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Happy Heart Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ve already received my yearly box of Godiva chocolate covered caramels, so it’s already a good day.  I’m not even going to think about how many laps I’ll have to swim to get rid of them.  That would totally ruine the way they taste.  I gave Frank chocolate as well.  He loves dark chocolate so I usually give him a nice assortment from Richardson’s Candy House. 

This evening, we’re having a sea food fest here at the house.  We’re making Panko shrimp, lobster tails, a bunch of veggies and a key lime pie.  Lauren wants to make cookies as well, so I’m sure we’ll make some heart shaped spritz.  That’s after I get myself in gear and go to the store to get the butter, which needs to happen soon.

No yoga for me today.  I slept in until almost 8:00 a.m. today, totally unheard of for me, but I guess my body needed it.  Frank was also called to the Mall at around 1:00 a.m so that’s always a bummer.  The yoga of sleep.  I taught one yoga class on Friday morning, then I hiked for 45 minutes in the afternoon.  After that, I went totally insane and decided to swim (for one hour) Friday evening from 5-6.  Maybe that’s why I’m tired, you think?

Looking forward to a mellow day of no laundry, errands or otherwise. 

May your day be a loving one.


Chocolate & Avacadoes

Chocolate and avacadoes, I know.  I thought that sounded like the strangest combo ever as well.  Until this evening when I made this.IMG_0596  

 2 Avacadoes

3/4 cup Raw Cocoa Powder (I used Green & Black brand)

1/3 cup Agave Nectar

Pinch of Sea Salt


1Vanilla Bean (I didn’t have one, so I used the flavoring about 1 1/2 tsp.)

1/2 cup Water

The recipe also mentions adding 2 tsp. of cinnamon if you prefer, I didn’t this time.  Makes me want to go and watch the movie Chocolat again.

Put everything into a food processor, except the water.   Slowly add the water.  The more water you add, of course the thinner it will become.  I used the entire 1/2 cup above.  After tasting it, it was still too bitter for me, so I added more sweetener.  I think next time I’ll add less cocoa as the brand I used was really strong.  I suppose bigger avacadoes might be the ticket as well.  I had the smaller ones here at home.

This whipped up a smooth, light, creamy mousse.  I was tasting this and thinking how good it would be on vanilla ice cream, or mixed in with plain yogurt.  I guess you could thin it out with more water and have a nice sauce as well.  Looking forward to my yummy organic treat the rest of the week.  Just a few spoonfuls take away the chocolate craving.  And what a great alternative to those avacadoes that at times tend to ripen so quickly.


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Twenty Percent Yoga, Eighty Percent Cocoa

Yoga and chocolate.  Two of my favorite things.  And I was fortunate to enjoy both, blissfully today! 

I started my morning at the studio participating in a class taught by a good friend of mine.  She moved us in a wonderful way.  The weather was warmer today and I believe that had all of us in a giddy mood.  Made for lots of laughter in the yoga room today.  Not a bad thing at all, not a bad thing at all.

Shifting to this afternoon.  I helped my good friend show her stuff at the Art & Chocolate Show downtown.  She had stirred up a confection of sweet melodies with a guitar, a jukebox some chocolate vinyl and a microphone.  100_3483







We gave away samples of chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling topped with vanilla cream and a little chocolate round on top.  Good stuff, people loved it.








Our table was close to the front door and we were conveniently located next to the Gallery Bistro and Gilardi’s.  Not a bad slot to be in.  Gilardi’s was serving up some awesome chocolate salami covered in a warm chocolate sauce.  It reminded me of a chocolate cookie dough (a really good chocolate dough) as it was rolled in a log, sliced and served. 









This is a yearly show sponsored by our Art Museum.  You have to create something in chocolate, anything.  There were truffles, cakes, syrups, ice creams, cookies and more!  One place even had (get this) brisket with chocolate sauce!  I was hesitant.  I was on a sugar high.  Meat really wasn’t on my bliss list.  But as I walked by their table this guy asked me if I’d tried it yet.  I said no I hadn’t but my friend had (and she really had) and said it was pretty tasty.  He then told the guys working the table to fix me up some of that chocolate brisket.  Then he asked me to look into his camera as I tried it.  Nothing like capturing a true expression.  Who knows when and where that photo will surface!  It was delicious.  I really didn’t notice the chocolate, but I’m guessing it was probably there!   

To chase all of this cocoa down there was a milk, wine and coffee bar.  They had one band in the main area and an acoustic musician in another.  I came home with a container of a little bit of everything to share with my family.  Chocolate and yoga, what a great day!