roof is very, very steep as well.  I’m thankful someone isn’t afraid to tackle it.

The class I subbed went great last night, small crowd but dedicated and very serious!  Twas odd teaching in the evening as I haven’t done that on a regular basis, but I will very soon – every Tuesday night!

I had lots of help in the jewelry department yesterday!  I don’t know how I got as much done as I did.  He likes to steal the beads and play with them!  I like the company of cats though!

Jackson the bead stealer

Jackson the bead stealer

Thought for the day:  If you have enough money for today – you will be OK!!!!