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Webkinz Sock Clothes

100_3365We’re a crafty bunch around here.  Someone is always fixing something, or making something out of nothing and our daughter is no exception!  The other night, while pondering over her 15 or so Webkinz, she decided that they needed some clothes.  She bolted to her room and came back with a bunch of colored socks that she could no longer wear.  I know, bad mom for not cleaning out the sock drawer.  Gone are the days when I spent cleaning out closets and making everything look beautiful.  Come on over, I’ll prove it to you.  Anyhow, she started chopping up socks (here at my computer desk, the art table of choice that evening) and really made some cool stuff.  100_3357









Using a scissors only and some magic markers, she hooked her Webkinz up with some rad sweaters and hats!  How cool is that?  Cool I say.  It’s not costing me any blasted trips to the toy aisle, she’s happy and we’re cleaning out the sock drawer.  Until she decided she wanted to use a needle and thread because, “they needed book bags, a quilt, booties and scarves.”  Oh boy. 

I can sew on buttons, I can do simple repair jobs and I used to do a ton of embroirdery and cross stitch.  But this was serious stuff.  A quilt?  Out of socks?  OK. 

She had it all planned out, she’ll cut out the scrap socks and sew them together.  I showed her how to stitch them together, not beautifully, but basically.  She was ecstatic!  She used the ends of socks to wrap around their feet and sewed on a button for adorable booties.  She sewed handles on the book bags.  She decorated the sweaters and book bags with sharpies as her way of snazzing up the older socks.  100_3363 100_33661How innovative she is!

Tonight, I subbed a class to come home and find that she’d been on the Webkinz craft site.  There she found an idea for a Webkinz cupid.  There goes my white card stock for wings, a white pipe cleaner for the halo and another pipe cleaner and paper heart for the arrow.  Adorable.

But…….you should see my desk right now, like I said earlier, it’s the art spot of choice!100_3368

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Gettin’ Crafty With It

This past weekend was the Craft Fair in Ozark, MO.  We met a lot of really nice people, looked at some really cool stuff and of course, some not so cool stuff.  I purchased the neatest bird feeder, made from a car tire, cut to look like a sunflower. It’s amazing it really is!

This was our first venture and man was it a success!  We’ve already reserved space for next year and plotted our marketing strategies!  We had a small space and we’ll keep it that way, low cost.  On Sunday, the people on one side of us left, so we scooted over.  We were really packed in there tight!  My pictures reflect that empty space and we could no longer utilize our pretty back drop.  But you can get the idea of what we were doing a little bit anyways.

We could’ve really used the space behind us, or set up a bit differently too.  But we had no idea what the “barn” looked like, or how it would feel.  But now we do!  It was a lot of work, especially on Friday.  It was super busy and we had BOTH girls with us most of the day!  Thank god for the park and the river, without that, we would’ve never made it!  The weather was great the entire weekend.  I somehow managed to get a few photos.  I wish I would’ve had the time to take some more.  There were a LOT of dogs there.  Dogs wearing visors, dogs wearing sun glasses, dogs being pushed in “dog strollers”, and dogs wearing outfits!  Instead of people watching, we were enjoying dog watching, too funny!

Now it’s back to yoga and chilling with my sister the rest of the week.

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Labors of Love, Art & Earth

My first mosaic, finished!!

My first mosaic, finished!!

I took advantage of the beautiful weather last night, (cooler with no humidity) to spray a couple coats of sealant on my table. 

My husband made the comment (teasing as he does), “The flower isn’t centered.” 

 I came back (in my mind) with, “Neither are you.” 

 I didn’t do any measuring, I just freehanded and stuck stuff into adhesive.  All I know is this.  I was very centered when I made it and that’s all that matters!


I had to wait an hour for the sealant to dry, before I could re-apply.  I was already coated in bug spray, so I thought I might as well enjoy the weather and our deck.  I’m really getting into this book.  It’s an old book, like 1970’s but it actually seems timeless, like it could’ve been written yesterday.  I love it so far. 

What I'm Reading

What I'm Reading

Then, I had a thought.  I had this book in my hand when I got pulled aside at the airport on our last trip  and searched.  Probably not the best book to carry on an airplane, but who knows.  Perhaps it didn’t have anything to do with it. 

Check out that great tomato from our garden!

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Sharks Teeth, Web Sites and Yoga, Oh My

I am subbing this evening.  Never subbed for this class before, and frankly I am looking forward to it!  Started the morning out with what else?  YOGA.  Then enjoyed a damn near two hour breakfast with my friend that I practiced with.  Turns out, she has lots of gardens and so do I.  So on Wednesday, she will eat dinner with us and we will trade plants!  I’m excited to see what she brings.

I am entering a craft fair in October in Ozark, MO this year.  I recently sold almost all of my jewelry at the family reunion.  We had an auction and man did it go.  The kids loved the sharks teeth necklaces.  So yesterday, since we have no money to do anything else, I searched around for what I could do.  Make jewelry is what I came up with.  It required being indoors, it was like 96 yesterday!  Got a lot accomplished.

I did the jewelry between breaks from web site designing.  Just got the front page up for a yoga teacher friend who is starting a Registered Yoga School (RYS) here in our town!  No more travel to KC or STL for lots of people, how nice it will be!  I am not a web site designer by schooling.  It all started way back when I owned my video store.  I needed a web site and I didn’t want to pay $3,000 for one.  So, I played and figured it out!  Since then, I’ve designed 5 other sites for friends with small businesses.  It’s such a great challenge and a good learning experience for me.  Plus, I dig the computer and I might as well be using it in a constructive and positive fashion!

My daughter is busy attending Farm Camp this week and my son is busy sleeping late.  I believe we are off to go order yet another discus.  He’s a record breaking track and field star and you may see him in the olympics someday!!!