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Spulenking the Ozarks

Lauren (our daughter) loved the cave experience.  She even crawled through the mud tunnels, which I was mighty surprised.  They sent home instructions on how to wash cave mud off clothing.  So if you ever find yourself in need, here goes.  Wash the clothes in cold water 3 times.  On the fourth time, add the laundry detergent, hang them out to dry.  They look brand new.  Good deal, those Nike tennis shoes I got at the Salvation Army for a buck look better now, than when I brought them home.  Today they go to Ritter Springs Cave.  Lauren said it was a dry cave, but they may get into some water, with streams, but no mud.  Ok.  Sounds fun.  Friday, they take a trip to Close Park for tree observation.  She’s loving this school.

Jordan (our son) is really getting into Cross Country.  I’m hoping I will attempt to run with him when he runs here at home on his own.  I’m not a runner.  I have knock knees and a strong inward rotation at the hips.  Basically, I have crooked legs and wore funky shoes as a child and there was some talk of a placing a bar between my knees when I slept.  That didn’t happen.  My mom’s whole family has this inward hip spiral, sometimes it truly sucks.  Anyways, running generally hurts my body, so we’ll see if I can overcome that.  He missed the first two meets since he decided to join late, but another week or so and he’ll be a traveling runner.  He was also a little apprehensive as all the meets are on the weekends.  That’s his time with his mother.  We meet her in Buffalo every Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  She lives at Lake of the Ozarks.  But we had a chat.  I reminded him he’s only in high school once and that he’s a damn good runner and his mother owns a car.  Evil stepmom revealed.

Both kids are doing great in school as they take on these extra activities.  We are so proud of them both.

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Sounds Fishy To Me

This morning, I wasted time.  I didn’t have to teach until noon, so what did I do?  I hung out in my pajamas, geeked on the internet, talked to my sister on the phone, did one load of laundry and walked the dog (in the backyard, I had on pjs).  Sounds kind of dreamy doesn’t it?  But no, it wasn’t.  Serious sinus headache has set in due to the change of the weather and pressure.  It’s now 4:00 p.m. and it’s still hanging in!  BLT’s for dinner tonight!

I rode my bike over to MSU.  It was spitting some rain, but nothing serious.  Frank on the other hand, took his motorcycle, he’s going to get wet on the way home!  My mother-in-law (who lives right next door) came over this morning and handed me a $50 bill.  “Go get yourself a parking permit, it’s going to get cold!”  Oh boy.  She doesn’t understand that I ENJOY biking over there.  After all, who in their right mind would want to ride a bike when they have a perfectly decent working vehicle?  They’re the nicest people they really are.  And I am very thankful they are right next door!  I didn’t buy a parking permit today (don’t tell her) but I will.  She doesn’t know what a blog is, I’ll be fine.

My son decided last minute, he wanted to run cross country.  He ran with them in the summer, just to keep in shape for track in the spring.  Earlier this week, he came to me and said, “If we go over to this guy right now, he’ll do a physical for $10.”  Sounds fishy to me (see our angelfish below) they’re supposed to be fishy.  Off we went to the $10 doctor.  We got it done, he’s out running in the rain.

Our Three Angels

Our Three Angels

My daughter, is going to a cave tomorrow for school.  The cave mud will most likely not come off of her clothes, so they suggested older clothes on top of regular clothes so they can strip down afterwards.  I headed to the thrift store (which is where I usually shop, but that’s between you and me) to search for stuff for the cave.  For $13.86, I got her two pairs of jeans, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt jacket and two long sleeved shirts.  Sounds awesome doesn’t it?  Not really.  The clothing was no where near trashed, it’s totally wearable school stuff!  I didn’t buy her Tommy jeans or anything, but still, hate to throw out good stuff.  I guess the thrift stores don’t sell trashed clothing and that’s understandable!  

Boys clothes are harder to find at the thrift shops.  I know, because I’ve looked and I’ve seen how my son wears his clothing out.  But, I did just drop $100 on jeans for him from Target.  He’s almost 16 and deserves some brand new stuff!   I found a pair of shorts in his room that still had the tags on them, they are now too small.  He will not wear a shirt with any buttons, collars, pockets or stripes!  Maybe he’ll change.  He’s a cute kid, he needs to wear cool duds. 

We’re supposed to get lots of rain.  Frank is packed and ready to leave for hurricane Ike if needed.  He’s a team leader, so he will have to go this time if called.  He ordered black shorts from his uniform company, no running around looking for shorts!  

Good yoga friend dropped off a movie for me watch.  It’s called Never Forever.  I haven’t heard of it.  Anyone seen it?  Stay dry.